Why We Left

This section contains brief autobiographies written by former friends and workers about their personal lives and experiences which led to their decision to leave the 2×2 church. Except for Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Abuse, the authors of the documents are former followers of this church (called “Ex-2x2s”).

There are two categories of individuals who were formerly associated with and affected by this nameless church.

(1) Those who embraced the church and its teachings as adults. They are the “Latecomers,” or “Adult Joiners.”

(2) The majority of members who were “born and raised” in the church from birth. They are called the “B&Rs.”
These are divided into two groups: 
(a) some accepted the church teachings for themselves.
(b) others rejected the 2×2 church and never became a part of it.

Helpful material:

How to Write Your Life Story

The Exit Process

Key to Notations:

  • Author’s stories (of a book about the 2×2 Church)
  • Child Sexual Abuse Victims (CSA) (by 2x2s and Ex-2x2s)
  • Convention Grounds (associated with a Conv. Ground in some capacity, e.g. owner, grew up on one, etc.)
  • Divorced & Remarriage (D&R)
  • Ex-workers (former preachers for 2×2 church)