Websites about the 2×2 Church

Telling The Truth Website
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Preserving the Truth: The Church without a Name and Its Founder Wm Irvine

Research & Information Services (RIS)
Publishers of Reflections, Reflected Truth, Reinventing the Truth

WINGS website: [Working to INform Guide and Support Those Who Have Been Sexually Abused within the Fellowship of Friends and Workers]

The Lying Truth (TLT) Website

2×2 History Website – New Zealand, Australia and UK history and numerous newspaper articles.

Hymns Old and New, an Unofficial Copendium Website – Site provides comprehensive index, concordance, source, definitions, versions and more for Hymns Old & New.

Veterans of Truth Website – the original VOT website is now located on TLT
History of the Veterans of Truth website (aka VOT): In January 1996, a Canadian woman decided to create a website.  She brainstormed the idea with her friend, Cherie Kropp, who suggested the name Veterans of Truth, which she launched in January 1996. The site moniker was VOT.  When the site malfunctioned (froze up), she allowed the content to be copied and archived on The Lying Truth (TLT) website. 

Inquiries were received for more current articles and information, and someone volunteered to create a similar updated website. The site material was provided by the original VOT, Cherie Kropp and the new Administrator. The new revised and updated VOT website was launched under the name of Veterans of Truth – Past and Present on January 23, 2008, and remained online until October 30, 2010. 

Sometime later, the VOT website returned to the internet under new management using the name VOT Is Alive (VIA) and remained online until it died from software issues on December 8, 2015. 


Expressions by Ex-2x2s Website – you are here! When VOT – Past and Present went offline, much of the material Cherie had contributed disappeared.  She resolved this would not happen again.

On April 1, 2012, she launched The Liberty Connection (TLC website), which contained her earlier contributions to VOT, along with a sizeable amount of new material that had not previously been posted publicly. Some of the new material was written by members of the private TLC Forum.  Also included were the Child Sexual Abuse victims’ stories that WINGS had earlier moved off their website to their little-used forum.

In June 2019, The TLC website went offline due to software security issues. In June 2022 it was refurbished, rebranded and launched as Expressions by Ex-2x2s (this website).