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Recommended Reading about Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage

Article:  Divorce, the Law, and Jesus by Walter L. Callison — EXCELLENT!! [Includes the definition of “putting away”]

Book: Divorce: A Gift of God’s Love by Walter L. Callison, published July 2002

Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage (free download) by Red R. Weiland

Divorce: God’s Will? by Stephen Gola

Divorce and Remarriage – What Does the Bible REALLY Say? by Ralph Woodrow

If you don’t read anything else, READ THIS:

Read/download free article online: The Bible Says: Divorce & Remarriage is NOT Adultery by Steven Jones
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Intro: A study of a portion of the 7th Commandment with a special focus on the divorce law in Deut. 24:1-4. This book was NOT written to encourage divorce, but rather to show that if one remarries after divorce, he has not committed adultery. Divorce itself is not a sin, but rather a judgment for sin. Most modern translations of Matthew 5:32 make Jesus appear to forbid remarriage and makes Jesus contradict the law of God, but a simple study of the original Greek shows that He actually upheld the Law and denounced its abuse.

Intro to Divorce: God’s Will? by Stephen Gola

God, Himself is fed up with His church condemning those who have had a divorce and remarried, and those who need a divorce and will remarry! Looking for the TRUTH concerning a Christian marriage, divorce and remarriage as taught in the Bible? It’s in the book Divorce: God’s Will? concerning Christian marriage, divorce, remarriage and submission as taught in the Bible. Principles Taught and Studied in this Book:

A proper marriage is very wonderful and very beautiful; however, it is possible to stay in a bad marriage and be doing the “right thing” too long. God’s priority is to save the people of the marriage, not necessarily the marriage itself. As painful as this may sound when dealing with a marriage, divorcing or “making one into two” is necessary and needed to save and preserve life. God does not want us to be a “sacrificial victim” for the sake of the marriage.

Intro to Divorce and Remarriage – What Does the Bible REALLY Say? by Ralph Woodrow

Though Old Testament law permitted divorce–the Lord himself, figuratively, went through a divorce–by the time of Jesus, Jewish men were abusing this law by divorcing wives “for any cause.” In which situations does the New Testament permit divorce? Are divorced Christians who remarry “living in adultery”?