Bubble Analogy

There was once a community of people who believed that life in the world was very dangerous. In fact, it was deadly. No one could survive unless they were willing to come into a specially constructed Bubble a man and a few of his friends had planned and built, roughly following the plans of a Bubble they once had been in, where everything was “safe” and where none would be contaminated by the deadly outside world.

Life inside the Bubble was intense and stressful. Days were filled with hard things to do and endure. There were dress and hair codes for the women and the men were robbed of their masculinity by the leaders. The people were all under the surveillance of the leaders who said what to do and not to do in order to stay safe inside the Bubble.

There were constant fearful reminders to everyone at frequent meetings which were deemed essential for everyone to attend. The people were told that life outside the Bubble would mean sure death! In fact, everyone was reminded from time to time by the builder of this bubble, and his subsequent leaders, that there were certain things that would result in a person being expelled from the Bubble. A small doorway was in the side of the Bubble through which anyone in violation of the rules would be shoved and left to DIE!

Now, a certain man was bolder than most and dared to ask the leaders how they knew for sure that life outside the Bubble was deadly. At first, they ignored him and gave no answer, but, he was persistent and finally, they said they considered him a troublesome person, who just wanted attention for himself. The leaders spread false stories about him. They said he was “bitter.” They sternly warned him that if he kept up his questioning he could find himself on the outside someday, and then he could see for himself the truth of what they said. And of course, some of the leaders, especially the younger ones who were born inside the Bubble, believed everything that was taught.

Not to be easily put off, this certain man began to talk with others in the Bubble about his doubt concerning sure death outside the Bubble. He shared questions with them, which the leaders would not answer or to which they gave him only conflicting vague answers. The differing answers depended upon which leader he talked to in the various parts of the Bubble. Some of the Bubble people listened sympathetically. Some walked away in disgust and anger.

Most disagreed with what he thought, for they were strong believers in everything their leaders taught them from their childhood. A few went directly to the leaders and reported what they had heard this certain man say. In fact, they embellished his honest questions, hoping to be rid of such a troublemaker.

The leaders agreed among themselves that the time had come for action. On an appointed day everyone was called together and told that, due to the persistent and malcontent conduct of this certain man, he was going to be shoved out through the doorway. They washed their hands of all responsibility; made a weak attempt to get him to repent. When he maintained his integrity and refused to follow their foolish rules, they hustled him to the doorway and shoved him out of the Bubble!

There was a great gasp. A few wept. But most just wagged their heads and clicked their tongues. Some stood transfixed watching to see how he would die outside the Bubble. They watched and they watched. What they witnessed became the source of a lot of trouble for many years to come.

The man’s first reaction, thinking he was about to die, was to lay motionless and wait for death to come. But suddenly he took a deep breath and discovered the air outside was wonderfully fresh and had none of the artificial odor he had smelled inside the Bubble for years. The sky was bluer and the sun shone brighter.

He stood and smiled back to the doorway through which he had been shoved and tried to open it. It was locked tightly. He began to motion to those still watching that it was better out than in. With an urgency he did everything he could think of to induce others to come out too and to enjoy the wonderful life and safety he experienced outside the Bubble. Some thought a lot about this situation. Most only stood and stared.

At first, no one could understand his gyrations. Soon, some did understand. They ran with haste to tell the leaders about what was transpiring at the doorway. When the leaders arrived, they were deeply mystified. As soon as they understood he had proven their teachings false, the leaders became alarmed, then very angry. How dare he thwart their teaching and prove them false! How dare he put his doubts into their minds! He was jeopardizing their dominating leadership position. He was taking away the fear they had installed in “their” people for many years. Something had to be done!

Quickly the leaders organized a work detail to have the walls of the Bubble painted black to a height of ten feet so that no one could see out and watch what the man was doing. The leaders told the people not to have anything to do with what he was trying to communicate. Most of the people were pleased to have their upsetting view blocked!

However, some were very curious to see what was happening to the man. When they thought no one was watching they would mount a ladder and peer above the black barrier. They began to understand that what their leaders had told them was not true!

The leaders were divided on what to do. They had many leaders’ meetings and tried to come up with a believable story. Some wanted to tell the truth. An assortment of conflicting explanations was made. Most said nothing should be done to destroy their feeling of harmony and unity which, as they often told the people, existed in all parts of the Bubble.

Many different and conflicting versions were told of how the Bubble originated. Though they often contradicted each other, one thing they agreed on, at first, was that those who were caught associating with any who looked out of the Bubble or asked questions were also to be shoved through the doorway.

Many who left the Bubble devised ways of communicating the truth to some of those inside, in spite of the leaders telling people not to listen to what any of those “bad” people outside were saying. The leaders told their people inside that everything they saw and read from those outside was a lie.

Then a most alarming thing began happening. Others decided to go through the doorway on their own! Now the situation was out of hand! The existence of life in the Bubble was in grave jeopardy, especially for the leaders, and those who had invested so much of their lives maintaining life in the Bubble which they had come to KNOW, was the only way to live.

As the numbers of people in the Bubble began to dwindle, the leaders and younger “leaders-in-waiting” were scurrying. They spent their time trying to convince people still in the Bubble that they were not to doubt that the Bubble had always been in existence and that what they taught about “death” outside the Bubble was the absolute truth. This is what the people remaining in the Bubble wanted to hear.

Meanwhile, most of those “outside” the Bubble were enjoying happy, abundant lives in freedom from the former bondage to which they had become accustomed. Many of them even learned of a very special Man who arranged for them to live forever in paradise, if they would just accept the marvelous gift He had made arrangement for. And many thankfully accepted His free eternal gift. The name of that man is Jesus Christ.