Exit Letters

This section contains letters written to friends and family announcing that the writer has left the 2×2 church, and is renouncing their place as a participating member, commonly referred to as Exit Letters.

Generally, an Exit Letter includes a summary of reasons for the departure from the Church and expresses a desire for a continued relationship.  While some choose to leave with no explanation or letter, they are often quite willing to discuss their reasons with interested parties. 

Reasons some chose to write an Exit Letter are:

  • To do the right and considerate thing.
  • To clear the air and make a clean break.
  • To tell loved ones firsthand why I left, and how I feel now.
  • To clarify exactly what my position is and where I intend to go in the future.
  • To cut ties to the 2×2 church and publicly renounce association in it.
  • To set the record straight and prevent rumors.
  • To avoid hurt feelings or rumors being started.
  • To be caring and honest and let the explanation for the change come straight from the horses’ mouth.
  • To let my loved ones read firsthand my experiences and reasons for leaving, rather than wonder or get the ‘Chinese whispers’ version.
  • To make it easier to relate to my loved ones in the future.
  • So my loved ones would be more comfortable with me and my decision.
  • To let others know my hopes for the future of our relationship.
  • To prevent uncomfortable situations from arising in the future.
  • To prevent my friends from being shocked at my appearance and uncomfortable when we met again.
  • So my good friends wouldn’t feel hurt, used, insulted or angry by my keeping my exit a secret from them.


  • To assure my loved ones I wasn’t rejecting THEM, or saying they were wrong; but rather, that I reject the 2×2 church as being the best church for me, and that I believe there are Christians who are not in the 2×2 church.
  • To let them know I was not rejecting them, and do not think any less of them; that I no longer believe it’s God’s only true way, and that I include others in the group called Christians.