Knott, Carla (Potter)

Dearest Friends,

I have never liked the idea of a typewritten letter sent out to several people at one time, because I felt the personal tone was not there. However, I chose to do so as there are several of my friends and those who have known and loved me that I wished to have a copy of this letter.

First of all, I want to say how deeply grateful I am that you all have proved your love to me over the past few years. They have not been easy years for me and you know what I have struggled with for so long. I value you so much and only hope our friendship will continue. Your prayers and thoughtfulness toward me have truly been a blessing to me. Thank you.

I just want to let you know I no longer choose to be a part of the “truth.” I know this will stir up a lot of feelings in you, but please let me say it is not because I have been offended out of this church, that I have come to this decision. This did not happen overnight. I know God’s purpose over these last trying years have brought me to this point, and I truly rejoice in the freedom I feel and have come to know since I have learned the true meaning of what grace and mercy really are.

From all that has happened in my life these past three years, I have come to see that God is far greater than I ever imagined. I realized I was trying to limit Him in how, where, when and who He moved through and to. I have come to realize clearly I cannot do this, nor should I ever believe I could ever do so. His ways are mysterious and He works in ways we wouldn’t always agree with. God’s Grace is not based on man’s ideas of fairness. The Holy Spirit has placed people in my life that have truly shown me His Spirit lives richly and fully in them, using their talents to help me and others.

It has been a truly difficult but exciting time for me in the discoveries of the riches of His Grace and Mercy. I know many of you probably will not agree with me, and I understand that. I only hope you will study for yourselves and discover what it means to us to be loved in such an unconditional way. He lived and died for us in our unlovable and undesirable state. What joy that gives our hearts when we realize we can openly glorify and praise His name for all He has done for us.

I have been attending a Bible church for the past several months and have truly been amazed at the wealth of the lessons of Grace and Mercy preached and practiced in this church. No church is perfect, but there is a lot to be said for those who can pray together openly for each other, sing with true songs of “PRAISE” to His Holy Name, and truly love one another through their experiences. Giving thanks is a separate function and praise and thanks together truly show Him how we long to glorify Him in our daily lives for all He has brought us through. There is much about what I have found in this church. I would like to share with you, only if you wish me to do so. I only know in my heart this is where I need to be. I became a member 1 week ago.

I do not expect a reply to this letter unless you choose to reply. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. However, I have faced many angry confrontations and ask you, as a friend, please don’t expect me to enter into that anger with you. I know you believe in Jesus, in His life, burial and resurrection, and in my mind that makes us brothers and sisters together with others that believe and that have Him a part of their lives. I will be happy to give you scriptures to back up my decisions. I only hope you will continue to love me as I love and respect each of you. Thank you for what you have meant in my life thus far.

With Love in Him,

Carla (Potter) Knott
Texas USA
July 29, 1991