Cycles in Leaving Meetings

Adapted by Lynne Behrend (Myra Corcoran), May 2017

I think the cycles one goes through in leaving the Meetings are similar to the cycles of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Guilt, Obsession and finally Acceptance.

Denial -This was the stage when if anyone gave me anything other than the bible, I was afraid it was contagious. Once someone gave me the book “The Secret Sect” and I was horrified that the meetings could be off-base.

Anger – This was the stage I felt like, How dare they lie to me all these years? How stupid could I have been to believe it and fall for it and not even know it?

Bargaining – This was the stage that I sat on the fence. Going to meeting, yet knowing that they were not speaking the true gospel, but not wanting to leave. Asking God and everyone else what I should do.

Depression – Realizing that I had to leave the meetings and most of my close-minded friends and family behind, leaving only a few left to keep in touch with.

Guilt – This is when I wondered if I had led my children astray by taking them to meeting all these years? Wondering if I was doing the right thing by leaving? Wondering if I left, whether it would split my family?  I felt guilt because I might be going to hell if I did not conform to what I had been told to believe.

Obsession – Finding every fault with everything about the meetings. Obsessed with trying to find somewhere else to go. Obsessed with thinking about it every moment of the day because I was upset at having to leave.

Acceptance – Thankfully I am here now. I left in 2001 and it is now 2017, and it was not easy. I think it would be good if people (if they are brave) have a look at where they think they are at the moment. It might help you see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Adapted by Lynne Behrend (Myra Corcoran), May 2017