Am I saved?

You may have asked yourself:

Am I saved?
What is a Christian?
What does “born again” mean?
Will I go to Heaven if I don’t go to a church?

This is for you readers who want to be certain you are saved; for you who want to know where you stand with Jesus; as well as for you who are considering these questions for the first time. Many people do not have assurance concerning their salvation.

Assurance is the awareness that you belong to Christ and have complete confidence in Him. Maybe the only thing you are sure about is that you have doubts. Maybe you don’t know if you have ever received Christ. You may have professed in a gospel meeting at some time in the past, but you not be sure you have invited Jesus into your heart and life and made Him your Lord and Master. Maybe you do not know if He has come in. You know you love God and want to serve Him.

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