Martin, Sheila (De Jager)

Dear ___, Firstly, we love you and so we have to tell you the truth for we have denounced the things of dishonesty, having based our hope now in Jesus who is the “TRUTH” and not in a system of lies.

You have said that some of the things in the books were true, such as? Have they been dealt with? What did you find to be lies? Your dear sister whom you thought was snatched by the enemy and dragged down to the bowels of hell, was not enough reason for you to immediately go and find her. You had time to wait and wait and wait, because her soul was not very important, such as gospel meetings, special meetings, conventions and preps.

Yet, that’s how the gospel you preached appeared to be, urgent, and full of love and concern. Were you making a proselyte or a disciple of Jesus? If you were bringing anyone to Jesus, do you care above anything else about His little ones?”

The matter of “TRUTH” cannot be discussed with you, if you have transferred this title to a group of people instead of Christ who is the way, the truth and the life. We would be referring to two different concepts here and therefore could never come to an agreement.

I challenge you to tell me how you consider the words of the prophets? I would think that if you lived in their day, you could say the same things about them. They are just a lying bunch of troublemakers. They want to disturb the peace. They think that they know it all. They are trying to turn the hearts of the people to lies. Some of the things they say are true but God will never forsake His only loved people….His only ones on this earth….the chosen above all others. Ah, maybe you should look back and learn from their experiences.

Why do you say that they want to destroy the truth….Can truth be destroyed? Yours can and will because Jesus is going to destroy the lie at the brightness of His coming, but mine?

Why?….He is JESUS, He is the Rock of my salvation. He is the Everlasting God. He is power and the glory, forever and ever. If you choose to keep the lights off and sleep on, that is your choice but as for me, when God turned the lights on, I awoke, jumped up, and searched for my Beloved until I found Him. He is coming and I am anxiously waiting for the Bridegroom of my soul.

Christ is the “ONLY” mediator between God and man. William Irvine is no substitute for Him nor will anyone else be but the man “JESUS CHRIST.” To take this place, you have to be standing in the place of the true God and that is nothing less than the spirit of the Antichrist. If the Bible is your guide, you have no scripture to support your assumptions. I notice the same pattern here. William Irvine standing in the place of Jesus and the 2×2 way standing in His place. Same lie…different flavor.

Thank you for reading. Love and prayers are constantly going up for you all,

With love for you and the truth,

Sheila Martin
December 28, 1997

NOTE: Sheila’s husband and daughters, one who had been in the work in Ontario/Haiti left meetings.
Sheila’s funeral was held May 18, 2005. She died from lung cancer.