Description of an Un-convention, February 1, 1996

Dear Forward Press, [a defunct quarterly newsletter for Ex-2x2s]

I feel compelled to respond at this time, concerning the “Ex-2×2 Michigan Un-convention” report.

It is important that you know that those of us who organized it did so with a purpose and desire that it be a healing time, a time of building up and encouraging others who have gone through the 2×2 “experience.”  Our hope was that by networking with others who share our background, something most people cannot grasp, that it would be helpful.

It’s important that they know that they are not isolated.  There are people who care who understand.  Most importantly, however, is the opportunity to share what we have found even through the whole process.  That God never abandoned us.  That he sent his Son to die for us “while we were yet sinners.”  That we have been reconciled to him through Jesus and to share who Jesus really is!

The intent was that while recognizing the pain and heartache and loss we all suffered, we could also celebrate the present and future!  While experiences were exchanged, there was much more! 

Friendships were established.  We discovered that there is life after “truth.”  We rejoiced with those who had found healthy churches to learn and grow and be a part of.  We discussed the process of shedding the falsehoods and biases, mostly unfounded concerning worldly churches, etc.  We celebrated the joy of belonging to the family of God, the assurance of eternal life; of how we can praise our Lord with hymns and spiritual songs!  We talked about how helpful different Christian books are discussed authors, etc.

We were reunited with people we hadn’t seen in many years and met some we had only known by name.

There is a tremendous amount of relief in being understood, or sharing, reminiscing with people who have been there.  It can be healing, can put some distance between then and now and made us thankful for where are and how far we’ve come but by the grace of God!

People came from 5 different states.  We shared a common bond.  We can put names to prayers now and better pray for those still “in,” and the greater cause of God’s truth being revealed to those following people instead of Jesus Christ.

My heart’s desire is to use this whole experience to reach those who believe that they are “double damned” because they have gone in the “opposite” direction of “truth,” to share with them who Jesus really is and who they are to him!

We’re not sure whether to start planning again, or let someone else more centrally located have a go at it.  We’ll just keep praying about it and see if any doors open.  We’ll let you know.

Please feel free to give out my name and address to anyone needing a contact person in our area, SW Michigan or Northern Indiana. 

Appreciated TTT’s article in this newsletter…would like to see more helps and how-to’s concerning how you go about finding balances in life in a relationship with our Lord and Savior, and music and Christian books, etc.  Some “next steps” in the healing process once a person realizes they’ve been deceived, and that the ‘truth” is a lie.  I think there’s a real need for “transition” information so people don’t get stuck in the past feeding on the negative.

Thank you for all your efforts and dedication to exposing the lie.


Jodi (Jennings) Carra 
Bloomingdale, MI