Gulbrandson, Julia (Steinbrecher)

Dear Family & Friends:

This letter may come as a shock or surprise to many of you. I know it will also disappoint and upset you. It’s also not easy for me to write this letter

Since Darrell’s passing, I have really struggled to attend meeting. With Darrell’s death, I too felt dead and as though I was walking around in a fog. I went to several conventions last fall and our recent special meetings and even our Bible Studies and Sunday meetings, but just feel something is missing. It has become a burden to attend our meetings and so I’ve made the decision to stop attending. Meeting should never be a burden. Upon making this decision I felt a heavy burden lifted and I am at peace. I can’t explain it and I have no answers. I still believe in God, the Saviour and the Holy Spirit.

I know you will have questions and want answers. I don’t have any. Only God & time can answer them. I know how important prayer is and they mean a lot to me so please keep praying. I’m not cutting off communication, so you are welcome to call me, write, or visit. I just have no answers so it’s not open for discussion.

I’m not bitter or angry or offended. I know that this started before Darrell passed away and maybe even he knew it was coming. Just know that I love each and every one of you and this was my decision. Life has been full of changes and sometimes it’s been very overwhelming. Just know that even though I struggle with prayer that I too will continue to pray. God knows the answer.

If I have missed someone who needs to know, please forward it to them. Please share with your meetings too. I had planned to send this by snail mail but decided to send this by email instead. I appreciate your discretion in sharing this letter.


January 22, 2019