How would you respond?

I can’t help but wonder what ever happened to you spiritually. Did you stop praying? Stop having fellowship with God every day? Get drawn aside by thoughts of others? Even lack of respect for your parents? What happened? Something did, and the devil came in.

You are not helping your children that way. I am reading in Thessalonians. Paul said we have been called to holiness. I love you and pray for both of you and your children. If you don’t change and get right again, what will you say to your Creator one day?? We don’t talk back to Him.

Possible response:

You asked, What happened to me spiritually? I was starving in the meetings. I realized I was not truly worshipping and praising God there, and above all else, I was not hearing His message of Grace.

I haven’t stopped praying. I pray more now than ever before.

I truly FEEL my relationship with God now, love that flows in both directions throughout my day. I feel confident in that for the first time in my life.

I was drawn aside by loving, joyful, Christlike people I met in my daily life. I was impressed and a little put to shame by their willingness to show their joy in Christ. I heard them pray for me in hard times that no one from our meeting acknowledged. I saw their welcoming and friendly spirit, and it made me see “worldly” folks in a different way.

I respect and love my parents, the way they raised me and know they did everything out of love for me. I also respect their beliefs and understand them. Let this be the last time you question our relationship.

Satan probably comes knocking every day. That’s true for everyone. Sometimes in my human weakness I answer, but God has patience and love for us beyond our understanding, so I do my best to learn from those “visits from the devil,” and I thank God for His unending Grace.

My children know more about Christ than ever before. As parents, we have decided to raise our children to know joy in the Lord. They are learning from a perspective that honors them as children, and it will grow with them as they mature. Our children are our gifts from God, and we treat them as such.

In regard to holiness, speaking for myself, I have given myself to God, and He is my Father. I belong to Him; therefore, that relationship is Holy.

You will also be in my prayers. I rejoice in my life here on earth and the many relationships and adventures I have. I am thankful I have eternity to look forward to. I will do my best every day to be the person God meant for me to be, and I have joy and peace at the thought of seeing Him face-to-face one day.


Your sister in Christ