Motto of Ex-2×2 Groups

We come here together from all walks of life,
From all different countries, from much different strife.
We vary in ages, we vary in race,
From big, busy schedules, to a much slower pace.

Many are ex-Two by Two folk indeed
Who’ve come here for healing, who’ve come here in need.
Some are ex-workers and some still do preach,
Some still go to meetings; believe what they teach.

Many have never set eyes on the other,
But feel a bond, as if he were brother.
Some are but lurkers, who say not a word,
Though all that is said here is definitely heard.

We talk about joy here, we talk about pain,
We talk about loss and we talk about gain.
We talk about bondage; how we became free,
In “Truth” we were blind, but now we can see.

Sometimes we argue, sometimes we agree,
Sometimes we say nothing and just let things be.
We listen to others’ experiences and pray
That they can know peace at the end of the day.

The (insert name of forum/group) is intended to be
A place where together, we can finally speak free.
Communicate, co-operate, collaborate too,
Ex-workers and the Ex-Two-by-Two.

We all share a past of workers and friends,
Of meetings, conventions and no fashion trends.
These things affected our lives up ’til now,
If we are coping, on the board we tell how.

We quote from the Bible and speak of the Lord,
And share in the riches of what He has stored.
Sometimes we are sidetracked and get way off base
Forgetting the reason we’ve come to this place.

We talk about things of not much concern
That really can’t help us to heal and learn
Non-Two by Two issues, sometimes not of Christ
Put our valuable board a bit underpriced.

So let’s all remember the reason we’re here;
We suffered in silence, shed many a tear.
All for what reason? it boils to this…
We know better now, so let’s not dismiss…

God’s love for all from far and wide;
We’re free to love; we need not hide.
May we open our hearts; in freedom let’s be,
People sharing and growing in His TLC.