Workers’ Doctrine

What they believe, but do not publish

God created the world, but His re-Creation is more important. We don’t talk about creation because that is of the natural world.

The word Trinity is not in the Bible. It is a Catholic doctrine.

The Father is God.

Jesus is not God. He is a human being who became divine.

The Holy Spirit is not God. It is a power/force from God.

Scripture isn’t the Living Word until it is spoken by a worker.

Trust in Jesus and His blood isn’t enough for salvation. It takes more than that.

They have no written rules, but the Standard from heaven lives among us. If people aren’t willing for that standard, then they have no part with us.

The gospel is the New Testament ministry and the meeting in the home.

Grace is God’s help in time of need.

We do not worship Jesus. He refused to be worshipped.

Praise God and Hallelujah are empty words. True worship is obedience.

We don’t talk about sin, hell-fire and brimstone. We believe in a more positive message.

We don’t believe in original sin.

Sin isn’t as serious as false religion. Sin is from the flesh. False religion is from Satan.

Justification and sanctification mean being separate from this world.

Perseverance of the saints means being faithful in following the workers until death.

Forgiveness is for the past, not the present or the future. One can lose out at any time.

Workers must remain unmarried and go preach two by two, without a salary or a home.

God takes care of the workers’ needs.

God isn’t interested in our natural lives or needs. He only answers prayers for spiritual needs.

We view scripture from a spiritual standpoint, not in a natural sense.

The return of Jesus isn’t important to know about. We just need to be ready.

Christ’s blood doesn’t cover the sins of anyone except those in fellowship with the workers.

Salvation is through separation and self-denial. One must die to the world as Jesus did.

Fellowship meetings and communion must be held in worker-approved homes.

Baptism by immersion must be approved and conducted by God’s true servants.

Church buildings are not allowed, but convention buildings are permitted.

No collections or tithing are required.

We have no published doctrine or statement of faith. Our safety requires that our beliefs be kept secret.

Attendance of all meetings is required. Convention attendance is required.

We don’t believe in charitable activities to widows and orphans. We don’t want a loaves and fishes ministry.

Wedding ceremonies are not conducted by the workers because Jesus didn’t perform weddings.

Premarital counseling and marital counseling are unnecessary because the Holy Spirit perfects us.

We don’t believe in Sunday school for children.

Fellowship meetings and Bible studies are not open to the public.

Our only doctrine and book are the Bible. We don’t use books written by men!

God will punish anyone who disagrees with the workers or who leaves the Truth.

Weekly communion of bread and wine every Sunday morning.

Remarriage after divorce is an unforgivable sin.

We don’t believe in seminaries. Jesus and his disciples were ignorant and uneducated. God despises the wise and prudent.

If you want Christ, you must believe in the workers. The workers are the only source of the Spirit.

People will be attracted to God’s Only True Way by the beauty of His people.

No one can lead anyone to Christ except a worker.

Source: The Church Without a Name by Kathleen Lewis, 2004, pp. 53-54