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This Pro-Christian website is a collection of over 400 documents written by former followers (called Ex-2x2s) of a worldwide, non-denominational Christian church/fellowship which claims it takes no name. Common nicknames are: The Truth, The Meetings, The Way, Friends and Workers Fellowship, Two by Twos (Wikipedia), 2x2s, Cooneyites, The Fold and many others. Their privately published hymnal is Hymns Old and New. For further details, see Fact Sheet for the Church without a Name.

The Ex-2x2s are not an organized group with a leader and a unified purpose or agenda. They do not share core beliefs. The common bond is their earlier association with and exit from the Two by Two Church. Those curious as to why many have and continue to leave will find this website informative.

a time to keep silence, and a time to speak
(Ecclesiastes 3:7)

Here, Ex-2x2s candidly disclose their experiences, reflections and perspectives. Sharing their pain, suffering, disappointments and injustices, they reveal why they left the 2×2 Church in stories, letters and poetry. Telling what they would like others to know, and what they wish they had known, has been therapeutic for many.

Revealing their personal struggles in the process of leaving the 2×2 Church behind and moving out into the outside world, the Ex-2x2s provide valuable insight, support, understanding and encouragement for many others.

Validation through reading the experiences expressed by someone who has “been there” has brought peace to many. The relief in discovering they were not alone, not the only one with doubts, were not crazy, and that others have made it through similar experiences has helped many find the answers they were seeking and alleviate guilt, shame or fear. Most Ex-2x2s would agree that only someone who has gone through the process of leaving the 2×2 Church, can fully understand—outsiders cannot.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
(John 8:32)

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