2×2 Church History

The writings in this section relate to the history of the Two by Two Church and its founder, William Irvine.

This Church was started around the turn of the 20th century in Ireland by a Scotsman named William Irvine in Ireland. In 1904, many workers sailed to other parts of the English-speaking world, and the church expanded. As one of their preachers (aka workers) stated: “Ireland is the only country where workers weren’t imported but rather exported!” (Sydney Holt)

Many 2×2 church followers are not aware of how and when their Church really started. Many who were taught and believe their ministry began in the first century when Jesus sent out His 12 disciples in Matthew 10 on “the shores of Galilee” are surprised to discover “the shores of Galilee” were in Ireland! Many have never heard of and know nothing about William Irvine, the actual founder.

Since information regarding the relatively short history of the 2×2 Church and facts surrounding its founder, William Irvine, have surfaced in books and on the internet, many followers have left Church and continue to do so.

Countless documents pertaining to the history of this church and William Irvine are posted on the TellingTheTruth.info website