Spiller, Phebe

Dear Friends: Greetings from Texas and from my heart. I wish to thank all of you for the fellowship and friendship I enjoyed while living in Idaho. All of you were witnesses to the transformation of the person I am today and for your part in that, I am grateful.

Many may have wondered why I stopped attending meetings in June of 1995. Some speculation and comments did trickle back to me and at times I was amused and other times a little hurt. I have chosen to not be offended by any of this or by any of the experiences in Idaho Falls, finding grace to not hold resentments.

My absence and silence from the meetings was somewhat like the blood of Abel. It did speak. There is no reason now to continue that silence and therefore speak.

Life’s experience began to root out and cause me to examine many things, including myself and gave me opportunity to become rigorously honest and real. Some have made comments about Life Training and how this may have affected my choices, others have commented on my choice to date or seek counseling or attend Al-Anon meetings. All of these things were part of the growing process of me becoming authentic, yet none of them, in of themselves, were behind my decision.

Slowly, over time and testing, I took a stand. This stand came after much prayer and soul searching, studying the scriptures and asking for God’s guidance for and in my life. I could no longer endorse the superiority of this being the only right way and all others false, when in the desperate need of my children and myself; people from various backgrounds reached out to me and my own religious affiliation was hampered and not free to lend a hand.

Fifteen months later, the first documentation and facts regarding the origins of the 2×2’s came my way. The “Truth” as I was raised to believe was no different than any other, it was founded by William Irvine in the late 1800’s. I now have even more to take a stand on. I will not perpetuate the myth that the truth has no human founder when the evidence is well documented and well preserved.

I have no quarrel with any of the people still inside this system, I have not lost my vision or struggle with unwillingness or bitterness; nor do I have any desire to be at odds with anyone. I consider my heritage like a hometown and have a wealth of memories to draw from and love the connection and exposure to God it did give me.

Mike Hennessy came into my life after I had already made the decision to open up to LIFE and not limit my experience to meetings only.

We had a special, spiritual wedding in July with family and friends present and are now settled in Austin, Texas. This letter comes with the desire to clarify where I am and to leave this thought: The world needs flowers . . . roses not thorns . . . bridges not walls . . . meekness not malice. I wish all of you the best and hope our paths will cross again someday.

With Love and Respect,

Phebe Spiller
June 1995