Johnson, Jerilyn – CSA

No More Secrets

I’m not the kind that can easily put my thoughts into the written word, so please bear with me.

My hope in putting my account into words on paper and posting it, that it will aid in my healing process and maybe encourage another to start theirs.

April 6th, I had some interactions with my Auntie Vonnie, who was having a hard time processing all the abuse/coverups going on in “the truth” and sent me some links and pages to check out. I was horrified to learn ALL of what’s been shared. Abuse of the Workers WITHIN!?! Call me naïve, but I NEVER…Cover-ups WORLDWIDE? No way…Financial? No way, the workers are all homeless, so how could there be millions out there somewhere?

April 29th the announcement about Richard Schober was posted. The box that I had locked so tight for so long was BLASTED open! So now what do I do??! Where do I turn? I did call the hotline and spoke with Cynthia who is a sweetheart.

I started texting my mother for some unresolved answers, she just threw my deceased Dad under the bus. Took no responsibility for anything.

I was about 9ish (1971) Aunt Vonnie got married to Richard Schober (ex-worker). I couldn’t go, I was home with the mumps. I don’t remember meeting him before the marriage. I remember going to my aunt’s house; there were orange mushrooms in the kitchen. Richard would read to us kids, so we’d all gather on his lap in this big chair, some sitting on the arms and such. I guess I was the one “chosen” to be close enough for some touchy-feely things to go on. Siblings and cousins right there, parents, aunts, and grandparents right there in the same room!!! I felt shameful—I didn’t know what to do. I knew this wasn’t something that I could take to my mother; we didn’t have that type of relationship.

When my cousin was born, he was a colicky baby and I “needed” to help my Auntie Vonnie, so I stayed overnight and was woken up to Richard in the room, next to the bed!  Playing touchy feely yet again.

I kept it inside for quite a while (I can’t exactly remember) until my best girlfriend and I were picking strawberries at my house. I said, “I have something to tell you but you can’t tell ANYONE.” As soon as I was finished, she jumped up and went running towards the house and told my mother. I remember trying to hide in the strawberry patch. Pretty soon Dad was home in the middle of the day. They asked if this was true. All I knew about the rest is that my Dad (a gentle giant) had a talk with Richard. No more questions, no more conversations, no more…

My Aunt and “uncle” moved to Washington. I didn’t understand why she stayed with him. Wasn’t her husband playing with me a good enough reason? I didn’t really understand what had happened, I just knew that it wasn’t right, and she needed to protect her baby. Why wasn’t I good enough?? After being married to a verbally abusive alcoholic with 3 little kids and having to make up my mind to leave, I DO understand now…it’s not as easy as a 10ish-year-old might think.

When I was 14ish, my parents, brother, sister and I rode the train from St. Cloud, Minnesota to Spokane, Washington, (what an awesome way to travel) for a visit to meet the new baby, another cousin. We were all around the table playing games and Richard happened to be across the table from me and played footsie with me. I’m not sure how that came out, I don’t remember, but my mother made me feel like I was the one ASKING for whatever attention Richard was giving. I don’t remember the conversation; I just remember the feelings of shame and betrayal for my mother not even wanting to talk about things—the way she saw things was the way it was!  And only one conversation.

When the announcement by Advocates for the Truth came out, I learned more than I’ve ever known about my abuser. “In the work for a few years in the late 60s. Caught abusing kids at convention and removed from the work, though he was not held legally accountable. Overseers at the time did not pursue legal charges or do anything to prevent reoffense.”


He became engaged to a sweet young girl—and no one went to her to let her in on this news. WHY???

In chatting with my sister (5 years younger), I discovered that he also diddled with her. She’d never shared this prior. She also called and talked with the Private Investigator of Advocates for the Truth, Cynthia.

I texted my mother today, “Who besides Auntie Vonnie did you talk to about the Richard situation 50 years ago?” No response. REALLY?!? I don’t believe that for one minute!  Where in the hell is this little girl’s mommy?! Where was the little girl’s protector? Couldn’t be her Dad—he was bullied too.

As a child and later on when I had my own 3 children, I could never understand how you could not love your children unconditionally. Now as a mother and a grandmother, I REALLY don’t get it. I’ll be the first to tell that I’m like a momma bear—you hurt my kids, and we’re going to war!!

Even in the last month when I told my mother that my little girl was hurting, I did not get any kind of response. I asked her why it wasn’t talked about. No response. I mean come on!! If NOTHING ELSE, maybe we can educate the younger kids and hopefully keep them safe???

I have to tell you that although her sister gave birth to me, my Auntie Vonnie is my MOM. Love for my birth mother left a long time ago. Any remaining respect I had for her has disappeared over the last few weeks. My mother is a narcissist living the professing life.

“In the early 1980s, authorities suspected that he had 100-200 victims.” THIS COULD’VE BEEN STOPPED IN THE 1960s, PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! According to the timeline: 4/24/2023 – Richard Shober, an ex-worker and professing man in Alaska, has been removed from attending meetings and convention. He was convicted and served time in WA state in the 1980s for CSA. At the time, Washington state estimated he was the most prolific pedophile in the state.

As this was in the 80’s, he is NOT a registered Sex Offender! Horrific!!  I understand different days and times and all that, but this is unacceptable! This is only ONE Perp!

Richard altered my life. My mother wrecked it all in the name of “What does it look like?”

My heart is absolutely crushed for all the children throughout the decades because the TRUTH needed to be shuffled under the rug!


By Jerilyn Johnson
May 6, 2023


This accompanied a birthday card sent to me by my birth mother
August 3, 2023

My Dear Dear Daughter~

I have received much care & concern since your letter went out. Being falsely accused & betrayed by one who did all things our of love.  To protect you & all concerned.  I did the best I knew how to do at the time.  I’m sorry for whatever I purposely did. God only knows the depth & dispare I went through & He will judge me.  I pray everyday for your soul—this also is because I love & care for you.  MOM