Hymns Old and New

Who Wrote the Hymns in Hymns Old and New?

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2×2 Hymn History
Go Preacher’s Hymn Book
1913: The First Edition of “Hymns Old and New”
Editions of Hymns Old and New
R. L. Allan & Sons, Publishers
Hymnbooks in Other Languages
The 1987 Revision Process
Notable Hymn Changes
Hymn Accompaniments
When were the FIRST Hymnbooks in the World Printed?
Faith Mission Hymnbook

About the Hymn Authors: Workers & Friends
Hymns Written by Edward Cooney
The Oldest Hymn Authors
What do all the following hymns have in common?
About the Hymn Authors: Outsiders

Editions of Hymns Old and New:
1951 Edition – List of Authors
Review of Hymns Old and New, 1951 Edition
1987 Edition – List of Authors
Go-Preacher’s Hymn Book
Table “Grace” Cards

TTT Photo Gallery Hymnbook Section

Hymns Old and New–An Unofficial Compendium, a very informative website.