What Some 2x2s Say about Outside Christians, Pastors, Churches

These are some things I was taught about some Christians, pastors and churches outside the 2×2 church that I later found were NOT TRUE AT ALL:

1. They really don’t love God, they just want to look good, so they go to church.

2. They think the church building is sacred and is God’s dwelling place, when we know that He dwells in a temple not made with hands.

3. They usually only go to church on Sundays…that is if they are considered a “good Christian”. Otherwise they just go on Easter and Christmas.

4. They are not like a family at all.

5. They cannot go to other parts of the world and fellowship with others like a family.

6. They cannot go to other parts of the world and have a place to stay with others in their faith.

7. They have found an easy way to “serve God”, because they can do whatever they want and still call themselves “Christians”.

8. They are worldly in their appearance, so they can’t be godly.

9. They can’t really know the Lord, because if they did, they would be doing things like the rest of us who DO know Him.

10. They are shallow in their faith, and have very little knowledge of the Bible.

11. Their good deeds are only done so that others will see how “good” they are.

12. They don’t really love each other.

13. The pastors and ministers only do what they do because of the paycheck.

14. They would never make the kind of sacrifices the workers make for the gospel.

15. Their churches are social clubs.

16. The pastors preach only those things that will “tickle their ears”.

17. They say “Praise the Lord” because there is nothing in their hearts, but they want you to think there is something there.

There’s more…but enough already…..these things are simply NOT TRUE. This was a BIG SURPRISE to me, and it caused me to look a little deeper into things.  Why was I told such things?

I think it would be fair to say that in all groups there may be some who would be guilty of some of these accusations, but to include every Christian who is not a part of the Friends and Workers Fellowship is not even logical.

By Linda (McCrae) Tame