Perfect Car Analogy

NAMING a car FORD or EDISON would automatically make the car FALSE. It is wrong to “take a name” and we need to oppose that.

Also, we don’t care about the history of cars and who the finder or founder was. Yes, it could very well have been William Irvine who was used to “raise up” the right car, but we all know he went astray in Jerusalem, and the car has been “from the beginning.”

Wm Irvine got his first car from some people who travelled over the Swiss Alps and when he saw what they had, he immediately recognized it as the right “way” to travel and embraced it. He got many other people interested to travel this “way” too, and it didn’t take long they all agreed this was the ONLY way to go.

Since they did not want to actually NAME the car, they got around it by saying it has no name, just “car.” “Wheat is wheat,” and “a car is a car,” so they took no other name, mostly, for a while anyway, till they needed to cross some borders or something.

Although the “car” had MANY failings and factory defaults, it felt soothing and comfortable to them, to just call it the “perfect way” to travel, and of course, ALWAYS blame the operator when it malfunctioned.

Many “operators” were rudely thrown out of the car along the way, for pointing out or discovering some factory default in this “perfect ” no name car. In many cases, these castaways were later thankful to discover it wasn’t really their “operator” skills that were lacking , but it really was a shortcoming on the part of the car, and that they had been misled into believing they were riding in the PERFECT car.

Granted the “car” had MANY MANY changes and factory updates installed, but it seemed important to repeat that the “car” was completely authentic and original. “The CAR is perfect, but the operators are not” became a cliche often heard at the club meetings that developed after a short period of time after the discovery of Irvine’s “car.”

Many enthusiasts of this “car” have been denied membership in the club, for various reasons as seen fit by the officials . For myself, I rode along in this “car” for a looong looong ride, but like many others, including some still participating in the car club, found out there were other cars out there too, and this was not the ONLY car you could ride in to travel.

Of course, ANY car is only for spinning around this old earth a few times. Sure, you can buy the best, at “Cars R Us,” and nothing wrong with that, but they are limited in what they can do.

If you want to think of traveling to the great beyond, you need something far better and HE has a name, and is PERFECT. Comes in ONE model only, “I AM.

Revised June 12, 2011