Classes of Saints

1. Snubbed Saints. The ones who have re-professed several times. Those in divided homes, the very poor, the widows, the handicapped, diseased, obese, single mothers, divorcees, divorced and remarried, families with special problems. These are the overlooked, forgotten ones who rarely get invited to dinner, to sings, get togethers, etc.

2. So-So Saints. These are just the run of the mill, ordinary ones. They aren’t ostracized, but neither do they enjoy any privileges or attention. They notice they are left out but aren’t sure just what the reason may be. They are the main body of neglected people. They often have problems with their families leaving the church. They try hard but fail often, having little comprehension of what they believe.

3. The Two-faced Saints. The ones who claim to be or are viewed as perfect professing folks, but outside of meetings don’t follow the way (have TVs, celebrate all holidays, drink alcohol, go to movies, etc.).

4. The Middle (Working) Class, Faithful Saints. Theses may have a meeting or convention and can be depended on to get things done, but don’t really have the free cash to provide the things that the true superior ones do. Slightly elevated but no real influence.

5. Celebrity or Noble Saints. These are the ones who by virtue of professing in only three meetings gain reputation. Or they may be some personable, wealthy or religious person. These usually have money or status which lend credibility to the church. They also include the older fourth or fifth generation members who have worker relatives. Newly professing people are in this category for about 1-2 years. Then, they too, join the So-So Saints.

6. Superior Saints (Royalty) ~ Two Tiers, Upper & Second Best.
Some have meeting or convention on their property or own rest homes for retired workers, such as Red Bud Canyon in Guthrie Oklahoma and Pecan Grove in Conroe, Texas. They often have worker relatives or children who are workers. Their homes are approved for all gatherings. They are privy to/aware of many situations that other people never know about. They bear the brunt of most responsibility and enjoy the most privileges. These people are usually better able to verbalize the church beliefs than others.

The UPPER class of superior saints are almost always wealthy. They provide the dedicated automobiles, smart phones, laptops, gym memberships, credit cards and nice guest houses for special workers. Often this class has cliques. The workers who are more willing to sweep stuff under the rug for this class. This class may have influence and control over some workers.

NOTE: A change in status may occur when people move from one location to another or marry someone above/below their class.

Revised 9/1/23