We’re Sick of…

Yes, We’re sick…

Yes, you’re right—we’re pretty sick. Could be we’re…

Sick of being required to be Pharisees and hypocrites

Sick of lies, deceit

Sick of abuse of worker power & authority

Sick of inadequate dealing of questions

Sick of joylessness

Sick of conformity being required

Sick of EXTREME legalism

Sick of misplaced emphasis on sacrifice and suffering

Sick from lack of spiritual food

Sick of doctrinal ambiguity

Sick of immorality in the group being swept under the rug

Sick of secrecy regarding money


Sick of SCORN for other Christians, Churches and Pastors

Sick over the lack of love, compassion and mercy in the 2×2 system

Sick over non-scriptural REQUIREMENTS

Sick over indifference to errors

Sick of mandatory obedience to MEN

Sick of commandments of men being called God’s commandments

Sick of unscriptural dress codes for women

Sick because the system provides no scriptural teaching on their level for children

Sick at the lack of unity—while boasting same

Sick over inconsistency

Sick over misplaced emphasis on WORKS

Sick because 2x2s don’t really know what God’s GRACE is all about

Sick over idolization of the 2×2 system and workers

Sick over incompetent counseling and advice

Sick over the denial of an organizational structure

Sick that this fellowship did not continue down from the apostles to our very own generation, as we were taught

Sick that this information was deliberately withheld from us

Sick that we were intentionally deceived and lured into this fellowship with half-truths, false representations, lies, and that the truth was covered up and hidden by the very ones we trusted the most—the workers!

Is is any wonder that we’re “sick”???