So What?

Experiences in Other Christian Churches

It’s been extremely interesting lately for us visiting different countries and different churches. Now that we’re free, all we have to do is look in the phone book for an address and just go!

So what if we get a wrong one sometimes!
So what if the usher hands you a paper that tells what the preacher is going to talk about for the next four Sundays!
So what if the music is a bit too loud!
So what if it’s a bit too slow or a bit too fast!

So what if they clap their hands when they sing!
So what if they use drums with the music!
So what if the background music continues during prayer and you know the musician must have her eyes open!

So what if someone decides to kneel during prayer while others are standing or sitting! (If you had your eyes shut, you wouldn’t have noticed).
So what if it’s too formal!
So what if the preacher wears a robe!
So what if the women don’t wear a bun!

So what if somebody has blue jeans on!
So what if they pass around the bag to get money for missions!
So what if somebody sees you put some money in it. (It’ll do your heart good to give a little).
So what if the building is too fancy!

So what if it’s too conservative!
So what if they don’t own one!
So what if they do!
So what if they pass around the emblems and tell everyone decide for themselves if they’re worthy to partake! (Nobody is worthy).

So what if the wine is in small individual personal cups instead of one big one!
So what if the preacher tells the way of salvation and then invites people to get saved the very first time they hear it!
So what if so many respond that there are not enough altar workers to help and you think: all these people can’t be sincere!
So what if they don’t even have a preacher because it’s a communist country and all they’re allowed to do in public is play a tape and the armed guards are standing there listening too!

So what if the preacher says the only way is through him!
Well then, we have a problem—but at least he’s honest.

So if we go with our eyes and ears open, it’s great experience.

By Tom Sanders