C and E ~ Exit Letter

Dear —-,

I’m writing to let you know we are taking a break from coming to meeting. This is a very difficult decision. It’s difficult because we love our meeting and value each person. We value our friendship and fellowship with each one. This decision has absolutely nothing to do with anyone in our meeting. No one is lacking in any way or has been less than supportive to us.

We are unable to move past the way some of the workers are treating divorced and remarried folks. We are at an impasse. The workers are clear on their stance, and we can’t be a part of this system. We feel as though our continued participation would be passive condoning. There is much more that could be said on the matter, but we won’t burden you with that.

We want to be clear and honest about this decision with all due respect to each that we meet with. We are not ending our relationship with God. We also are not ending our friendships with you.

With much affection, your brother and sister in Christ,

C and E