Van der Merwe, Andre

The Answers Lie in the Non-Answers

After 49 years (7×7) in the 2x2s I am now in my Jubilee year and enjoying true freedom. The final straw in leaving the meetings came about when I voiced certain concerns which had been building up through the years. From the following correspondence it became very clear to me that honesty is not one of the virtues when seeking answers. I share this in the hope that it may be of help to others, just as I received help in reading about others’ experiences in leaving the 2x2s.

For clarity I give the chronological order of these mails:

1. 20-5-2018 Andre vd Merwe sends questionnaire to Johan Kotze (head worker in South Africa) by e-mail. Johan K. responds per telephone without answering the questions.

2. 11-7-2018 Andre forwards the questionnaire to his wife Petra, after some friends had enquired about it from her.

3. 13-7-2018  Petra sends the questionnaire to a friend, Eddie, who displayed interest in this.

4. 16-7-2018  Eddie sends the questionnaire to Ernest Robinson, head worker in South Korea.

5  16-7-2018  Ernest sends his response to Eddie, who forwards this to Petra, who in turn forwards it to Andre.

6. 23-7-2018  Andre answers Ernest Robinson’s response with a copy to Eddie, and Ernest.

7. 1-9-2018 Ernest Robinson’s further response.

8. 5-9-2018 Andre’s final letter to Ernest Robinson.

20-05-2018 The following is a questionnaire Andre vd Merwe sent to Johan Kotze as an attachment in an e-mail

My dear Johan,

You may be surprised for this mail, but I have been thinking things over for months now—if not for years. I am writing this in English should you wish to forward it to whomever you see fit.

Many outsiders refer to us as the 2x2s. So as not to confuse the issue, this is what I shall call it too. Through the ages itinerant preachers have been going two and two, not taking any name to themselves. They have been given names by outsiders i.e. Albigenses, Waldenses, Paulicians, Bogomils etc —-“The Pilgrim Church” by E. H. Broadbent, 1931. And in the case of the 2x2s they were called Dippers, Tramp Preachers etc. So after all what is in a name?

The issue I have is—Why don’t we as the 2x2s admit to our history?

The website “Telling The Truth”, hosted by Cherie Kropp, has extensive well documented history on the 2x2s—–warts and all. Does not the Old Testament also document history—warts and all?

So many of the friends today are taken up with their, or their forebears, growing up in the “WAY” or the “TRUTH”  (yet Jesus is THE WAY, he is THE TRUTH). Yet this history of all of these friends only goes back to the early 1900s (if that)—-and there is nothing before this. This seems to apply not only to S Africa but other countries too. Surely, if there was anything, testimony-wise, before 1900, why is there no history of this if it is supposed to be so precious?

We, Petra and I, came from outside (as you did too). Attending gospel meetings we thought all present were strangers as ourselves. The night I stood to my feet was when I made my covenant with God. Only afterwards did we learn of meetings, conventions, workers, etc. —-no covenant was made with any person or entity, these being unknown to me at that stage.

From that time onward God has led and undertaken. Also I know I can trust Him for the future too, as He has given the Spirit to indwell, and to teach and to guide, 1 John 2:27. Even as Jesus had also promised, John 14:17 & 26.

Salvation is an investment for eternity, and can only be made once, and only in this life. Examining this investment from time to time is not only beneficial, but edifying and humbling

I should like to pose some questions:

1.       Why don’t we, as 2x2s, admit and embrace our history? After all, this history is now in the open domain, and the younger generation with the internet will do their own research.

2.      If we do admit to this history, many might leave the fellowship—a purging? Is this necessarily a bad thing, as it can be seen as a purifying process—and bringing complete honesty?

3.      I personally believe that there are others outside of the 2x2s who also have a close walk with God. Why can we not give them the right hand of fellowship? (I am not talking of those who obviously have wrong doctrine and a wrong spirit). Surely we can trust the Spirit to lead and help us in such dealings? They/we could then even help one another with our eternal investment. Would not this be approaching what Jesus said “Love your neighbour as yourself”? Or even more extreme as Jesus said “Love your enemies”—-think of it, an enemy also getting salvation.

4.      Knowing the history of the 2x2s makes it difficult to invite others to gospel meetings, especially should they also know the history (internet search). In such a case, both knowing the history, one can then trust the Holy Spirit to guide in such invitations. There then need never be a need for vague or evasive or even ignorant answers.

5.      Have these issues been discussed by any of the overseers?



I feel it’s important that all matters are handled truthfully –  Prov 12:17, Ephesians 4:25

I do not belabour any of the other friends with my concerns. However, should they enquire, I am prepared to share with them what I have here written.

Sad to say, and not at all wanting to appear judgmental, the impression I get is that very few of the friends are prepared to critically examine this most vital eternal investment. After all, truth will remain truth, from whatever angle we may examine it.

I am not a rebel, nor do I have a wrong spirit, as some claim to have been branded when asking questions. This being an eternal investment—-which I can only make once, and this only in this one life—-I seek clear, unambiguous and honest answers. Also I do know that the Holy Spirit who indwells, will undertake. Col 2:2 speaks of “the full assurance of understanding”.  This is what I honestly, sincerely and desperately seek.

Please take your time to consider this letter. I am not in a hurry, yet I do not regard myself as presumptuous in that I do expect an answer.  You are also free to share it or consult with whoever you see fit. If after due consideration I am considered to be out of line and should be disfellowshiped (as seems to have happened to others when asking questions and seeking answers)——–well, so be it.

Sorry to burden you with this, but I need clarity. And also, I may be speaking for others who also have questions, but who also may be too timid to ask (not that I am bold, but this is vital for me as it has to do with eternity). I cannot for one moment believe that I am the only one to have these concerns.

Thank you for your time.

Brotherly greetings,
Andre vd Merwe

16-7-2018 Ernest R.’s answer to the questionair sent to Johan K.

Dear Eddie,

We have 5 meetings between now and Thursday morning … but I will send a brief reply.

Firstly, I can assure you that the truth as we live it today was certainly not started by William Irvin. Look at the following (that I wrote to someone else):

Who started the way?

I can prove to them that they already know the answer to that, if they are honest.  Let them answer my 5 questions now:

a)  Who was the first to send out the disciples 2 and 2?  Was it William Irvine, or was it Jesus?

b)  Who was the first to send out preachers to preach without taking money?   Was it William Irvine, or was it Jesus?

c)  Who was the first to give the example of remaining single so as to give His whole life to the gospel?  Was it William Irvine, or was it Jesus?

d)  Who was the first to have the emblems in a home?  Was it William Irvine, or was it Jesus?

e)   Who was the first to tell His disciples that they cannot be His disciples if they don’t leave all?   Was it William Irvine, or was it Jesus?

As you know, these are still the basic elements of the truth as we have it today.

We know about William Irvine.  It seems that in the old days where he was living in the British Isles he could not find anyone who was doing what Jesus taught, so he decided he would do it himself.  But he did not continue.  So if we were his followers we would not be continuing either!  We are not afraid or embarrassed to acknowledge that there was a man William Irvine or any others, But we concentrate on the author and finisher of our faith, The Lord Jesus.

Incidentally, when someone disparagingly referred to us as the Two by Two’s, I asked them “Do you not feel afraid to openly mock the way our Lord Jesus sent out His disciples?”

We have no ancient records, and so we do not know about friends and workers prior to the late 1800s.  But aunt Jean Allen professed in the late 1800s after meeting workers, so they must have gone into the work before that.  Some of our hymns were written as early as the 1700s and even before that, and when I read them I get a very definite feeling that the people who wrote that must have known God.  We are not judges of them, but in our present day we have the privilege of owning a bible with God’s word and the teachings of Jesus, so instead of worrying about whether others were saved in a certain place or time, we should be worrying about securing our own salvation.

With regard to there being people in other ways who are true children of God, I believe what uncle Jimmy Johnston (earlier South African head worker) said.  “You will find a wrong person in a right way, but you will not find a right person staying in a wrong way.”  I have seen many times, here in Korea also, when people have felt that they want to do what is right but felt they could not find how to do it in the worldly churches, God never leaves them alone.  He will bring them in touch. But there are fewer than what one would think!  The scripture tells us that the eyes of the Lord are continually searching the earth, looking for such a person, so we would hardly expect the God of love just to leave them where they are when He finds them!

In the internet we can find lots of dirt connected with the Way.  Most of it is true, and very sad.  But if one was to list the wrongs of preachers in the churches, the internet would get overloaded!  The bible is also brutally honest regarding the horrible things that some of God’s people did.  But it does not dwell only on that, like these accusers do.  If they were honest, for every one who has disgraced the truth they can find hundreds whose lives and testimonies are an inspiration to us.  So we can decide whether we are going to dig into the dirt like the brommers (blue tailed flies) do, or go to the flowers like the bees and butterflies and feed on the honey.

Just a few thoughts now …. keep well and encouraged!

As always,  Ernest

P.S.  I don’t mind you quoting me

23-7-2018 Response by Andre vd Merwe to Ernest’s letter.

This is a typical example of obfuscation, when questions are raised, instead of having enlightenment. One is not seeking obfuscation, but elucidation.  None of the questions raised by me to Johan K. have been answered, by Johan or Ernest. The whole theme of my enquiry to Johan has here been high jacked and derailed by Ernest. My questions were/are all legitimate, to the point, and not at all derogatory.

In response to my letter, Ernest extends an invitation to answer 5 questions. This I shall attempt to do in all honesty and with my limited understanding of the scriptures. And then also comment on some other items in Ernest’s letter. (Bold font are Andre’s answers) So here goes——although it would have been nice to compare apples with apples, and not pears with apples.

These following questions only serve to obfuscate.

Who started the way?

What way?  Jesus is the Way. Or have only the 2x2s the monopoly to the way?

I can prove to them that they already know the answer to that, if they are honest. 
Let them answer my 5 questions now:

So let us try to be honest and attempt at answering. It would have been more profitable if we were comparing apples with apples, and not apples with pears. So here goes

a)  Who was the first to send out the disciples 2 and 2?  Was it William Irvine, or was it Jesus?

Right question with the wrong accent.

First commission:  The 1st disciples, the 12 and the 70, were only sent to Israel, not the Gentiles. Mat 10:5 and Luke 10:1.

Last commission: Mat 28:18 and Mark 16:14 &15. There is no mention of going 2 and 2 as in the beginning. Also there were only 11 at this stage.

In Acts we read of 1, 2 and sometimes 3 bringing the gospel.

Another forgotten question? Who sent out the first sisters 2 and 2? Was it William Irvine, or was it Jesus?
Not one of the two, but the Faith Mission out of which Irvine came. So it would be helpful to compare apples with apples.

b)  Who was the first to send out preachers to preach without taking money?   Was it William Irvine, or was it Jesus?

Of course Jesus. Yet Paul practiced his trade to pay expenses at one stage. But preachers today do take money whether they be in other groups as a salary overtly, or as 2 and 2’s when covertly receiving an envelope. Is this not taking money? There are many other preachers that also go out 2 and 2 and also do not take a salary.

c)  Who was the first to give the example of remaining single so as to give His whole life to the gospel?  Was it William Irvine, or was it Jesus?

Of course Jesus—But—did He tell his disciples they may not marry?

1.  How did John the disciple look after Jesus’s mother? He had his own home John 19:27 and history tells us he died at a ripe old age as bishop in Ephesus. So where was Mary, and why did Jesus not entrust his mother to one of the other brothers or sisters? Would Jesus entrust her to an itinerant preacher, someone who could not look after her?

2.  How are we to interpret 1 Cor 9:5. Did these apostles and brethren of the Lord and Cephas bring the gospel as single people? If the answer is yes, then for what reason would Paul pose this Question?

3.  1 Tim 4:3 —-Forbidding to marry. No wonder we read of so much sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic church. An interesting question—-how is marriage counseling done by those who have no experience of marriage?

4. Another question. Where did Jesus state that women should/should not bring the gospel. If there is to be strict adherence to the format that preachers should go out 2 and 2 as He initially sent out the 12 and the 70 (when these were only men), how come there are now women preachers.  Again—-apples and pears.

d)  Who was the first to have the emblems in a home?  Was it William Irvine, or was it Jesus?

Of course Jesus. Where did Jesus specifically say the emblems had to only be partaken of in a home? We have them at conventions and in halls. More to the point, Paul says in 1 Cor 11:26 “For as often as ye eat this bread and drink this cup, ye do show the Lord’s death till he come”. It is not about the home, it is about the emblems—just the same as the altar and the gold and the sacrifice.

e)   Who was the first to tell His disciples that they cannot be His disciples if they don’t leave all?  Was it William Irvine, or was it Jesus?

This was said to the 12 and the 70. Nothing like this was said to the 11 at the last commission just before his ascension. In Luke 22:36 Jesus tells his disciples to acquire a purse, a bag and a sword, and selling a garment. Is this leaving all?When Paul was writing to the Corinthians in 1 Cor: 9:5 it does not seem as if the apostles, brethren of the Lord or Cephas had left all, otherwise where does the sister and wife come from that Paul mentions? So to say they did, does not ring true. As you know, these are still the basic elements of the truth as we have it today. Whose “truth” are we talking about? and does all measure up according to scripture?

Andre continues on further points in Ernest’s letter

When I talk about the 2x2s this is not in a disparaging way. It is to be quite clear and unambiguous about what I am talking about. I cannot comment on the discussion Ernest had when he felt someone was speaking disparagingly of the 2x2s. That was his experience and only he knows of the circumstances and the context that then prevailed.

Interesting about Jean Allen. She went into the work in 1904 and came to South Africa in 1906 on the SS Wakool. She heard the gospel through George Walker (and maybe Irvine) who went into the work in 1899. George had been a Methodist but made his choice on April 11, 1898, listening to William Irvine. Irvine had made his choice through John McNeill, a world travelling Presbyterian minister in 1893. Irvine at this stage had joined The Faith Mission who sent out evangelists 2 and 2 (men and women) and they were called pilgrims….also taking no salary.

The Faith Mission had been started 1886 by John Govan who had listened to the gospel by the American evangelists Dwight L Moody and Ira D Sankey (of Sankey hymns) who had revival meetings in America and the British Isles. At the turn of the century, Irvine broke away from The Faith Mission and went on his own with a handful of fellow labourers. So as far as Jean Allen is concerned, seeing as she only could have heard of the gospel from 1899 (when George Walker went into the work) there is not much history of the 2x2s to be recorded…in fact, there is nothing, because there was nothing. However, this whole development I find most interesting and enriching. Such a pity it has to be denied and serves to impoverish us. It is not that we live in the past. We live for the future and the new heaven and the new earth. In the same vein, can one imagine a Bible which has no Old Testament, because it has to be denied?

The mention of hymns written as early as 1700 is also interesting, This was long before Irvine and the 2x2s. In our present hymnbook only 74% of the hymns were written by 2×2 Christians. Is it to say the other 26% of writers are not Christians (a question posed in my letter to Johan). Ernest talks about “others were saved in a certain place or time”—-this is past tense. Does this mean others are not now being saved who are not of the 2x2s?

I like what Ernest quotes uncle Jimmy saying: “You will find a wrong person in a right way, but you will not find a right person in a wrong way”. A typical 2×2 cliché that dissuades people from critical thinking. But, let us apply some critical thinking. So let us take this to the logical conclusion. If the right person in the wrong way were to ask questions, he will never get a straight answer. Conversely, if the wrong person in the right way asks questions he will always get a straight answer. So how does this apply to my questioning? This makes one think, does it not? One is glad for Jesus who always truthfully answered the disciples’ questions, except for those questions that he said would only be revealed at a later stage.

Whose idea is this of digging dirt? Certainly not mine. If that idea is conveyed I must apologize for maybe expressing myself incorrectly and thereby being misunderstood. My pure motive is to understand and accept the pure unadulterated history as it unfolded as it did. Can anything sinister be read into this? Shame on them that so do want to think—-or are some just over hypersensitive to whatever they want to think, or want to hide, especially when it comes to the past history?

We all like to “go to the flowers like the bees and the butterflies and feed on the honey”. But if it was not for the soil (aka dirt) and the uncomely roots, and even an ugly stem, there would be no flowers. So are we going to pretend (deny) that there is no soil or roots or stem and only see the flowers? No. We shall concentrate on the flowers, but also not deny, but be aware and appreciate the rest of the plant system.

I am not attacking the workers. I am not attacking the 2x2s. I have the highest esteem for all who bring and live the gospel in spirit and in truth and in all honesty. However, I am deeply puzzled, no I am perplexed, as to why we cannot be magnanimous and admit to, and embrace the past. We cannot change the past—–it is well documented—–so why deny it? Saying this does not in any way detract from our purpose to live for the future, which is paramount.

I am seeking answers. Jesus said: “Ask and keep on asking, seek and keep on seeking, knock and keep on knocking”. Thus I shall continue to ask and to seek and to knock until I shall receive clarity with satisfactory answers. And if these answers will not/cannot come through men, then I know that it will come through the Spirit by whom we also have an anointing, He will teach and guide and satisfy in His time and in His way as promised.

P.S. I do not mind this being shared.

1-9-2018 Ernest’s further response

Dear André,

First of all, I want to offer you my sincere apology for hijacking or derailing, or even unnecessarily interfering or poking my nose into the correspondence between you and Johan. Actually, I did not have the slightest intention of doing so, but the way it came about was when Eddie sent me a copy of the letter you had written to Johan, and asked me what I thought of it. I was merely replying to his query but made the mistake of adding that he is welcome to share it. I should have had enough common sense to know that in doing that it might eventually get to you. So, I humbly apologize and do not intend in the least to interfere any more. This is of course, a matter between you and Johan.

However, since you subsequently sent a letter directly to me, I will just mention a little that is on my mind.

Ever since I was a child I have had a very inquiring mind. My mother often said to me “Nuuskierige agies groei baard” (curious monkeys grow a beard). I could never just take anything on face value. I had to go into what was the reason for it. Even with natural things, I couldn’t stand not knowing how a clock works or anything else, so I often got into trouble taking apart clocks, typewriters, pianos, electric motors and generators, cars and motor cycles, and many kinds of things, and then struggling until I get them together again; but then I know how it works.

Having such an inquiring mind, of course there have been times, especially when I was still very young, when I did have queries as to how it could be possible that so many could be wrong and just these few could be right; and that is understandable for anybody who has a mind that is capable of thinking. But that was completely taken care of when I heard the Shepherd’s voice in my own heart and it was so clear, and one of the clearest times was when I was thinking of taking another course for my life, and I so clearly heard those words almost as if someone spoke to me audibly “Ernest, Ernest, ~ this is not the way for you to go!” Those words I knew were from God and it changed the whole course of my life. So it was the fact of knowing that I heard that voice that erased the doubts in my mind and made me realize that it is not for me to worry about what others are doing, but that I have a responsibility to do what God has made so clear to me. That of course does not mean that I do not worry about the millions who are going lost. That is the reason why I have spent a very large part of my life already trying to help others to get to know, and even came to a far-away foreign land for that purpose.

I Like to think of what Boaz said to Ruth. “You will be safe if you stay in this field”. I believe it is a wise thing to stay in the field where we know that we have heard the voice of the Master of the field.

We don’t want to follow blindly or without using any of our common sense or reason, but at the same time we don’t want that to override the fact that we have heard His voice and felt His touch, because if we do, then we’re in grave danger of the simplicity of the truth being hidden from us like it was from the wise and prudent. In Isaiah 30.21 we read that we will hear a voice behind us saying “This is the way; walk ye in it”. We do not need to fear that we will not hear that voice if we are honest, because Jesus said quite plainly “My sheep hear my voice”. When Jesus spoke of the Revelation that God Himself gave to Peter he said that this would be the foundation upon which he would build his church and the powers of Hell would not prevail against it. Because we are human, doubts do tend to resurface at times and they trouble us, but it is when we hear that voice clearly again that those doubts disappear like mist before the sun. The real problem comes when we have not been faithful in the secret place, and have not heard that voice for too long.

I am not going to try to answer the various items that you mentioned that purport to show that what we believe is not scriptural; since they were directed to Johan, and I will leave him to answer them, and I will not “hijack” this any more. However, there is one item that was too glaring just to let pass, so I feel that I would perhaps just mention that. That item is your contention that the way that the worldly preachers live and the way that we live (financially) are virtually the same. Maybe the clearest answer I can give is just by telling a little of my experience, especially since coming to Korea.

Before we left to come to Korea, Michael and I were not given one iota of assurance from Uncle Fred Alder (head worker) or anyone else that our needs here would be met. On the contrary, somehow or another the story got spread around in South Africa that living in Korea is ridiculously cheap. The result was that our friends and workers there did not really feel the need to help us much, and this meant that we went through some pretty lean times. There were workers from various countries already labouring here, and they looked upon us as the “poor relatives”. It was not in any disparaging way or with any contempt. We really owe them a lot because they helped us not only with our schooling expenses but in other ways also. Actually they did not know quite how difficult it was for us at times because we did all that we could to hide it. After school they would often take a taxi to return to their baches. We did not want them to know that we did not even have bus fare, so we waited until they had left and then we just walked, and it was quite a distance. Looking back, it certainly did not do us any harm. In fact now I am glad that we had those experiences. Actually times like that are good for any worker. I wouldn’t even have mentioned this if it wasn’t already so far in the past. (Korea is now a prosperous country, and our friends care for us wonderfully.)

At the language school we were studying with other missionaries from various different denominations. They were provided with good housing in well-protected compounds (which were surrounded by high walls to keep the thieves out ~ the thieves were not evil, just desperately hungry). The missionaries had cars provided as well. Not only that, but they were not shy to tell us that they were given an extra allowance on to their salaries because of ‘the hardship of living in a foreign country’. With the housing, which of course was free, they were also provided with free servants to cook and do their laundry and the other house work. Moreover, their houses were centrally heated and warm and cozy. The winters here are bitterly cold, and there was no way to heat our little bach properly…in fact one morning I woke up with ice formed on my moustache from my breath! Looking back now, I don’t know how we slept at all, but we were still young! Actually Michael suffered from the cold more than I did.

There is just one other thing I may mention. Ever since I started in the work, and this applies to every worker, I have never regarded anything that the friends have given me as being personally for myself. Even when we don’t have much, we always share with others who we know are in need of help more than we are. As you would know, worldly preachers are completely different in that sense. They are provided with a salary and that is their own personally, to do whatever they like with it. If they want to buy something they like, that is theirs to buy it with; and here in Korea Missionaries (and also Korean preachers these days) are known to be pretty well-off, and they are the ones who can afford to send their children to schools overseas. So you will see, André, why I certainly cannot agree with your assertion that the way our needs are met is basically the same as the worldly religions. In the same way I cannot agree with a lot of other things that you said, but I do not have the time to go into that now, and I will leave it to you and Johan to sort out as I said in the beginning. Actually, I don’t have time for this even now, but I made a promise and must keep it.

I would appreciate it if you do not contact me again on this subject, André, but keep it between you and Johan. I really have more on my fork right now than I can properly manage.

Now this comes to you without the slightest ill-feeling of any kind. Please forgive any expression that might not have seemed to be polite.

I will close with warm greetings as always,


5-9-2018 Andre’s final letter to Ernest

My dear Ernest,

Thank you for answering. With your busy schedule I sincerely value your time and effort. As you describe your early days in Korea I can only admire you for your perseverance, and today you can enjoy of the fruit of your labours. This of course is not applicable today with the affluence in the 2x2s. Another inspiring life story is that of Watchman Nee, a missionary who labored in China during the 1st half of the previous century, and his inspired writings, especially The Spiritual Man.

You mention your enquiring mind. I also have such a mind, not for the mechanical, but for the psychological ( I did 2 years of psychiatry wanting to specialize in it, but eventually felt that patients were either made dependent on drugs, or on the therapist, and were not being assisted to stand on their own 2 feet). Being medically trained one’s senses are exercised for what is said, but more often for what is not said. So in the 2x2s I examine what is said—does it line up with scripture? Once in a meeting we sang hymn 279: “Our only hope is Calvary”. After meeting I questioned those words. Is our only hope in Calvary? No! Our hope is in the resurrection. You should have seen the shocked reaction of the others…as if to say how dare you criticize…and hence no discussion.

My mom was Scotch and my dad Afrikaans. We spoke English at home, but went to an Afrikaans school. So in a sense I always felt like a ‘draadsitter’ (outsider). Today I am glad for this, as there is no strong affiliation to either, and also to many other things. Thus I had been set free to look at things objectively.

Today I am thankful for the 2x2s. 49 years (7×7) ago I made my choice. Today I can enjoy my jubilee year. The 2x2s have to me been like the law to the Hebrews in the Old Testament, namely a school master, until the fullness of times came. Moses and Aaron (like the workers) led the people out of Egypt, but Joshua ( Jesus ) led them into the promised land. How applicable to my own journey.

Both of us realize that none of the issues I raised have been addressed–except in a small measure your early Korean experience. I was seeking answers, but have now come to realize that my answers lie in the non-answers that I get. Thus I now have peace. Like the Bereans, I go to the scriptures and see if all lines up…unfortunately in the 2x2s many things do not.

This correspondence I now regard as closed (you will probably be relieved too). I respect the work you do and still love you, and the work you do. May you continue to help people to come to Jesus, who can then lead them further into the promised land through the Spirit.

We are both elderly. May we continue to follow Jesus with the hope of also seeing each other in heaven one day, when all will be fully revealed–maybe we will also have a little chuckle about what we have now written.

This also comes to you with warmest greetings. Adieu.

Andre Van der Merwe
October 6, 2018