Books about the 2×2 Church

Revised Feb. 15, 2024

Reprinted on the internet are the following books are about the 2×2 church:

The Church Without a Name by Kathleen Lewis (on this website)

Spiritual Fraud Exposed by Doug Parker (on website)

The Church With No Name by Lynn Cooper (on this website)

In Vain do they Worship by Willis Young (on website)

The following books are available on

Preserving the Truth: The Church without a Name and Its Founder, William Irvine by Cherie Kropp-Ehrig

Cult to Christ -The Church With No Name and the Legacy of the Living Witness Doctrine by Elizabeth Joy Coleman

I Will Disentagle Myself…and Leave by Bob Williston

Reflections – The Workers, the Gospel and the Nameless House Sect (2019) compiled by Daurelle Chapman

Reflected Truth – Former Workers and Followers Unmask Life in a Large, Little-known Sect (1996) compiled by Joan F. Daniel

Reinventing the Truth- Historical Claims of One of the World’s Largest Nameless Sects by Kevin N. Daniel

Has The Truth Set You Free by Gene & Grace Luxon
[Gene Luxon passed away October 2, 2008; Grace on June 9, 2018]

Books About the Faith Mission:

Spirit of Revival (biography of J.G. Govan, founder of Faith Mission) by his daughter, Isobel Rosie Govan

Heritage of Revival (history of Faith Mission) by Colin Peckham (reprinted on

Above books are published by:
Faith Mission
2 Drum Street
Edinburgh, EH17 8QG Scotland

Recommended Books by Ralph Woodrow:

Women’s Adornment – What does the Bible REALLY Say?
Does the Bible forbid the wearing of slacks, earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets? Did Paul forbid Christian women to cut their hair? Must women wear hats to church? Was it a “shame” that some men in the Bible had long hair? This book exposes the folly of external strictness.

Christmas – Reconsidered
Is Christmas an ancient pagan festival to which the name of Christ has been falsely attached? Was Nimrod the first Santa Claus? Was Christ born in winter? Shepherds did not “abide in the fields” in winter, or did they? Does preaching against Christmas ever bring any souls to Christ? Did Jeremiah condemn Christmas trees?

Easter, Is It Pagan? 

Simply put, this book shows that: “Easter” is not the name of a pagan goddess, Constantine did not start Easter at the Nicene Council, the 40 days of Lent did not start in Babylon, Christians who attend sunrise services are not worshiping Baal, eggs and rabbits are not vile, abominable objects! This study shows how many have been victims of misinformation.

The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom

Created for Commitment by A. Wetherell Johnson
Biography of Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) Founder