John Mitchell’s Startling Discovery

The Alberta Certificate of Incorporation documents
October 25, 1996

I was the one who originally obtained the documents from Provincial Government of Alberta’s Corporate Registry.

Upon reading Willis’s reply to a bequest in an estate, I saw The Name “Alberta Society of Christian Assemblies.” I know that to be a registered “society” in the Province of Alberta, there must be copies of by-laws, etc. lodged with the Government and be recognized by the Crown. That means paperwork. It is very near the same form I must file every year for our own limited company.

You may all order your own copies from the Alberta Corporate Registry by calling 1-403-427-2311, and asking an examiner for a copy of all documents relating to the non-profit religious society known as: “The Alberta Society of Christian Assemblies.” It will cost about $15 Canadian funds, plus postage. They take credit cards.

Also, if you were in Edmonton, it is likely you could go examine the original documents at Alberta Corporate Registries, John E. Brownlee Building, 10365-97 Street, Edmonton, Alberta.

I do not know of any of the 2x2s in Alberta who have any idea about this. Even the 2x2s who know about the worker pensions here are not likely to know about this. As far as we know the things stated in this document are not done at convention or elsewhere. They were not done this way up until 1995, and I am fairly sure that they were not done that way in the summer of 1995…

My wife Shawna and I quit going to meetings at the end of February in 1995…In July of 1995, Eldon Kendrew and Kevin Cowan came to visit us, to talk about our withdrawal from meetings. In that visit, Eldon confirmed that a trust fund does exist. You will note he is one of the signees to the application to incorporate.

Today I mailed copies of this document to Cherie Kropp and some other folks still in the 2x2s…they were very interested in seeing these papers. Some workers are going to get grilled…for sure.

Under the Mercy,

John Mitchell
October 25, 1996

Account of the Discovery of the Incorporation of the 2×2 Church in Alberta, Canada

Alberta Purging Account and Excommunications