Jaramillo, Corrine

As you all well know by now, I have made a decision to leave that church, and my reason for this letter is to endeavor to clear the misunderstanding, misconceptions and false accusations leveled against me. You can rest assured that it is not through a personal vendetta against anyone of you, but based solely on my questioning about the teachings which conflict with what the Bible teaches. In the many years I have questioned, I have never received satisfactory biblical answers which has kept me confused and living compliant not agreeing with your doctrine. I have been very unhappy living a double standard.

Listed below are just a few of the many things I disagree on:

  1. The statement that only the people in that “way” will be saved and which repulses me because it goes against what Jesus said in John 146: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” That assumption also nullifies the shedding of Blood by Christ on the cross for our sins and salvation and also what is stated in Ephesians 26, 9 that our salvation is a gift from God through His Grace which means unmerited favor, and not by our own efforts.
  2. The behavior control instilled for the women, such as long hair in a bun and their attire. Why don’t the Workers fully continue the teachings of Wm. Irvine who founded this movement in 1897 and imposed the wearing of black stockings by the women etc. When this movement started is not so important to me as is the misrepresentation as to the time.
  3. The banning of televisions and radios (in some areas), however, they don’t ban the telephone which when misused as is by some, can be very damaging in disseminating unfounded, damaging and untrue accusations towards others. I feel these people might be better off watching some educational and informative programs and giving their mouths a rest.

I could go on and on, but feel that any more I would have to say is irrelevant to you, however, I felt a need to show my appreciation to those of you who respect my decision, although You may not agree and I understand because I was there at one time. To those few of you who will continue to condemn me, all I can say is I forgive you.

I also wish to thank most of you for your kindness and hospitality shown towards me and my most special thanks to those of you who have maintained loving contact with me.

I have received much loving and sincere support from my family and friends outside that way and feel very special appreciation and thanks to the special friends who have contacted me since I left, offering their heartfelt support and validation. However, I do feel a very deep compassion and sympathy towards those who have left and whose families have treated them so cruelly since they left.

I am now attending a church which ministers to my spiritual needs, and I especially note that the Pastor’s Sunday and Wednesday services are taped and made available to anyone who may be interested.

If anyone wishes to contact me with regard to this letter, I will welcome your written response at my address.


Corinne S. Jaramillo
Belen, New Mexico USA