What are they saying about the books about the 2×2 Church?

It is factually sound except for a few minor details from what he already knew. (US brother worker who read “The Secret Sect,” whose knowledge came from older workers who personally knew William Irvine.

“If it disturbs you, you shouldn’t read it; throw it away.”
“The Secret Sect is filled with half-truths, which is worse than out and out lying.”
“The book was printed by an enemy of truth. It’s garbage.”
“Seek God first, not literature or books.”
“Everything you need to know can be found in the Bible.”
“Yes, I’ve read it, but it didn’t do anything for me.”
“It is not good to trust everything you read or hear.”
“Why are you searching in books—when the answer is in God?”
“You can’t trust any writer—only God.”
“The only book that is 100% true is the Bible.”
“The book is only one man’s opinion.”
“That book is about a whole group of people who are trying to copy us.”
“The information in that book is just that man’s theory about how the Truth began.”

“An irritated ex-worker wrote the book because he was put out of the work when he couldn’t take over and get control of it.”

“You can read too many things written by man. One woman told us she had read so much that she no longer believed Jesus was the Christ. Sad, sad. Too much reading destroyed her faith.”

“I’m going to ask you again not to have anything to do with that book, nor to commend it to others. The whole purpose of the author is to disrupt and overthrow the faith of those weak in the church…these people who publish discrediting, doubt-raising scandals are doing it for all of the wrong reasons.”

“Have you heard that — & — have gotten the book that is discouraging so many, and are no longer professing? It’s hard for me to understand how something a man wrote can discredit a ministry that doesn’t preach money, and yet continues; or a meeting in the home that continues, in spite of all the sacrifice involved.”

“Is it true you read the book written by someone who turned against the truth? Have you ever stopped and thought of comparing the Bible with that book? Surely faith in God would cause you to believe the Bible? Unwillingness in one person could cause them to write much that would be contrary to God’s word. I hope you’ll believe me?? I’ve been in the work since 1955, and I know for a fact untrue things are said. If you choose to not believe me, at least I have tried. All that is in print cannot be trusted.”

Having read Has the Truth Set You Free, a worker wrote: “It would take me forever to document the things we disagree on. It isn’t written in a way that offers anything else to its readers, but rather to undermine what is already believed. Both this and The Secret Sect seem full of sour grapes. I notice truth is mingled throughout the book and that may draw some, but the spirit seems loathsome. I’m afraid they have taken on a job impossible if they are intent on changing the points we’ve believed in, and the several customs we’re used to. So it seems best to me to lay it all down and forget it. Go on and live by what our old friends died by. It’s safe, and after all, they had the indwelling Christ, and that’s always been the objective. Why monkey with it? I’d be inclined toward an easier approach would it work, but I’m satisfied I must be as those who loved not their lives. They were able to rise above that great temptation and stay above it until death overtook them.” Excerpt from letter of US Brother Worker.

“Someone also mentioned that you might have gotten “The Secret Sect” book. Doug Parker offered for the work one time and wasn’t willing to get rid of all of his possessions, as the disciples did in Luke 12:33, etc. He wanted to put some of his money in trust for the future. Since he was not willing to do this, the workers could not accept him because he did not follow the example and commands of Jesus, Matt 11:1. He became bitter and then wrote his book. It was written out of spite and anger and is so full of that kind of spirit–I know personally the lady who wrote the ‘Unnamed Church.’ She never even signed the book and wrote a fictious name. An older brother read the book and found over 1100 errors. These books are written by bitter people and those books are not the Bible.” Excerpt from letter of US brother worker Everett Swanson.

“You said, ‘All you had found out about the origin and history of the fellowship has been and still is quite a shock.’ So that shows you have heard untruths. So sorry you got in with those who are selling and spreading the books more and more in our state. They make money on them! Do you realize they are people who are not right, and are seeking to hinder the true people of God? I wouldn’t feel safe to believe anything that is in the books, as God’s people don’t write and send books around. So it isn’t safe to be sorting things out of them. We are so happy that God was able to raise up men whom He could reveal Himself to, and the light slowly dawned, like any babe sees. Even tho 2 or 3 men did go wrong, that only makes it all the more true that the way is right from the beginning. Anytime you question, go to some of the older workers. There is nothing secret in God’s way as you know.” Excerpt from letter of Sister Worker.

NOTE: The particular book(s) being referred to above was often not indicated.
Possible Book Titles:
The Secret Sect by Doug & Helen Parker
The Church Without a Name by Kathleen Lewis aka David Stone
Has the Truth Set You Free? By Gene & Grace Luxon
Reflections by Daurelle Chapman
Reflected Truth by Joan Daniel
Reinventing the Truth by Kevin Daniel
Search for Truth by Lloyd Fortt
Preserving the Truth by Cherie Kropp-Ehrig

NOTE: Doug Parker retracted his offer to go in the work without ever entering it. Parker, Lewis/Stone, Luxons, Fortt and Kropp-Ehrig were born and raised in the 2×2 Church, but were never workers.

Revised 10/15/2022