Letter to a Worker Who Knows Me Very Well

Introduction: I wrote a letter to a worker who knows me very well, asking some very direct questions to which I expected very direct and honest answers. I publish the questions along with his answers here to illustrate what “artful dodgers” most 2×2 workers can be. Every question was evaded. It is very disappointing, but only reinforces what I already believe about the 2x2s. Are the workers able to answer questions with a clear YES or NO answer about their history? I doubt it. This worker certainly was not able to. I challenge any 2×2 worker who reads this to answer my questions directly, without evasion.

Here is the letter I wrote, with any personal references deleted. I still have respect for the workers as people, but I have nothing but disgust for their evasion, lies, and exclusivity. I have incorporated the worker’s answers to appear directly after my questions. Anywhere there was personal, identifying information concerning the worker, I have used the [DEL] notation.

I know that it will surprise you to receive a letter from me after this long time. Since you are the first worker with whom I came in contact, it is to you that I need to address several important questions. About six years ago, as you know, I stopped professing. There are many reasons for this, with which I will not trouble you in this letter.

During the last six years, I have done a lot of thinking, praying and studying about the church that you and others call “truth”. During the time when I was professing, I heard the name of George Walker a lot, as the worker who brought “truth” to America. It often troubled my mind that, if God’s Truth had been on the earth since the time of Jesus, it was odd that it was not known in America until early in the 20th century. Having no way to pursue this line of questioning, I simply accepted the George Walker account as factual.

I have had cause to once again question the origins of this way called “truth”. I have heard some say that there is a founder by the name of William Irvine, who broke away from another Christian group late in the 19th century and began this new church in Ireland. There seem to be several workers in various areas of the world who openly acknowledge William Irvine as the founder of this church called “truth”, while in most areas of the world this is not openly discussed.

I would like for you, out of respect for my sincerity to know the truth, to answer these questions as openly, honestly, and completely as you are able. You will perceive clearly that I believe that this church called “truth” has existed for no more than 130 years or so. I sincerely hope that you will answer these questions exactly and directly.

Question 1 – Is there an “unbroken chain” of workers continuing from the time of Jesus? By this I mean a continuous traceable path of worker-to-friend and worker-to-worker passing of knowledge, understanding, wisdom, methods, authority, meeting structure, etc. since the time that Jesus was on the earth.

[worker’s answer] – Is there an unbroken chain of workers since Jesus? Perhaps not, at least not in the limelight. There were only 8 people professing when God asked Noah to build the ark. Can you imagine how people would react!! No doubt most felt Noah had “lost his marbles”! [DEL] In Noah’s day for perhaps 100 years they had the Gospel preached to them – most would say Noah and his sons are crazy but when the rains came they would long for salvation. It is estimated that it took 100 years to build the ark.

***”Perhaps not” = a “NO” answer. “Not in the limelight?” What does this mean? That there is a hidden record? What’s the connection in these two items? What does 8 people in Noah’s day have to do with a chain of workers? There are 2 records of “unbroken chains” of Noah’s ancestors on record up until Jesus (Matthew & Luke). But no records from Jesus til now???

Question 2 – If there have been breaks in the continuous line of workers, times when there were no workers on the earth, were the people living at those times completely out of reach of salvation, since “salvation cometh by hearing of the Word”?

[worker’s answer] – Luke 12:47-48 teaches us that those who do not know – have never had a chance to hear, less will be expected, but He went on to say “from now on five in one home will be divided.” [DEL] The real enemies of God’s way are with a form of religion.

Question 3 – If you pick a time in history, such as the year 1580, did the church that you and I know as “truth” exist in the exact same form as it does today?

[worker’s answer] – About your question of 1580 and now – dress and food and homes and transportation have changed but I believe and am sure the Spirit would be the same.

***The CHURCH is NOT dress, food and homes and transportation. Also, the words “Spirit” and “Church” are not interchangeable. This is a Yes or No question, and he didn’t answer the question. If it’s the spirit that is the same—then the presently used format of workers and meetings is not a requirement; the dress code; requirements, etc. are not essential.

Question 4 – If there has been a continuous unbroken chain of workers since the time of Jesus, why is there no history discussed beyond about 110 years ago? If the chain has been unbroken, why are there no workers’ names discussed from 200 years ago, or 400 years ago, etc.?

[worker’s answer] – No one living now knew any of the workers 100 years ago, much less 200, but we still talk about the early apostles because there is so much left on record about them and the record is true. God has preserved it in the scriptures. We are not here to glorify certain workers but to encourage all to seek for fellowship with our elder brother Jesus.

***Since friends discuss their spiritual ancestors, various accounts are handed down by word of mouth. Many WRITTEN accounts exist in various families, tracing back when the gospel came to their family. (Several are found on TTT under Pioneering Stories) But no professing family can trace back to a worker in the work before 1900.

A chain of record does not necessarily “glorify” certain workers. A chain is history. Facts. And they DO glorify various workers, especially those deceased; i.e. Willie Jamieson, Geo Walker, Jack Carroll, etc. There are Accounts written by men who WERE there in the beginning and who personally knew the first workers. John Long participated in the first mission with Wm Irvine and wrote a Journal of the Early Days. G. Pattison also wrote an Account of the Early Days. He was there, and had a son who was a worker and who pioneered Bolivia. Both accounts are online on TTT. There is no excuse NOT to know about the workers 100 years ago. It’s public record.

Question 5 – If the earliest preachers of the gospel were called apostles, why are there no workers called apostles today?

[worker’s answer] – We are still called Apostles but they were also called laborers and workers together with Christ and people seem to understand that phrase better. [Want to have some fun? Start calling your local workers “apostle Sam” or “apostle Carol” or “apostle Harold” or “apostle Mary” !!!]

Question 6 – The church that you and I know as “truth” is often called “the way” or “God’s way”. Considering this church as a body of believers that do things a certain way, is joining this church or “professing” the only way that a human being can be saved? If you answer YES, then to me that means that all other Christians cannot be saved. If you answer NO, then to me that means that there are other Christian churches which can also lead people to salvation, even if they never hear of this church that you and I call “truth”.

[worker’s answer] – I believe we are more than just a body who do things a certain way. We seek to renounce the things Jesus renounced such as salaries, church buildings, collections for the ministry, etc. etc. You know many of them but there is wonderful comfort in Acts 10. The story of Cornelius an Italian. Like me when I was Lutheran I never felt “saved.” Chap 10:46 encouraged me. The Jews considered any other language but their own a foreign language and they thought one could only speak to God in the Jewish language but likely the language these people used was the Italian language. Acts 11:14 shows this man wasn’t saved but the promise was that Peter would speak the Gospel whereby they could be saved and they were.

***Very much a NON-answer; an evasion. This is a yes or no question.

Question 7 – Can sincere, honest-in-heart Catholics, Baptists, Mormons, Presbyterians, or members of any Christian church other than your own be saved, even if they never come in contact with your church or its workers?

[The worker did not answer this question directly, but may have intended the answer for question 2 to suffice]
[Worker’s answers to opening paragraphs concerning George Walker and William Irvine] You spoke of doing a lot of praying, thinking and studying, but perhaps what you have been studying is what the denominations publish about us. We are hated by many who make their living and feather their nests by preaching an easier way – a broader way to heaven. Luke 13:23-35.

[worker’s answer] I have never heard a worker claim that William Irvine nor George Walker were founders of this church. That would be as preposterous as Paul or Peter saying they started the New Testament Church. We know who started the Catholic Church and the Lutheran Church and the Church of England but Ephesians 2:12-16 vs 20 Jesus the chief cornerstone. When they built in those days, history tells us they had 2 identical stones. Everything was lined up with the chief cornerstone, and if each stone was properly placed, the second stone (the head of the corner) would fit perfectly. In another place, He said I am Alpha and Omega (the A and Z of their alphabet).

***William Irvine himself CLAIMED he started The Testimony or Go-Preacher movement, and that it was stolen from him. Various workers testified that he was the founder in court. The Irish newspapers recorded the group’s progress. John Long recorded all the details in his journal; G. Pattison wrote about it in an account for his worker son; The Impartial Reporter of Enniskillen reported about it; the Faith Mission announced it; and all are very accessible—they are published online.

Submitted respectfully,