Christian Ministries and Pastors

John MacArthur, “Grace to You,” Panorama City, CA

J. Vernon McGee, “Thru the Bible,” Pasadena, CA (Deceased)

Max Lucado, “Upwards,” San Antonio, TX

Charles Swindoll, Stonebriar Community Church, Frisco, TX

Charles Stanley, “In Touch Ministries,” Atlanta, GA

David Jeremiah, “Turning Point Ministries,” (deceased 2020)

David Hocking, “Hope for Today”

Adrian Rogers, “Love Worth Finding”

“Stand to Reason”

Alistair Begg, “Truth for Life,” Parkside Church, Cleveland, Ohio

Neil Anderson, “Freedom in Christ Ministries,” LaHabra, CA

Mark Hitchcock, Pastor Faith Bible Church, Edmond, Oklahoma

Charles Price, “Living Truth Ministries,” The Peoples Church, Toronto, Ontario.

John Piper, “Desiring God”

Randy Alcorn, “Eternal Perspective Ministries”

Revised June 3, 2022