Kamp, Corrine & Fred

WOW !! This is awkward, but I feel this letter must be written. Having made the decision not to attend the fellowship meetings at this time I want to as­sure you it’s not because of any offense from any of you or with any bitterness toward any of you. This decision is not a matter of taking the way of least resistance or a matter of taking my own way or turning away from God.

I could write many pages of information that has convinced us that we simply can not support many of the teachings and unspoken doctrine that exists in the fellowship. The history of the fellowship, and it’s founding by William Irvine less then 100 years ago, is shocking.

Again, we do not have hard feelings toward any of you. We both hope we can continue to be friends, even if we choose to worship differently.


Corrine & Fred Kamp
March 31, 1991
To: Dear T. C. and other Fellowship friends,

NOTE: These are the parents of Connie (Kamp) Jacobsen