And You’re Surprised??!!

So, my sweet little lady has never been around anyone from the 2x2s except me and she was never around it. A week ago, thinking she was asleep, I was quietly talking on the phone with my brother about a few of the workers that had been busted.

Later when she and I were visiting, she suddenly said, “Honey the people you guys were visiting about the other night—the pedophile/rapist/molesting preachers—was that in your old church?”

I shook my head slowly and said, “Yeah…yes, love, it sure was.”

She said, “My, that’s odd to me. Knowing you and your family, I cannot fathom that. I mean, your parents obviously have had sex with each other multiple time. What’s the preacher’s problem?”

I laughed and explained that the preachers do not marry and are supposed to refrain from carnal desires. The look I got from her I don’t think I’ve ever before seen on her face!

She summarized, “So you’re sitting here telling me, with a straight face and open heart, that these people are to give up home, car, job, possessions, animals, guns, fishing pole, their way of making life work tools and spend the rest of their lives wandering around, sleeping in houses with every kind of person on the planet, never have sex, never getting kissed, preaching about love, accidently seeing people running through the house half naked, watching men kiss their wives, teaching people that this is good, and they’re supposed to die alone—still without a kiss?

“And that your family was shocked to learn that there’s people getting raped and touched and relationships being hidden behind sinful doors and all this crap you were talking about on the phone with your brother! How are these people this way? How did you think this was NOT going to happen? How stupid!!!”

I giggled a little bit and sobered up. I never really thought about it that way!  My, oh my! I couldn’t think of anything much to say to that, except, “Well yeah…I’ve seen a few dumb things, but that sure does seem like one when you say it like that—you big bully!”

Colton Krisher
April 2023