Calvinism, Freemasonry, Fundamentalism, Evangelicalism, Eschatology, etc.

It has taken me all my life to understand the Bible and even longer to figure out what other people believe about it. Attending mainstream community churches in the Portland, Oregon, area was a blessing after being raised 2×2, but it was a big lesson in diversity, doctrines and mixed messages.  We fell in love with all the people we met even though it took us a long time to feel comfortable. Churches everywhere definitely have biblical confusion, disagreements and human problems as well.  Even throughout the mixed messages, we learned much more from the Holy Spirit, Scripture and experience than we ever learned from the 2×2 workers!  Plus, we learned lots about what we now realize is unbiblical in many, if not most, mainline church organizations.

The focus of this essay is mainly on the theology and eschatology of Calvinism, also Freemasonry, Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism. Calvinism influences how people view the world and their role in the world as well as how they achieve salvation and how they view the future end-time prophetic events.

Calvinism originated within Roman Catholicism and men who are called the “church fathers.”  Foxe’s Book of Martyrs honors some of the men who created many doctrinal errors even as they appeared to preach Jesus.

Calvinism was the theology and destructive power behind what the Nazis accomplished against the Jews during World War II.  Most Americans are unaware of that even today.  The mainline churches of Europe, England and the United States are Catholic, Orthodox, Episcopalian/Anglican, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodists; full of loving, well intentioned people and predominantly Calvinist in their theology.  However, their anti-Semitic theology can be dangerous to everyone.

The two words that come to my mind regarding this are:  BELIEVE and BEHAVE.  I have recently realized that we have frequently judged churches more by how they behave outwardly than by what they believe inwardly. This is probably because we can see behavior more easily than we can see beliefs.  It takes more work to figure out what people believe.

Besides the invisibility and power of Calvinism, another invisible factor is at work in the worldFreemasonry.   Masonry is more involved with political ideas, satanic power and worship of demons.  I highly recommend that every person to investigate this dangerous secret organization.  Many books have been written on the topic.  Its influential power is found in many of the governments of the world.  Satan is such a bold enemy that he even tried to tempt Jesus with power over the nations.  Jesus already had all power over all nations.

Our best understanding of Calvinism has come from a few Bible Conferences where they have extended time to devote to certain topics and doctrines and explain how those doctrines affect people’s decisions. We attended lots of Christian conferences in the past 30 plus years but not many of them talked about doctrines, theology or eschatology.  Their focus was mainly teaching people to behave as Christians in this world. Topics included marriage, raising children, prayer, politics, counseling, evangelism and the Biblical view and use of money.  The counseling done usually emphasized the word GRACE, which bordered on psychological rhetoric. I think many pastors take the viewpoint that it is more important to focus on Christian evangelism, obedience, counseling and harmony than on what God said about the future.  However, I see this as dangerously short sighted, especially as we see the world becoming as satanically dangerous as it was in the days of Noah.

When we first became Christians after leaving the 2x2s in our early 40s, we learned only a few Doctrines and the Scriptures that support their biblical origins.  I kept listening and looking for more information at church to Biblically explain Theology and Eschatology (end time theology).  But for some strange reason, I never heard anyone explain theology or eschatology in the churches in Portland, OR.  We would discuss the topics with Gene and Grace Luxon when we were together. Thankfully, Dot Berry, Cherie Kropp’s mother, had shared a whole year of 52 audio sermons that Pastor Mark Hitchcock had preached at Faith Bible Church in Edmond, Oklahoma.  I made copies of those sermons and shared them with lots of our friends. And Sharon Hargreaves loved to discuss the topic with us whenever possible.  I bought and read books trying to find answers to my questions that weren’t being answered in the sermons we heard at the churches we had attended. The books didn’t help much because most of them were written from the Calvinist viewpoint.  I realized 20 years later that the Christian Bookstores in Portland carried more Calvinist books than Dispensational books.

About 26 years after we became Christians, Mark Hitchcock was invited to come to Good Shepherd Community Church by several people at the church and others in the community who wanted to hear about the book of Revelation.

Recently we bought ourselves some new Bibles: King James Study Bibles from Thomas Nelson Publishing.  In the front are 3 pages of Biblical Doctrines, numbering about 204 Doctrines of the Bible!  I was astounded.  I had no idea there were so many.  The index simply gives one verse per doctrine but as you study it, you find many more supporting verses and information.  I was ecstatic to find this resource.  The King James Study Bible is the Bible that we now prefer to use.  We tried out all the other modern versions and prefer the Thomas Nelson King James Study Bible because of the massive amount of background material that helps a Gentile understand the Hebrew culture.

Several books have been written that detail the serious errors in all the other modern translations that have neutralized or destroyed people’s understanding of the Bible.  Since the United States is now a completely different environment than in the past, we may not be able to buy Bibles and Christian literature much longer.  I recommend you think about obtaining resources you may not have. Already the Chinese have announced a lockdown on all Christian publishing in their country.  Since the Masons generally own most publishing houses, it won’t take long for the same thing to occur here.

Mark Hitchcock lists three different historical viewpoints regarding the future of the world in his book 101 Answers to Questions about the Book of revelation: Premillenial, Amillennial and Postmillennial.  I highly recommend his book. Although many others have explained it even more thoroughly, his is easy reading.

Four different viewpoints are listed in the Rose Book of Bible, Charts, Maps and Timelines are Historical Premillennialism, Dispensational Premillennialism, Amillennialism, and Postmillennialism. These 4 different categories appear to me just to be variations of two different views: Dispensationalist or Calvinist.  To oversimplify it, I see it as a difference between Protestantism and Catholicism.  I say that simply because I want to keep this essay short!

Why Is Prophecy Important?!

Prophecy proves the truthfulness of Scripture and that God is the Sovereign Creator in control of all things. Prophecy provides comfort during terrifying or puzzling experiences.  Prophecy defines the sins God hates and punishes. Romans 1:16-32, Romans 8:18-39. Prophecy says Jesus Christ will return to reign on earth as our Hope for the future. Jews and Christians have been murdered horribly for believing and defending God’s prophetic Words.  But God will reward their faith.

The first prophecy (Genesis 3:15) God ever made was to Adam and Eve regarding the Savior who would crush the head of Satan, the serpent who had tricked the woman and Adam into disobeying God. This treasonous act resulted in bringing death to their future children and ceded human Stewardship over the earth to the cruel rebellious Serpent, Satan, who wants to be worshiped as God.

The prophecy of the coming Messiah/Christ and His crucifixion and resurrection offers forgiveness to all who believe and trust in Him. It is mentioned 1,845 times in the Old Testament.  Prophecy is the dominant theme of 17 books in the Old Testament. In the New Testament, prophecy is discussed in the four Gospels, most of the Epistles and is the entire subject of the book of Revelation. In Jude 14 “Enoch, also the seventh from Adam prophesied, saying, “Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of His saints, to execute judgment upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him.

 Revelation 22:19-20 says, “If any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life and out of the holy city and from the things which are written in this book.”  If that’s not scary, what is?  I’m not claiming that my words are truth! The Bible is the only source for Truth. Check the topics of doctrine and prophecy for yourself.  Prophetic Scripture is something Christians need to know about and understand for their own eternal safety!

Different scholars use different words relating to prophetic information. The most common ones that I am aware of are Dispensational Theology versus Calvinism.   Dispensationalists look at the time periods mentioned in Scripture from the point of Creation to the New Heaven and Earth.  Compass International has several resources that simplify it; one is available at; search for “Biblical Dispensations.”  Use the discount code DISP and it will be a free download.

The word Dispensation is translated from oikonomia, meaning basically, economy or to dispense.  The word refers to “the method of the divine government of the world.”   Quotation from the Scofield Bible regarding the Dispensations of the Bible: “A dispensation is a period of time during which man is tested in respect to his obedience to some specific revelation of the will of God.  Three important concepts are implied in this definition: (1) a deposit of divine revelation concerning God’s will, embodying what God requires of man as to his conduct; (2) man’s stewardship of this divine revelation, in which he is responsible to obey it; and (3) a time period, often called an “age,” during which this divine revelation is dominant in the testing of man’s obedience to God.” 

Dispensational Theology refers to the different Time Periods found in Scripture in which God gave different instructions to people in the Bible.  Those time periods mark the places when things changed, due to the sins of men and God’s judgment on them. God would then give a punishment and a change in instructions for the future, as He did to Adam and Eve, and to Noah and his descendants, etc.

Dispensational Premillennialism is the view that God will remove Christians before the Tribulation (called the rapture), referring to it as an “imminent event.”  Isa. 35:5-6, 1 Cor. 15:42-44, 50-55, 1 Thess. 4:16,18, 1 Thess. 5:9, Rev. 3:10, Key Scriptures are Rev. 1-4:1 is God speaking through John to the Church as the Bride of Christ. Jesus Christ is the Bridegroom who with a Trumpet call from heaven will draw the Bride up to join Him for the wedding feast during which time there will be tribulation on earth.  Revelation 19:1-10 is a scene of people in heaven praising God for His righteous Judgments and the marriage of the Lamb.  Then in verse 11, the focus is on the White Horse and Jesus, called Faithful and True who is ready to stop the carnage on earth.  The Church (the Bride of Christ) will follow Him back to earth (for His Second Coming) when and where He will save the Jews in Israel and they will acknowledge and witness to Him as their Saviour and King.  At this time Christ will renew the earth to its original purity and peaceful tranquility, making all things new for His Millennial Reign.

Throughout Biblical history a few people have tried to figure out how old the earth is, who lived when and what happened in those years. James Ussher, Archbishop of Ireland (1581-1656) calculated the dates of Biblical events. After years of Bible study and study of historical records of the Middle East, his estimate was that the world was created about 4004 BC.  No one that I know has disagreed with his timelines. Dispensations are another of the topics studied by theologians.  There are different theories on how many dispensations there are.  Scripture describes seven different ages with a major change with each dispensation.  Dispensationalists are in the minority of the Christian Church populations probably due to the fact that the Popes waged war against people who looked at Scripture for instruction, instead of the Popes in Rome.

There are different words used to describe the time periods.  Some theologians title them: The Age of Innocence, The Age of Conscience, Human Government, Israel, Church Age, Millennial Reign, New Heaven and New Earth. More descriptive titles are: The Curse, The Flood, Confusion of Tongues at Babel, The Cross, The Rapture, The Second Coming, The Great White Throne Judgment.  I am not an expert by any means!  I am simply trying to quickly describe what some differences are and how this issue is important to understanding Scripture regarding prophecies. Knowing what questions to ask may prevent being deceived or confused.

Calvinists are the majority, looking at the world from their bias against Israel and their expectation to rule in this world. Their particular viewpoint regarding Salvation emphasizes God’s Sovereignty, but it seems to include their sovereignty as well.  Or at least that is how it appears to me.

There are so many different words attached to Calvinism that it is confusing!!  Amillennialism, Preterism, Reformed, Reformational, Supersessionism, Replacement Theology, Christian Zionism, Covenant Theology, Dual Covenant, Kingdom Dominionism, Christian Reconstructionism.   

 Calvinists believe they were chosen by God’s Sovereignty before they were born (predestination). Calvinists like to use the acronym TULIP which is 5-Point Calvinism. T stands for Total Depravity, U stands for Unconditional Election, L stands for Limited Atonement, I is for Irresistible Grace, P stands for Perseverance of the Saints.  (The Bible contains none of those words or their equivalents.) Most people don’t understand what they are claiming in their use of the letters of TULIP.  Even Calvinists don’t understand TULIP very well. Some have left Calvinism once they finally understood exactly what is meant by what is said. There is also something called 7-Point Calvinism. There are probably other synonyms, too.  Notice how those words hide meaning from the general public or people like me!

Furthermore, the churches that are based on Calvinism have different names: Roman Catholicism, Orthodox Churches, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Anglican, Episcopalian, Methodists, and Congregational Churches.  More and more community churches are being influenced into Calvinism behind the scenes.  Congregation members who complain to the pastor of the church are pretty much ignored. These churches pretty much dominate the seminaries and the media and what is considered the Christian world, especially in the public eye.  It appears to me also that Calvinists are more aggressive in evangelism than Dispensationalists.  This might be simply because there are more of them.

These mainstream churches broke away from Roman Catholicism but retained the same theological mindset as Augustine, Martin Luther and John Calvin, believing that the Church had replaced Israel, taking the blessings of Scripture for the church and leaving the curses to the Jews.  Their viewpoints dominate Europe, South America, Canada, the United States, and perhaps other places as well.

Surprisingly, Calvinists believe all the prophetic books including Revelation have been fulfilled!!! Calvin’s beautiful quotations praising God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit are freely mentioned in books and sermons, but their surprising and shocking quotations regarding prophecy, the future and their attitude against the Jews are rarely mentioned.  Catholics and Calvinists explain prophetic passages allegorically (symbolically) rather than literally. Cultists also explain prophetic passages allegorically as well.  Calvinists don’t believe in the Rapture or the 1000-year literal reign of Jesus Christ on earth.  Calvinists believe that Jesus is reigning through them now and it is their duty to make the world a better and better place. They sometimes mock Biblical statements regarding the Rapture.

I don’t want to be judgmentally critical of other people.  But I also don’t want to be ignorant, unsaved, spiritually confused and at risk before the Lord on Judgment Day.  I am trying to be logical and biblically accurate in my personal understanding of Scripture, doctrines, theology, eschatology, as well as history.  I pray that I will not be judgmental toward others.  I know how long it has taken me to research these things!!!  I am trying to look at theology, not the salvation of other people.  God knows what other people believe, I don’t. 

Many people in Calvinist churches are unaware of their own eschatology and doctrines. I know that many people who attend Calvinist churches were raised in them and may not have understood what their own pastors’ doctrinal viewpoints are. It took me years to figure out what the 2×2 workers taught!  Not only that but I have learned that many pastors change their own theological viewpoints during their careers.

The different Calvinist Churches framed the Creeds known as Confessions. For instance, the Augsburg Confession is Lutheran, and the Westminster Confession is Presbyterian. The Nicene Creed is another.  Much of their creeds sounds Biblical, but their theology, eschatology or conclusions about scriptural reality are unbiblical. The theory of Calvinism appeals to the intellect and desire for power.  Calvinists believe it is their duty to rule the world, so they involve themselves in religious and political leadership, education, economics, law, science, environmental issues, etc.  Calvin Beisner is a well-known/well-respected Presbyterian pastor who founded the Cornwall Alliance to stand against the Environmentalist lies and their underhanded laws that actually harm the environment.  I have supported his environmental viewpoints financially and have some of his materials.  I am not against Calvinists themselves. They are lovely and loving people.  But I disagree with their theology because it is unbiblical.

Hank Hannegraaf, the man from the Netherlands who replaced Walter Martin as the Bible Answer Man, is a staunch Calvinist.  Walter Martin, author of Kingdom of the Cults and Kingdom of the Occult was a Dispensationalist—he must have turned over in his grave about that!

Ex-Calvinists like Robert Congdon, who were born and raised as a Presbyterian, are some of the most outspoken and knowledgeable authors and speakers on the topic of the dangers of Calvinism.  David Reagan, who founded Lion and the Lamb Ministries, was raised as a Calvinist, but in middle age, he realized how unbiblical and anti-Jewish it is.

Caryl Matrisciana, raised as a Catholic in India, became a New Ager for several years as a teenager and young adult.  After she recognized the dangers of Catholicism and New Age Hinduism, she became a Christian.  As an adult, she exposed the New Age dangers in her video Gods of the New Age and in her other video series Wide is the Gate.  She warned against Calvinism also because she, too, had been sucked into it as a new Christian and participated in it for many years until she finally realized what they actually believed.  She warned people against demonic activity related to yoga which causes much mental trouble, physical ailments and anguish in the families of those who practice it. Her entire childhood and early life had been in India, so she knows exactly how Hinduism affects its adherents. Hinduism is as dangerous to Christians as the Muslim faith is.  Hindus are peaceful to everyone except Christians.  They believe it is their duty to murder Christians, even their own family members if they convert. And they frequently do, especially in India.  Both Muslims and Hindus practice beheading Christians when Muslims or Hindus become the majority. 

Dispensationalists, like Paul Wilkinson, an Irishman who has lectured in Europe and the United States, opened my eyes to the topic of the dangers of Calvinist theology.   Mark Hitchcock has written several books on the topic.  Dave Hunt, a well-known Plymouth Brethren pastor became prominent in the United States and around the world for logically, historically and scripturally pointing out Calvinism’s unbiblical “logic.”  He emphasized theological topics along with worldview, history and current events. He passed away several years ago but his ministry, The Berean Call and books survive: Online I have Paul Wilkinson”s DVDs from the Berean Call Conference when he spoke there in Oregon in 2014. He includes video footage of historic as well as current events along with explanations of the dangers of Muslims working with Calvinists who claim the title of Palestinians.  

I highly recommend the ministries: Friends of Israel and also Ariel Ministries.  Both Dave Hunt and Mark Hitchcock have debated Calvinists regarding their unbiblical eschatology.  Chris Pinto, another ex-Roman Catholic established Adullam Films Ministry and has done some excellent videos on the treachery within the Roman Catholic Church. Mark Cahill is another excellent evangelist who left the Roman Catholic Church after being raised in it.  He has written many helpful and fascinating books on the importance of evangelism and faithfulness to the Scripture.  Caryl Matrisciana passed away several years ago after many years of warning Christians and the world about the dangers of Roman Catholicism, Calvinism, New Age idolatry, Transhumanism and witchcraft. Renald Showers, author of The Coming Apocalypse, is an excellent resource to identify the contrast between Calvinism and Biblical Dispensationalism.

Due to the centuries of religious warfare, European, English and Irish Christians like Paul Wilkinson are extremely knowledgeable on the history of Calvinistic anti-Semitism.  Wilkinson points out that Hitler used Calvinist theology and a book by Martin Luther to attack the Jews and turned European Catholics and Lutherans against the Jews during the Second World War. Hitler murdered and tore friends and families apart using bad theology!  Even Calvinist Americans supported Hitler’s army against the Jews.  Many Calvinists are pro-Muslim and anti-Israel calling themselves pro-Palestinians.  This appears to be paving the way toward war in the Middle East and perhaps another world war.  Pro-Palestinians are behind the American acceptance of Muslims into the United States.  This poses a problem to Christians as well as Jewish people.

God warned us in Scripture that these things will all come to pass, but people need to be warned to expect God’s Word to be fulfilled—and we need to be sure WE are ready to meet the Lord.  We need to pray and support ministries for Jewish people to come to faith in Christ before the next wave of anti-Semitism happens.  We should support Friends of Israel or other evangelistic ministries in Israel and around the world. Anti-Semitism lies dormant for years, and when it appears, it truly appears to be a spiritual satanic phenomenon.  People who were formerly friends or relatives to Jewish people become enemies almost overnight.  The movie or story about Tevya, The Fiddler on the Roof is an example of how it happens.

It is NO wonder that Jewish people are afraid of Christians and refuse to think about Jesus.  Americans who are not Calvinists or who don’t understand Calvinistic theology regarding Jewish people and Israel, are not usually aware of any of their history because it is suppressed by academia and historians, as well as the media. Satan hides real history from us, and most people think history is boring.  True history is shockingly awful and scary! The media has rarely been a friend to Christians or Jews. God never would replace the Jews with the Church or anyone else; His Word says so in many places.  He created the Jews for special responsibilities and roles in the past and for the future as well.

The media has done much damage to the Christian faith by promoting false teachers on radio and television.  Thus, many American churches contain people claiming to be Christian who have been led to believe in Jesus through false gospels and false teachers. Most people are unaware of the dark side of Calvinism.  It takes an ex-Calvinist like David Reagan to give the inside story of what Calvinists believe. Calvinism is not the only false gospel.

We became “believers” by listening to “preachers” on the radio.  And the preachers we listened to were Calvinists, but we didn’t know it. At that point, we didn’t even know what Calvinism was!  Calvinists rarely declare they are Calvinists; at least that has been our experience.   We learned a lot, to be sure.  We learned enough to know that the workers weren’t Biblical.  And that gave us the courage to leave meetings and attend a local church that had been recommended by a Christian friend.  

For me, being a Christian has been more of a process in understanding the Bible. My parents introduced me to the Bible early and I believed in Jesus and the Bible before I “professed” in a 2×2 “gospel” meeting at the age of 12.  I was baptized by the workers when I was 14, but at no time did I understand anything about the Bible.  All I had to do was give my testimony every Wednesday and Sunday, feeling totally bewildered and confused by the workers’ illogical and illiterate use of the Bible. I was baptized again when I was about 44 years old after we left meetings and attended Good Shepherd Community Church.  Along the way, I became fascinated by Scripture, as well as confused by the mixed messages we heard during our adult years.

We did not watch television preachers or much on television. The culture of television is upsetting to us. Television and American media, in general, have destroyed the church in many ways.  We had no idea how much they have influenced American culture and how people perceive the Bible and Christianity.  Even though the first radio preachers we listened to were Calvinists, we never heard them use that word or speak on the topic. For most of our lives we probably knew more Calvinists than Dispensationalists, yet rarely ever heard the words Calvinism or Dispensations.

Even though we hadn’t heard of Dispensationalism, we believed that Christians were going to be taken to Heaven before the Tribulation and that Jesus was coming back to reign on earth for 1000 years because we had learned it from reading Thessalonians and the book of Revelation.  The 2×2 workers never talked about either viewpoint. 

The community churches we attended had pastors who had gone to Baptist Seminaries with a Dispensational viewpoint, and there were at least two Calvinists who taught Sunday school classes.  Yet the words Calvinism or Dispensationalism were never mentioned.  We appreciated the freedom we felt, and the open acceptance of our friendship, and how much we learned from the Bible, but after 22 years we both noticed that the pastors hadn’t preached much from Genesis, the Old Testament prophets or the book of Revelation.  That’s a good indication that Calvinist theology was affecting the leadership.

Don and I always believed and agreed the Bible is literally true unless the Scripture is obviously symbolically explained within the text, which was an important advantage in our ability to agree with one another.  After 22 years at Good Shepherd Community Church, we began a search to find another church home because we had noticed how they avoided preaching from a large number of books in the Bible.   And we found the same thing in each place — fascinating preachers, lots of nice people, Calvinist and non-Calvinists together, without any acknowledgment of the differences. Still, we didn’t know about the issues that divided them.

After attending Good Shepherd Community Church for 22 years, we briefly attended the Household of Faith, a homeschool church where we had close friends. We were there less than two months. We wanted to see what they believed about prophecy and the book of Revelation.  I specifically asked several people about their views of the book of Revelation. They all evaded my questions. Their church was full of wonderful people who were evangelistic, well educated, involved with one another and had tremendous outreach in the community.  But one Sunday a visiting pastor mocked people who believe in the Rapture!!!  That answered our question! We suddenly realized they were opposed to our view of Scripture.   We never went back. Later we learned that others had left for other reasons or the same reason.  Eventually that group disintegrated.  

Not all homeschool people attend the same churches.  But the majority of Homeschoolers we knew were Calvinists.  Homeschoolers come from many different places and churches. We enjoyed homeschool people because they are conservative and intelligent — politically, morally and educationally. We assumed we all believed mostly the same things.  It took us about 25 years to find out the reality even though we had been warned.  The warnings hadn’t contained enough information for us to recognize Calvin’s worldview.

I think most homeschool curriculum and conference advice come from the Calvinist viewpoints due to their majority in the world.  They also seem to be more influential in the Christian publishing industry. Their curriculum could very easily create problems for children and families using it without realizing it is Calvinistic.  It is important for parents to ascertain the theology of the books they utilize.  One thing that I have noticed about Sunday schools and AWANA programs is how they cater to cartoon/music mentality that seems out of place in a Christian’s respect for God.  Their Bible memory program is good, but I wonder if the modern Bible versions may have changed important words, concepts and doctrines for adults as well as children.

The subsequent churches we attended were the same: a mixture of just about every theology you can imagine. I think at this stage in history it would be almost impossible to prevent a church from being affected by the viewpoints of Calvinist the Social Gospel, Liberal Protestantism or charismatic, due to the influence of so many different Bible translations and the preachers on television.  The many different translations of the Bible have contributed a LOT to the confusion of theology, doctrines and faith in the inerrant Word of God.

We have met many people who consider themselves Christians but refuse to attend church at all because of what they know about Calvinism or other unbiblical beliefs.  They gave up on fellowship.  We aren’t surprised!  There are lots of hidden ideas and strange behavior that affect people on a personal basis. I have heard some real horror stories from people who were hoodwinked into cults and abusive churches. We would probably have given up on fellowship as well, but there were lots of positive things that we needed to learn. There are good churches and pastors, but they are few and far between, so if you are looking for Biblical teaching and fellowship you may have to move to a different location or go online to find them. Churches are not always safe places, for children or adults.  It is surprising how many scandals occur that are swept under the rug.  Sending your children to Sunday schools or to a church without your presence is dangerous.

Through those years we ignorantly donated money to different ministries and charities that supported Calvinist evangelism or charities. We just wanted to help people know about Jesus.  Now we wish we hadn’t donated to some of them.  Who knows where that money went or how it was spent?!  Some charities that proclaim to defend the unborn, preach the gospel in prisons or to proclaim the gospel to the poor may actually be contributing to the Catholics or Calvinists who may use a large percentage of the money for Globalist/political left wing purposes.

Many years later we found that our Methodist, Presbyterian and Lutheran friend’s churches allow Hindus, Muslims and homosexuals to use their church sanctuaries for weddings, funerals and yoga classes.  We were shocked at things church people allow or promote.

There are lots of other viewpoints in the world and United States that claim to be Christian.  Many videos, online ministries and books have been made available by serious Bible teachers to expose what kinds of beliefs have invaded the American or Worldwide “church”. Some buzz words attached to these doctrines are:  Charismania/Tongues, Spiritism, the Seven Mountains Movement, Feminism, Social Gospel, American Gospel, Works Gospel, Social Media Gospel, Humanism, Existentialism, American Dream, Universalism, Psychology Gospel, American First, New Apostolic Reformation, Rejection of Bible Prophecy, Moral Majority Movement, Dutch Reformed, Rejection of the Full Counsel of Scripture, Acceptance of Gay marriage, Acceptance of Gay/Lesbian Clergy, Pentecostalism, Purpose Driven Church, Yoga in the Church, Prosperity Gospel, Christian Zionism, Emergent Church, Chrislam, Mysticism, Hebrew Roots Movement, Word of Faith Gospel, Pro Palestinian/Anti-Israel Groups and many others.  They continue to proliferate. These Counterfeit Gospels use the Bible and preach God the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Faith, Prayer and Salvation. But their views of Scripture are shocking.

There have been a few video documentaries done by serious Bible teachers that name names, and show clips of the statements, behavior, unbelievable ignorance, arrogance or hysteria they display.  Brannon Howse of Worldview Weekend has a ministry to expose false teaching and dangerous trends in the government and American culture and education.  One recent book by Brannon Howse is The Coming Religious Reich. Worldview Weekend is located in Tennessee.  I highly recommend his ministry.  He invites a large number of professionally informed people to speak on his program.

Some names of false teachers are the Word of Faith television preachers like E. W. Kenyon, Ken and Gloria Copeland, Ken Hagin, Joel and Victoria Osteen, Richard Foster, Pat Robertson, Paul and Jan Crouch, John Wimber, Jack Deere, Vineyards, Toronto, Spirit of the Serpent, James Robison, Kathryn Kuhlman who claimed to walk on water, Aimee Semple McPhearson, Rodney Howard Brown, Doctor Dobson’s Focus on the Family’s Truth Project (Calvinistic), Yongi Cho, the Positive Mental Attitude pastors, Joyce Meyers who preaches psychology blended with Scripture, Norman Vincent Peale, Robert Schuller who built the Crystal Cathedral, Bill Johnson of the Bethel Church, International House of Prayer, Todd White, Benny Hinn, Steven Furtick, John Hagee, Rick Warren who wrote the Purpose Driven books, Coalition on Revival, Rushdoony, and Sizer.  There are many others as well.  I couldn’t begin to remember or name them all. 

If viewers aren’t knowledgeable Bible readers, these television preachers can say almost anything and get away with it.  This illustrates the confusion a person faces when trying to find a church and it gives you questions to ask or characteristics to avoid. Throughout history, Jews and Christians have been in danger of false teachers and Satan’s politics.  No surprise that anyone looking for Truth will find traps, opposition and death as well.

The dangers of Calvinism become more prominent whenever the world begins pushing towards a one-world government or another world war.  The current lockdown under the Chinese-created virus threat is dangerous in more ways than illness. It may one day soon outlaw the Christian faith.  I wonder how many Christians are taking this situation seriously.

One of the things I have noticed is the way some people pray publicly.  Particularly political groups specifically tell God in detail what they want or need Him to do for them, the country, court cases or the political world. They seem to believe that God is there to answer all their requests or to make the world a better place. They share prayer lists, recommending when to pray, how long to pray or fast, and what to pray about, as if having a majority of people on the prayer project would make a difference to God.  I am not against asking God for help, healing, understanding and direction in our natural lives and world, but it doesn’t seem appropriate for humans to tell God what He should be doing in the world He created.  He has told US what HE is going to do and we are supposed to be spiritually prepared for His will to be done. I know He cares about our natural lives, and it is appropriate to ask for His mercy, help and direction in our choices.  He is not a Gnostic god who divides the spiritual from natural life.  He created us as natural/spiritual beings. We are blessed that we can pray for natural and spiritual needs, provision and direction! He has already told US through the Jewish prophets what He is going to do in the future and what WE should be doing or expecting to take place. We need to be alert and ready for His will to be done.  God told us to pray for the leaders of our countries and cities, and for peace so that the gospel can be preached and to pray, “Not my will, Lord, but Thine be done.”

The Truth and trustworthiness of the Holy Bible’s words have historically been under attack by the Roman Catholic Popes and their massive army of Jesuits working to penetrate the religious and educational infrastructure of the world. Colleges, Universities, and seminaries claiming to be Christian often teach Marxism, Humanism, Atheistic Naturalism, etc.  Linguists, Publishers of books and Bibles are quite often controlled by people with money, influence and bias against God’s Word.  Do your own research on the difference in Bible Translations.  The truth will shock you.

Men in high places have tinkered with Scripture for years. The liberal media and university professors have aided their work.  Liberal Protestants and Roman Catholics were changing attitudes with the Social Gospel which aimed at the idea of the perfectibility of mankind through psychology, and transformation of social change through education and civilization. Instead of preaching faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the redemption of souls to escape the punishment of hell, they were working for social oneness and Heaven on Earth. They claimed to battle bigotry, graft, political injustice, mob action, militarism, and class contempt, instead of sin.  Women worked toward the right to vote so they could participate in the battle for social justice.  This was a whole new set of problems for the church and families to deal with.  Sadly, women have destroyed their own families and babies with the women’s liberation movement.

Serious Christians have had to defend their Biblical beliefs from Roman Catholics, atheists and ignorant people who don’t know or care what the Bible says.  Conservative Protestants began to define themselves as Fundamentalists.


Only recently I learned the history of Fundamentalism in a book What on Earth Is God Doing? by Renald Showers on pages 80–81.   In order to combat Liberalism within the Christian communities of America, two Christians in 1909 financed the publication of a set of volumes that defended the literal scriptural truth of the Bible that had originally been accepted by Christians around the world.  The set of books was titled The Fundamentals.  Hundreds of thousands of copies were sent to church leaders all over the world.  People who agreed with these Biblical Truths called themselves FundamentalistsThe Scofield Reference Bible was published in the same year to aid laypeople in understanding the Scriptures and the importance of a literal interpretation of Biblical words.

I am old enough to remember when the words Fundamental and Fundamentalist were used to describe serious Bible believers. That term has almost disappeared due to the active attack by textual critics of the Bible in universities, colleges, seminaries, the media and the Roman Popes against the Bible.  It was the conviction of serious conservative believers who love and trust God’s Word to be literally true.  Conservative Christians disapproved of Liberalism and Catholicism.  At the beginning of the 20th century religious liberalism was becoming more aggressive.  And the public media especially scorned Fundamentalists.  I consider myself to be a Fundamentalist.  My parents taught me to believe that the words of Scripture were literally true.  I remember that even as a child I considered myself to be a Fundamentalist from the time I heard it described.  Yet oddly, I never heard anyone talk about any of their beliefs, some of which follow:


Divine Creation is a literal fact

In the Verbal Inspiration and Inerrancy of Scripture

The Doctrine of the Trinity

The Virgin Birth and Deity of Jesus Christ

Substitutionary Atonement

Bodily Resurrection

The existence of a literal eternal Heaven and literal eternal Hell

The reestablishment of the nation of Israel and the return of Jews to Israel

The Rapture of Believers before the Tribulation

Christ’s Physical Return to earth with the Church to rescue Israel at the end of the Tribulation

The Physical Millennial Reign of Christ on earth from Israel

The New Heaven and New Earth


In 1944, Catholic Bishop Fulton Sheen met with Billy Graham (who was still only in his 20s) to discuss arrangements for the Pope and Billy Graham to meet in Lausanne, Switzerland to discuss ways for Protestants to work together with Roman Catholics for better understanding. Up until this time, there had been centuries of bloody Catholic crusades against Protestants in every country.  Eventually, Catholic Archbishop Richard Cushing influenced Billy Graham to believe the gospel of the Roman Catholic faith, trusting in Mary.  William Randolph Hearst urged the media and the Masons to “puff Graham”.  There are some who claim that Billy Graham became a Mason but I don’t know whether it is true or not.  Yet it is historically accurate that the Media promoted Graham in every way.

Graham was warned by many well-known Protestant pastors not to trust the Catholics.  Bob Jones, Sr. of Bob Jones University and John R. Rice of the Fundamentalist Sword of the Lord Newsletter were two of many influential men who warned Graham not to trust the Pope.  Yet, Billy Graham met with the Pope again and again. In 1950, in Lausanne, Switzerland, along with several influential leaders, they agreed to use the word “Evangelical” to replace the words “Christian or Fundamental Christian.”  I believe the terminology was changed on purpose to blur the public understanding of the differences between Protestant Christianity and Roman Catholicism.  Satan created this opportunity. And with this change of words also came a blurring of whether one believes in the literal meaning of the whole Bible or not. The term “Fundamentalist” was eliminated completely. One rarely hears the word anymore! 

I might have been about 10 years old when I heard the term.  I wondered why Evangelical was chosen. What did it mean?  What was wrong with the word Christian, Fundamentalist or Protestant? The public and the media seemed elated about the change of the word Fundamentalist to Evangelical.  Why would a new word change anything?  It must have signaled something different, but what was different?  For more information on the word Evangelical look online under the name David Cloud: Way of Life Literature, Billy Graham.  This information has been erased from most people’s memories and even from common media sources, but it remains in historical records even today.  And there are others besides me who agree that it has been an undermining influence towards God’s Word worldwide.  And it didn’t take long for Bible publishers to begin working on lots of new modern Bible Translations.

Billy Graham’s own autobiography reveals his agreement with Roman Catholic doctrines.  During his lifetime, he traveled around the world meeting with Popes, Kings, Presidents and wealthy influential men and women. There were a few voices from Christian people he ignored. I remember when I was in high school the news was full of the story about persecuted Russian Christians who had gone to an airport to escape Russia during a period of time when it seemed that the Russian government was softening its persecution on all Christians in the USSR.   Russian officials held them captive there for many months. This was big news in America and around the world. They appealed to Billy Graham to intercede for them when he came to Russia, but strangely enough, he refused!  A few years later, this information was made public in a book by the spokesman of the group.  I remember being surprised by Billy Graham’s lack of interest towards these persecuted Christians in a very difficult public forum.

Lots of people claim to be Christian. They talk about Christianity as if they understand the Bible and believe it.  However, some seem to know little about the differences between Catholicism or Protestantism or between Christianity and Jewish beliefs and history.  Children are taught to evangelize other children in AWANA clubs and Vacation Bible Schools, but many adults are unable to discuss Bible doctrines, theology, eschatology or the difference between Roman Catholic and Protestant theology.

One of the first evangelical books I read as an adult was by C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity.  I thought it was great. I had no idea what church C.S Lewis attended. Ignorantly, I assumed all Christians believed the same things. Many years later I learned he was an Anglican/ Episcopalian. He was an Englishman, born and bred, and of course, he would have been an Anglican!! He was a liberal thinker, a member of the English upper class.  C. S Lewis had become a believer as an older adult. He and his friend, J. R. Tolkien both wrote fantasy books that have been embraced by Christians and non-believers as “Christian fantasy”. The books are surreal, not Christian! Many people try to find scriptural allegorical references to their books.  I could never see any comparisons! C.S. Lewis also was a Universalist who believed that eventually everyone would be saved.  Tolkien was a Roman Catholic.

Fantasy stories may be fun, but they can lead to demonic ideas and interests.  The Grimm Fairy Tales and Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy Tales were some of my favorite childhood books but even as a child I realized there was something dark about them.  Walt Disney made a fortune making movies and Fantasy Playgrounds out of those stories.  Disneyland pushed fantasy to a higher level than Grimm or Hans Christian Anderson ever did! Video games have gone even further.  A look at American culture and the rest of the world shows how much harm has been done by fantasy movies, cartoons, video games, Harry Potter witch and sorcery stories.

Each person who becomes a Christian has a different background, different culture, different family history that affects how we respond to God and His Word.  Many of us assume that other people think like we do.  It has taken me a lifetime to realize how confusing that can be.  We trust many people—sometimes at great risk. Look at how many marriages fall apart because people assume someone else will be compatible when they value totally different things!  Even siblings raised in the same home often think differently from their parents and one another.

I want to understand, believe and obey God’s Word to the best of my ability.  Having been raised in a cult did much to make me suspicious of religious group/think.  At the same time, I realize I have often trusted people simply because I liked them or agreed with a few things they have said or written, when in reality, I was on a totally different wave-length.  I think that many people became Two by Twos for the same reason.  They like what they hear but they don’t really understand what they are getting into.  If they knew how to ask the right questions, it would save them lots of time, money and even their souls.

I used to be a big fan of Francis Schaeffer who wrote several amazing books and started a ministry in Europe after the Second World War.  The strangest thing happened before he died.  During his battle with cancer, he and his entire family became Roman Catholics. His son Frankie became an Eastern Orthodox Catholic. This fact is not generally known to the public; I learned this by reading books by other members of his family after his death. (His daughter wrote a book about homeschooling because of the secular anti-Christian movement that had occurred in American schools.)  Now that I review what I know about his ministry, La Bris, in Europe after the Second World War, I think it might be possible that he had held Roman Catholic beliefs all along.  He used Roman Catholic artwork rather than Scripture to draw European World War II survivors to faith in Jesus, which is exactly how the Roman Catholic Church worked during the Dark Ages.  It is hard to believe that someone as brilliant as he was could have changed from being a Protestant to a Catholic so completely in such a short period of time unless perhaps he was a staunch Calvinist, a Jesuit or a secret Catholic.

One of his most famous books, The Great Evangelical Disaster, was another of the first evangelical books that I read.  It was well-written but critically aimed at American people he called Evangelicals. Francis Shaeffer was against abortion and opposed to anyone who endorsed or practiced it. I agree with him on that issue. His book was a condemnation of the practice of abortion, and he seemed to imply that evangelicals had agreed to abortion.  If you remember, that is one thing that Roman Catholics and “Evangelicals” began to protest and work against together.  To no avail, abortion continues, to this day! 

All that money, time and work spent has produced nothing but more abortions!   My question about the word Evangelical remains — why?  Why not “The Great American Disaster”?  It wasn’t really Protestants or “Evangelical” Christians who decided to make abortion legal.  It was American voters, non-believers, secular newspaper editors, politicians, university professors, feminists, humanists, witches and environmentalists. Could it be that the Catholic/Protestant coalition against abortions may actually be a money-raising project for the Catholics? 

Similarly, Prison Ministries was founded by Chuck Colson, a Roman Catholic who has been instrumental in persuading many people to repent and believe in Jesus.  Chuck Colson became a Roman Catholic believer while he was in prison after being involved in the Watergate crisis during Nixon’s administration.  It was during that time that he saw a great need to evangelize in prisons.  He started another Catholic/Evangelical coalition to help prisoners’ families at Christmas time and to start Bible studies for prisoners.  This appeared to be charitable evangelism, but when Protestants join Catholics to evangelize unbelievers, it is a contradiction in beliefs regarding salvation and theology.  And it probably draws many prisoners and their families into a confused theology bridged between Catholics and Protestants.

I have learned a lot in my 76 years!  Mostly about how Satan deceives people with what looks like “good things”!  It is better to trust only in God’s Word.  I learned a lot by reading the Old Testament, especially the prophets. I love to have good commentaries with me as I read.  Most of all, I wish I had obtained my King James Study Bible a long time ago.  Or a King James Scofield Study Bible.    Beware of modern Bible Versions, The Message or the Geneva Bible Version.  Many important words have been eliminated completely. Look online to find Terry Watkins warnings against modern Bible Versions at or find books on the topic describing New Age Versions and others as well.  Many of the new versions contain occult symbols as well.

Other popular books that deceived me and many others were Jesus Calling and The Purpose Driven Life.  Publishers cater to public ignorance of clear Biblical understanding.  People usually read too quickly without comprehending how Scripture has been undermined or unbiblical terms have been used.  They assume if someone is a Christian missionary or a pastor, she or he can be trusted.

In retrospect, I can sadly say that learning from mistakes is how I have most often learned the difference between right and wrong!  But at least I learned while I was still alive and have experienced the Holy Spirit’s warnings or warnings from more educated Christians!!!  You would think this should keep me from being judgmental!  I am trying not to be!  Learning the hard way is dangerous, expensive and embarrassing.  God warns against Satan, Liars and False Teachers in His Word! Be wise, don’t ally yourself with a group you know nothing about even when the cause sounds good. 

Satan’s biggest influence has been through Cults, Faulty Doctrines, False Religions, wolves in sheep’s clothing, Witchcraft, Mediums, Fortune Tellers, Secret Societies that worship Satan, Hollywood, Science, Politics, Fantasy, Education, Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Encyclopedias and Television. During the 1960s the practice of yoga in universities, colleges, television, movies, was promoted in secular American bookstores along with Hindu/New Age beliefs which created a huge problem for American families.  Yoga was introduced into the public schools and higher education during the ’60s and ’70s which completely changed the attitude of Americans from Christian to New Age, witchcraft, witches, abortion, drug users, sexual experimentalists, and sorcerers. Ouija boards and Tarot cards became favorite games and occupations of children, teenagers and adults.  These are direct lines of contact with demons.  American secular public schoolteachers were leading kindergarten children and others to practice yoga postures as a way of relaxing during physical education and rest times.

These were the things that prompted so many parents to begin homeschooling. The other reasons were because of the Look/Say Method of reading and the almost yearly introduction of new ways to teach arithmetic.  Moreover, the NEA pushed parents out of the educational process by changing the PTA to the PTO, and not allowing parents into the schools during classroom hours.  Teachers quit sending the students’ work home for parents to review.  John Dewey and other atheists removed Christian readers and textbooks to introduce the Look/ Say Method of reading way back in the 1950s and new ways of teaching arithmetic in the 1970s. Yoga and Eastern meditation are ways that people become influenced or inhabited by demons.  Athletes, sports programs, physical trainers, physical therapists, psychiatrists, and doctors now promote yoga as an emotional and physical healthy exercise. Sadly, many homeschooled children have been seduced into demonic contact through television, movies, video games, Harry Potter books and neighborhood friends.

Dr. Stan Monteith, a retired Orthopedic Surgeon, who founded Radio Liberty, is the first person I found who could knowledgeably discuss world history with Bible history and connect them to current events. He wrote an important book titled Brotherhood of Darkness which documents the history and influence of secret societies that are dedicated to the extermination of the human race.  These societies worship Satan.  Dr. Monteith passed away of old age several years ago and his ministry is now gone but some of his materials are still available

He warned against the Globalist plans to reduce the world population to 500 million which means they intend to reduce the world population to 1/12th of its size, using Vioxx, artificial fertilizers, pesticides, DDT, manmade viruses, Vaccines containing aborted fetal cells as well as bovine and pig DNA, Immunizations, Mercury preservatives, genetically altered seeds, grains and foods, diet drinks, soy products, MSG, aspartame, Splenda, Fluoridated water, birth control toxins in the water, immune suppressed cures, chemtrails/geoengineering, anthrax, cancer treatments, cell phones, 5G radio waves, sorcery created diseases, milk additives, MTBE and many others.  The Bilderbergers, Georgia Guidestones, the Humanist Manifesto, the New World Order, Agenda 21, United Nations and the European Union all proclaim the necessity to drastically reduce the world population by surreptitious depopulation methods using the excuse of “Global Warming.”

The health insurance industry has promoted things that actually harm the health of people.  Men and women in high places are more interested in protecting their power and financial resources by giving lip service to trees, bugs and animals than humans because Satan is their god.  Satanic Scientists have been experimenting for years with Transhumanism: a combination of demonic DNA and robotic/humans.  This describes some of the things that were happening during the life of Noah.

Apparently, most pastors avoid educational, doctrinal, theological or prophetic subjects because they are controversial or because the pastors believe the media more than God’s Word. It has surprised me how many pastors believe the secular media and will write or give sermons about famous movie stars or compare things from television or movies to Scripture. I know many Christian Churches now offer Yoga and Exercise classes for the women. How can it be that pastors don’t notice or seem to understand idolatrous dangers or controversies that harm their congregations?

Renald Showers with Friends of Israel is another great theologian and author.  Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries is informative on many different topics related to end-time events.   Amir Tsarfati of Israel is great to watch if you ever have a chance to see him online. There are many others who do a great job on these controversial topics.  It seems like the older Bible teachers are more well educated on doctrines, theology, and eschatology than younger pastors.

When Gene and Grace Luxon moved close to the Canadian border, they moved into a Dutch environment that was almost 99% Calvinist. Gene became an expert on the topic.  Sharon Hargreaves lived in Canada and had moved to an area where there weren’t many churches.  She and her cousin started attending a Presbyterian church where they learned firsthand what Calvinists believe. Sharon took a strong stand against Calvinism and helped several people before she passed away from cancer.

I had learned from my World History college professor that almost every war in Europe was initiated by the Roman Catholic popes in order to build their wealth and power. Kings were afraid of them.  It was the first time I had ever learned about Catholic European history.  I have been fascinated by history most of my life since that college course.

Roman Catholic popes were the first men I am aware of who worked toward a one-world government. (Although, the Tower of Babel may have been an attempt at that goal.)  Roman Catholics tried to subjugate all of Europe and the Middle east to obey and pay taxes to the Roman Popes. They tortured and killed hundreds of thousands of Protestant Christians in Europe, wiping out whole populations and chasing them to other places. They confiscated all the scrolls of Scripture from Christians and Jews in order to control and hide the Word of God from the nations. They used paintings, statues and stained glass windows to teach people their versions of Mary and Jesus.

Ignatious Loyola became the first man to form a group of soldiers to lead the Crusades and train men who became the Jesuits to work throughout the world through the educational systems, science and politics to turn the world to Roman Catholicism. They perfected the art of torture in the Vatican. Jesuits are all over the world in politically, scientifically, and educationally high places.  The current pope is a Jesuit.  Many Christians see this as a fulfillment of prophecy.

Calvinist preachers are well trained, fascinating and quite able to persuade non-Calvinists to trust them because they focus on the greatness and goodness of God and their method of evangelism is smoothly logical instead of Biblical. Their charitable work is legendary. They are well educated and focus on living wisely and conservatively. Calvinists preach about 70 percent of Scripture beautifully.

The places they differ essentially with Dispensationalists are in what the GOSPEL is, what the prophetic books say about the future, and in their attitude towards Israel and Jewish people all over the world.  Most Calvinists ignore the books of Genesis, Old Testament Prophets and Revelation because they have a non-literal/gnostic view of those important Scriptures.  And they claim that all the prophesies of the Bible have already taken place. They may selectively choose the books of the Bible or portions they believe.  If they mention a prophetic book they will only focus on a few carefully selected portions and claim those verses as words to the Church instead of the Jews.

Calvinists emphasize God’s sovereignty that preordained, chose or predestined the Calvinist salvation.  They accuse non-Calvinists of not believing in the sovereignty of God.

There have been many well-known and well-loved preachers such as R. C. Sproul, John Piper and John MacArthur who became Calvinists later in life.  Charles Price in Canada is a famous Calvinist from England.  D. James Kennedy was a famous Calvinist Presbyterian pastor in Florida we used to enjoy on the radio. Dr. James Dobson is a Methodist/Calvinist. I don’t think they have ulterior motives.  I just believe they are Biblically/theologically incorrect.

God specifically tells us in Scripture in many places that “salvation is of the Jews” and it only comes by faith when people hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, and they believe in Jesus as Lord.  The Messiah (Savior) came from the Hebrew race and salvation comes by faith in the Hebrew Messiah. Christianity is founded on the Hebrew Scriptures and the God of Moses.  All humans are born dead in the sin that came to every human through the sin of Eve and Adam, the parents of every human on earth. That is why we need the Savior that God spoke of in Genesis 3:15.   All of us are under that curse and need Jesus Christ who was crucified as the Lamb of God to be our Savior.

Calvinists mock the Scripture and people who believe in the Rapture and the Tribulation. They have cut Jewish people and Israel out of their lives and frequently join the Muslims in attacking and trying to exterminate the Jewish race. This is called the Pro Palestinian Movement and it is a well-funded, powerful political organization that is impacting America and the world behind the scenes. Many non-Christians use Calvinist money and Calvinist churches against Jews and the Nation of Israel.

Wake up to reality! Non-Calvinists are in the minority. Many non-Calvinists attend Calvinist churches without realizing or understanding what Calvinists believe. Southern Baptists are a big majority of Baptists (normally considered Dispensational) who have been infiltrated by Masons for a long time.  According to Brannon Howse, their money goes to the Masons which is used against all Christians and Jews and other minorities.

Most Baptists, Anabaptists, Plymouth Brethren, Brethren, and Calvary Chapels are Dispensationalists. There are a few others who do not believe in Calvinism. I am not well informed on all the denominational views or churches. 

Community churches appear to contain many denominational and worldly viewpoints.  No one can really do much about that.  People come and go all the time.  People join or leave denominational churches for lots of reasons.  Televangelists have contributed to a strange collection of unbiblical beliefs and activities in different churches.  People watch televangelists and assume their messages are Christian, and when they go looking for a church, they may bring weird spirits, attitudes and expectations into the church.

Unless a pastor comes right out and says which Theology and Eschatology he believes and preaches, it will be hard to know.  We have found that the topic is usually not mentioned and even questions are evaded. Some pastors will even pretend to agree with people just to gain members or to avoid church splits.  A person must interview a pastor carefully to ask whether Calvinism is being taught or not.

The other problem people have found in churches is abusive leaders who subtly undermine people’s marriages or family lives to create cults. Sexually deviant people can be found in religious, educational, entertainment, athletic events, and educational institutions.  Satan has many ways of destroying children and people.  Drugs, sexuality and demonic activities are scary and dangerous!!

So, why has the theology of Calvinism become more dangerous in the world scene today?

My main fascination in history has been the shocking behavior of anti-Semitic people toward Jewish people during the Second World War.  I had little to no awareness of the entire world’s animosity towards Jewish people since the time of Christ and before.  Being raised in America as a 2×2 kept me unaware of many things! The Roman Catholics threatened whole populations of Jews with death unless they would renounce their faith and be baptized as Roman Catholics. Catholics treated Protestants almost as badly. European history as well as Middle east history is full of death and warfare surrounding race and religion. One of the first people to call for the Depopulation of the world was an Italian, Giovanni Botero in the late 16th century.

According to historian Murray Rothbard and many others:  Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus (1766-1834) the son of a wealthy, respected lawyer and gentleman, born in Surrey, England was the first person in England to call for Population Control to stop humans from “breeding like rats.” Malthus graduated from Jesus College, Cambridge in 1788.  In the same year he became an Anglican curate in Surrey where he had been born. He was married at the age of 40 after which he promptly had three children.  He was a Smithian in his economic beliefs but became known for his famous (proto-Keynesian) thesis against human population growth.

Other important Englishmen and Americans agreed with his viewpoint, including Benjamin Franklin.  Ben Franklin wrote on the topic: Observations Concerning the Increase of Mankind and the Peopling of Countries in 1751.  This viewpoint seemed to arise after the Napoleonic wars.  Americans are generally ignorant of Ben Franklin’s occultic views and behavior especially while he lived in France.

The idea of Social Engineering, birth control and elimination of genetic defects became false pretenses for Hitler and Population Control fanatics to murder Jews, Blacks, Christians, Gypsies, Indians…and anyone else for them to destroy or to rob.

Lust to rule the world was behind Hitler’s wars against everyone, even Russia, with whom he had once been an ally.  Hitler appealed to racial pride with his claim to be part of a fictitious Aryan race.  He sent weird “scientists” all over the world measuring people’s skulls and bodies.  These scientists put many normal children and adults into so-called Institutions because they were deemed subhuman.  They were the first ones to be eliminated in the name of mercy killing.  When the allied nations: Russia, England and the United States defeated Germany in 1945, they confiscated German technology, ideas and scientists. That was the purpose of Margaret Sanger in founding Planned Parenthood; with the idea to present abortion as a mercy to women rather than the murder of human beings!  The cruelty and horror of Abortion Clinics is well-documented history, albeit ignored and denied by the media and those who espouse the Depopulation of the Planet.

I am not saying that Calvinists believe in killing or in mercy killing!  They don’t!!  The Calvinists we have known are some of the most charitable and loving evangelistic people we have met.  Yet their money and resources were used during periods of time when Satanic people took over large populations of the world.

Satan uses people who have a lust for power to do his bidding.  And he seems to find ways to make evil sound sensible or desirable. Just as the Popes became power hungry, those who were involved with Jean Jacques Rousseau in the French Revolution and the Illuminati, along with Marxist and Nazis created problems requiring solutions that they were only too glad to provide.  If evil politicians find religious fanatics they can deceive, Satan is right there to grant the power. The Muslims were the first to join Hitler’s plans to eradicate the Jews. Ted Turner, Henry Kissinger, the Rockefellers, Hitler and multiple billionaires around the world have used politicians, military, scientists and religious people to fight their wars.  This is why Christians need to be wary of the theology, science, inventions and politics their leaders espouse!

The Masons and Jesuits are involved in religious, political, scientific and educational systems of the world, especially in control of publishing and the media. I learned long ago that humanists/atheists admittedly created the topics of Psychology, Archeology, Geology, Sociology, and Psychotherapy in colleges and universities purposely to destroy the Christian faith in the name of Science and Political power, just as Charles Darwin and the Masons destroyed faith in God as Creator of the universe by introducing the theory of evolution. The Jesuits are heavily involved in these fields of study as well as in politics.

Sigmund Freud, the first Psychiatrist, boldly said that it was his purpose to destroy the need for God.  His ungodly viewpoint was that “sin is a good thing” and it is harmful to repress natural desires.  This attitude is more prevalent in the world every day in the fields of Psychology, Sociology, Secular Humanism and Higher Education.  Freud’s nephew Edwin Bernays moved to America and wrote the book Propaganda which has become the American Advertisers handbook.  Freud, Bernays and Adolph Hitler from Germany affected the whole world with toxic ideas, toxic poisons and dangerous deadly ideas and inventions.  Bernays taught the schemes of advertising we see today in America. Bernays promoted immorality through the soap companies advertising on television soap operas.  He promoted smoking tobacco by encouraging movie stars, both men and women, to smoke cigarettes on television and in movies.  He promoted Flouride, a toxic waste, telling the public and the dental industries that it prevented tooth decay, when it actually affects teeth, bones and brain in detrimental ways.  Many scientists and doctors have protested this lie but to no avail. The media promotes the toxic Depopulation agenda.

The Puritans were Calvinists and many of them were Masons.  The United States Constitution and the US political organization are Masonic.  The Founding Fathers were Masons.  The Grange which was the basis for agriculture in America is the first Order of Masonry.  The game of Baseball, as well as our nation’s Capital city, is based on the Masonic emblem of the Compass. The American educational system promoted by John Dewey is not Christian at all.  It is secular and anti-Christian even though many schoolteachers claim to be Christian.  Many things we have been told are Christian, are not!  There are many historians who have reported these facts, yet the humanist public school system has promoted the fiction.  Look at all the Masonic pillars, statues of Roman gods and goddesses and phallic obelisks that are erected around the country and in Washington DC.

Genesis 6-9 explains that Satan and fallen angels had so afflicted the world with violence, corrupting the human bloodline that God had to destroy all life on earth with the worldwide flood during Noah’s lifetime.  Old Testament books of Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Kings, Chronicles, Samuel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Malachi and other prophets tell us the reason God rejected Israel was because they had rejected God and were serving the idols of Baal, Ashteroth and Molech. New Testament books also warn against demonology.  Evil sexuality and child sacrifices were practiced by devil-worshiping cultures that surrounded Israel.

God warned Moses, Joshua, the prophets and Jews many times against witchcraft and contact with demons. Witchcraft, magicians, sorcery, and use of drugs are the practice of contacting the dead, or demons to obtain power, wealth and ways of deceiving or hurting people with drugs and poisons.  These things are happening around the world. Television and movies glorify and portray them as entertainment when in reality it is an abomination.

Idolatry is the worship of idols, statues, images or pictures, like one sees in India, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, in the Vatican and around the world.  Isaiah, Ezekiel, Malachi and Revelation tell us that the Jewish priests and the Jewish leaders and common people were secretly, and often openly, practicing idolatry, and witchcraft, offering babies and children as burnt sacrifices to these idols with devil worship. The priests and High Priest had become rich, powerful and respected.  This is the reason most Jews didn’t honor Jesus or accept Him when He was born and when He preached.  They were serving Satan—not God.  That is where their financial and political power came from.

God told the Jewish prophets He was going to destroy Israel and chase them out of the country, but that someday He would bring them back to Israel.  Someday Jesus will reign from Israel and the Israeli people and Christians will be among those who rule during the Millennium with Christ as their Head.  God is not through with Israel or the Jews! 

There are many different forms of idolatry and worshiping Satan: Ashteroth, Molech, Babylon, Luciferians, Druids, Illuminati, Masonry, Bilderbergers, Zoroasterism, Ancient Magi, Adepts of Mystery Religions, the Templars, Rosicrucians, Hermetic Freemasons, the Club of Rome, Marxism, the Bohemian Grove, Shriners and many many more.  The most wealthy and powerful men and women of the world comprise these many different groups.  Each country and region have a variety of ways of worshiping Satan.  Remember Satan tempted Jesus to worship him in exchange for power over the nations on earth. Matthew 4:10, Jesus didn’t argue with him, He said, “Get thee hence, Satan!  For it is written, Thou shalt worship the LORD thy God, and Him only shalt thou serve!”

I grew up in the state of Washington where my family spent lots of time in many different Grange halls and Oddfellows Halls in 2×2 “Gospel” Meetings.   I remember as a child attending the workers’ “Gospel” meetings during the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s. The Masonic leaders’ pictures on the walls, the entire buildings, and even the parking lots gave me creeps. The Masons use the symbol of a Star, Sheaf of Wheat or a Compass to mark their leadership at the Grange Halls. The symbol of the star is an occult symbol used in Hollywood also. Cemeteries in England and America mark Masonic affiliation and status on the grave headstones and obelisks. The entrances of every city and town in the United States have multiple signs indicating where the Masonic Orders are located.

When I was a young child whenever people asked me what church we attended I was tempted to tell them we went to the Grange Church.  The other favorite place for the workers’ gospel meetings was Funeral Homes. Once when the workers were using a local funeral home for a particular neighborhood, some people refused to come to meetings because the building smelled like Formaldehyde. I actually liked the funeral homes because they were warm and cozy. The Brother workers liked to use Tents for Gospel Meetings, but people complained because the cold rainy season lasted so long, and it annoyed the neighborhood with the miserable singing.  Kids in the neighborhood threw apples at the tent while we were inside so men had to sit outside to keep the order   All those places were dark, cold and humiliating. I never could brag with the statement, “We don’t believe in building churches.”  God never made any kind of statement about where the church can meet or should not meet.  

People need to research the history of the Mason and the Grange in order to understand its purposes: The Grange halls began in Citeaux, France, by Cistercian Monks in 1098 AD. Originally, their association was a primitive form of Christianity combined with growing grain and sheep.  But eventually, it became more militaristic and became known as the Knights Templar.  The Templars became extremely wealthy and involved in the occult as well. The Masonic Order is the basis for the United States government and its founding.  This accounts for the many female goddess statues in Washington DC, including the Statue of Liberty in the Harbor of New York. Freemasonry is referred to as the “Craft” because it developed from trade associations.  It allows members to proceed up the ladder of responsibilities and honors through degrees with a carefully guarded method of secrecy and oaths.  The highest order of the Grange is 33rd Degree.  But the Shriners and other societies have even higher status; Bilderbergers, for instance, is probably at the top of the worldwide ladder.

Many ex-Masons are online telling their negative experiences within Masonry.  They even give information about renouncing Masonry.  Almost every cult that I researched was founded by a Mason: Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, Two by Twos and others.  Cults talk about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit but their definitions of God are completely different, and their explanation of Scripture are fanciful allegory.

If you are interested in American history, read the book America: Nation of the Goddess by Alan Butler and Janet Wolter.

Some Christian authors have pointed out that the feminist/witchcraft movement is tied closely to “Abortion and Women’s Rights.”  There is an important feature in prophecy related to the “Woman” mentioned in Revelation 17 and 18. Dave Hunt wrote the book, A Woman Rides the Beast.  It’s fascinating to see how many authors who have studied the book of Revelation and prophecy agree that we are seeing the beginning of prophetic Scripture being fulfilled around the world. 

This is a dangerous time in world history. Google the words “Bohemian Grove” and also the “Georgia Guidestones.” These places have been frequented by people in high places for many years. The world has become like the days of Noah. New Orleans is a hotbed of demonic activity. Demons seduce people and rule in high places in every country and city in the world.  Sorcerers, witches and environmentalists have invaded and dominate the educational system of science and medicine

Many people in high places warn that there are rapid changes happening around the world.  But if you are a Christian, you should be more concerned about your spiritual readiness than in your physical preparedness. Serious Christians need to examine their lives and souls to be ready for the future.  The Bible tells Christians to be ready and looking for the Rapture.  After the Rapture comes the Tribulation and then Jesus Christ will come to rescue the remaining Jewish people and reign on the renewed earth for 1000 years. Then the Judgment will occur. Complacent or ignorant believers may be unpleasantly surprised. God’s prophetic focus is still on the Jewish people and His promised, prophetic plan for Israel.   This is not the time to ignore Scripture, prophecy and doctrine.

Read the King James Version of Jeremiah 30:11:  For I am with thee, saith the Lord, to save thee: though I make a full end of all nations whither I have scattered thee, yet I will not make a full end of thee: but I will correct thee in measure, and will not leave thee altogether unpunished.


For Doctrine, Theology and Eschatology look for these books:

 Putting Jesus In His Place by Robert Bowman Jr. Excellent resource for understanding what Scripture says about Jesus and the doctrine of the Trinity

JUDGMENT DAY, Occult Invasion;  An Urgent Call to a Serious Faith;  A Woman Rides the Beast, The Seduction of Christianity by Dave Hunt

THE END, 101 Answers to Questions About the Book of Revelation by Mark Hitchcock

 The Foundations of the Faith, The Coming Apocalypse, There Really Is a Difference, What on Earth is God Doing? The Jewish People: Rejected or Beloved?  The Basics of Bible Prophecy by Renald Showers

 The Last Hour by Amir Tsarfati

 Understanding Christian Zionism  DVD set by Paul Wilkinson. Watch all three sermons! (

 The European Union and the Supra Religion , Oops, I Thought I was a Four Point Calvinist by Robert Congdon

 Brotherhood of Darkness by Dr. Stan Monteith (A History of Depopulationists)

America, Nation of the Goddess by Alan Butler and Janet Wolter

Malthus and the Assault on Population by Murray N. Rothbard (

By Kathleen Lewis
September 18, 2021