Mohan, Hema and P.

To all overseers, workers, and friends,

We have loved the ministry. Even revered it. It has been an unshakeable part of our testimony. We have been part of this fellowship for over 50 years. We have raised 3 children in India, who now live here in the US, with 8 (and growing) grandchildren. Until this year we couldn’t have imagined any other desire than seeing them all attending meetings. We have opened up our home and our hearts to workers in India, the US, and all over the world.

We are, however, deeply disappointed with our ministry and church, both in India and the US. It started with the handling of Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Abuse. We are appalled at senior leaders not addressing these issues appropriately worldwide. What is more shocking though is the ministry’s behavior of continuous denial, cover-up, and apathy towards victims. We find their lack of integrity very distasteful, dishonest, and unchristian. This stance is not only very arrogant, but utterly contemptuous of the entire congregation that they are supposed to shepherd. The assumption that the people will bear abuse and humiliation just to have a place in this fellowship is indicative of their deep contempt.

We have experienced this firsthand in India in recent months when numerous credible allegations have been systematically silenced, overlooked, and discredited. We see this here in the US too from all that has and continues to come out.

To the ministry:

~The call is divine, but you are not divine. The message is from God, but you are not God. You are men and women with human weaknesses, and you need to acknowledge it.

~Jesus came to do away with the Levitical priesthood and its place. God ordained the sacrifice of His Son, did away with the continuous sacrifice of the sinner, and established His Son as the only mediator. By positioning the ministry between God and Church, you have brought back that order. You decide who should be heard, who should approach the altar, who is worthy of fellowship and who is against the Way simply because they brought your faults to light. God never intended for this to be the role of the ministry.

~Christ, though innocent, took on the cross willingly to fit into His Father’s plan. Your reluctance and refusal to face rightful accountability, let alone pay any price, defies that Christlike spirit.

And so, we are saddened but resolved. We cannot believe in or follow this ministry anymore (“…to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin”). Following the ministry anymore threatens our own salvation. We must follow Jesus.

We have not lost our faith in Jesus. We have lost our faith in this ministry that is no longer connected to Him. As such, we no longer wish to be associated with this ministry and will not be attending any meetings anymore. We continue to be followers of Jesus, practice our Christian faith, and seek fellowship with likeminded believers.

Hema Mohan and P. Mohan
The Villages, Florida
October 30th, 2023