Rejoicing by Sheila Martin

“Hath not God chosen the poor of this world, rich in faith, and heirs of the kingdom which He bath promised them that love Him?” (James 2:5)

Today, I can truly praise my God, that He has helped me so far through the most bitter experience of my life, and given me a new outlook on life, and on eternity. Truth lived, will always cost us dearly, but I noticed how many times Jesus said “Rejoice!” There is a promise for all who will stand for Truth. God wants us to have His joy. Pain is inevitable, but misery is optional.

I have found such unspeakable joy in serving God now. I want to give Him back the life He gave me because I love my Master. I spend more time in His Presence than I ever did before. He has drawn my affections heaven-ward, because He has given me His love, helping me each day. I am experiencing a wonderful relationship I have always longed for, but could never seem to reach. Hannah said ‘My heart rejoiceth in the lord,…my mouth is enlarged over my enemies, because I rejoice in Thy salvation.”(I Sam 2:1)When sorrow cuts deep into the heart, there will be a greater capacity for joy. We can come to the Good Shepherd for healing, and let Him fill us with His peace, love, and forgiveness. Who understands, being hated, being rejected, being lonely, being misunderstood, being forsaken by those you love, being cursed, more than Jesus himself? But Jesus rose triumphantly over all, and that is our hope: to rise triumphantly out of the depths of misery and live victoriously in Christ. Scars under grace are precious.

We now have an endless Hope, not a hopeless end. I like the ad for the missing dog. “LOST: Dog with 3 legs, blind in left eye, missing right ear, tail broken, etc…answers to the name ‘Lucky.'” Today, we have, wounds and scars of being falsely accused, betrayed by those we love, abused, cursed, and rejected as the scum of the earth, but rejoice because we are Loved of God, and we’re very fortunate souls. He wouldn’t have died for me if He didn’t think me worth it. If God is for us, who can be against us. Rejoice! in so great a deliverance; Let us not allow any root of bitterness to take root in our lives, because it will consume us, and rob us of the wonderful joy in Christ our Saviour.

My prayer each day is for WORKERS and FRIENDS alike, that God would open their eyes to see, believe and obey His Word, and not the doctrines handed down by man. Salvation is a serious thing. We need to examine, search the Scriptures and obey God, rather than men. Eternity is forever. We haven’t been
drawn back to perdition — we believe to the saving of the soul. We have taken the fall, so important to salvation. It hurts when you fall; people trample all over you when you are under their feet. You look helpless, but Jesus was the sign that Simeon pointed out. “…This child is set for the fall and rising again of many in Israel… “(Luke2:34)

We are waiting for “the rising again.” The time of Christ’s coming is drawing closer. Daniel says many of understanding will fall so that they can be tried purged, and made white even to the time of the end.

David said, “let me fall into the hands of God, for great are His mercies.” Not so if you fall into the hand of cruel heartless men.

Jesus said, if you fall on this rock you’ll be broken, but on whomsoever this rock falls, He will crush him to powder. The righteous man falls seven times, but God is His helper. The wicked will fall, never to rise again until the judgment of God.

The Two-by-Two “WAY” is a cruel sect that drains the joy out of its believers, and lies in telling them it is for Jesus’ sake. I have witnessed from childhood, WORKERS struggling to give God what He never required. Isaiah 1:12 says, “…who hath required all these things from you to tread my courts?” I have witnessed broken-hearted, nerve-wracked emotions, in or leaving the WORK, because they have believed a lie, coming straight from the father of lies.

Paul said one of the heresies (false teachings) in the last days is “‘forbidding to marry.” We know Peter was a married man, yet Jesus chose him for the work of the Gospel. Paul said that they want to bring you under their laws so that they can glory in your flesh. Their standard of righteousness? Whenever I asked the reason the Two-by-Twos forbid to marry, I was told “Jesus never married. As my Father sent me, so send I you.” Jesus was saying it is with the same authority that I send you.

The Father sent Jesus to shed His blood to redeem us to Himself. Can any man be worthy of that? Because of the Big Lie, every other lie has slipped through easily.

Jesus is God, Eternal Father, God with us (Immanuel). Now, how could the pure and spotless (God he Son) who manifested God in all perfection be physically married to an earthly being? It was an abomination to God that fallen angels married earthly beings (Genesis 6). Even the spiritual marriage of the bride and Lamb can only take place after the bride has been changed, to be like Him. The bride is a new creature in Christ (neither male nor female) not of this earth. Oh! Open your hearts to receive His Truth, not Satan’s deception.

We cannot follow the example of Christ to have His righteousness. The Jews sought it by the law. Righteousness must be imputed to us. The term imputed means “credited to our account.” Abraham believed God, that’s all, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness (Romans 4:3.) Can we afford to stand before God not justified, because we lacked the faith to believe who Jesus said He was? The thief on the cross was as righteous and as justified as Abraham, by faith. After that, the works will follow. We are saved by grace through faith, not works. Works are the result of faith’ Salvation is a free gift. We must accept the sacrifice o Jesus. Start paying, and it is no longer free. Why did Jesus die to pay for salvation for us? Our best couldn’t pay the price for it. Our works come as a result of Him who loved us. Salvation didn’t come free; Jesus paid the price for it. Now that the price is paid, accept it gratefully, humbly, and sincerely, and give Him your heart, love, and affection — not as a payment, but as love and devotion for all He has done for us.

My prayer: “Dear Lord, please release Satan’s prisoners so that they can experience the joy of Thy salvation. In Jesus’ name, I ask this. It was for freedom that Christ died for us. Let us not be entangled again by a yoke bondage, as those bewitched Galatians who believe what Jesus started, Moses could finish. Cramped, somber, joyless souls are the result of Satan’s power bewitch. He is a liar and a murderer from the beginning. Lord, free them to sing praises to your name.”

David never once sang praises to the priests or prophets. He sang praises to our God, who is worthy of all praise and adoration, remembering that He is a jealous God, and will not give His glory to another.

God will smell a sweet savour from the prayers of those who have been set free. But please pray night and day for those who still are in bondage, and have not tasted the glorious liberty in Christ. May He have compassion on every honest soul. God is our Father; let all ask for His guidance in the coming days. Let us always confess Him with our lips, no matter what the cost. We have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty.

Let us not do any publishing without our name on it, and declare to all that we are honest, upright, and open before a living God whom we greatly (fear) reverence. We are not ashamed of standing with Him, and declaring plainly that we seek a city with foundations whose builder and maker is God. The sands of William Irvine’s foundation are shifting. Jesus is calling. Get on the rock, the storm is coming. We can’t change the weather, but we can get onto the rock foundation. It is hard digging through all the dirt of our lives, but it is worth all to find and build on the rock, Jesus Christ, who is sure for all eternity. And above all, let us grow in love and kindness, forgiving one another, as Christ has loved and forgiven us.

Sheila Martin
Ontario, Canada

NOTE: Sheila’s funeral was held May 18, 2005. She died from lung cancer.
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