Poetry about Women’s Issues

WHY? (# 1)

Why is it my hair that draws your attention?
When it is my heart I wish you would mention.

Why is it my attire, the color, the kind
That’s so much more important than what’s on my mind?

Why should I pretend to be something I’m not?
To seek for man’s favor–that’s not the way I was taught.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, and beauty’s only skin deep–
Why do we no longer, those old sayings keep?

The kindness and compassion that Jesus showed man
Is so obviously lacking in this squinty-eyed clan.

Where is your love, your care, your concern?
Why do you shut out and an outsider spurn?

Remember in the Bible, you say is so precious,
How Jesus threw NO stone and showed Himself gracious?

How can a candle that’s set on a hill
Only show light to whom that it will?

How do you decide who is ever good enough
To deserve your esteem–or a self-righteous huff?

I’m so glad it’s our Father who’s far up above
That looks down in His mercy, kindness and love.

The enemies may not be without but within,
Let’s all be found praying that God will forgive our sin.

How can you think by your contempt, your criticism and frowns
You would ever encourage; instead you put down.

Kindness and smiles that are given away
Are marks of Jesus we can show others each day.

By Joetta Heiser


Can you tie it in a knot?
Can you make it look real hot?
Can you roll it in a ball?
Can you make it big or small?

Can you fix it really high?
Can you let some wisps just fly?
Can you pull it very tight?
Can you place it to your right?

Can you fix it in a braid?
Can you do it without aid?
Can you make it look real holy?
Can you make it look soooooo lowly?

Can you pat it really flat?
Can you wear it with a hat?
Can you bob it to and fro?
You’re professing, don’t you know?

By Sheila (De Jager) Martin


They stand out in a crowd, they’re living out the Word,
But really more than anything, peculiar and absurd.
Long hair piled up on top, their dresses to the floor,
These 2x2s, the women who dress like days of yore.

So why are they all like this, the chosen faithful few?
Deuteronomy, my old friend, verse five in twenty-two.
“The women shall not wear what pertains unto the man,”
Now, this here’s all I’ve got to say, just try to understand.

She bought it down at Wal-Mart, a grey and pink pantsuit,
It was in the ladies section, she thought it rather cute.
She found it in the ladies; it pertaineth not to man;
Now, what about the Scottish kilt, the colours of the clan?

Does it pertain to lasses? The lads wore them for years.
And what did people REALLY wear in the Bible to God’s fears?
The men had long, long robes, it even calls them skirts,
But nowadays, the men must wear their trousers and their shirts.

Now while we’re in this chapter, fulfilling all God’s word,
We’ll look a little further, see how their visions blurred.
Verse eight of that same chapter, tells how to build a home,
“Make a battlement for thy roof,” it’s all but etched in stone.

How many friends today, when their house is built brand new,
So no one falls, no blood is shed, build a battlement in full view?
Let’s go a little further, down to verse eleven,
Here’s something else that you can’t do if you want to go to heaven.

“Thou shalt not wear a garment of wool and linen mixed,”
We ought to check the labels of the workers, just for kicks.
This chapter’s full of rules, but how many do they take?
Verse twelve; “three fringes on each corner of your vesture you shall make.”

The last one that I’ll mention is in verse twenty-two,
“Adultery is death for both,” of this we know a few.
How many have been put to death by the workers and the friends,
Rather either covered up or gossiped to no ends.

So the workers say they follow in all the Bible’s word,
But here’s the proof they pick and choose to keep the folks they’ve lured.
So the women all wear dresses, that’s what the Bible rules,
The Bible… or the workers that preach in local schools?

By Scott, 1999

WHY? (# 2)

Why is our appearance, the way that we look
so very important in some people’s book?
An image created for others to see,
I can tell you it doesn’t appeal so to me.

We can start with the feet, and the shoes that you wear,
Do you think it really matters, does God REALLY care?
If our shoes are opened toes, sling backs or sandals,
Or is it the color that YOU just can’t handle?

Another concern from those pious appearing
Is the length of your hemline–my, but aren’t you daring?
One day you show your knees with no regard,
Then if the fashion changes, finding your ankles would be hard.

Too long is just as wrong as too short,
If in style you find yourself, the Workers report.
Remember too, the length of your sleeve,
To wear them too short–what kind of impression would that leave?

To show your elbow or for heaven’s sakes higher–
Would require the services of the local town crier,
To denounce your sin before the whole congregation,
Like you read in the Bible of the Pharisee nation.

How low is your bodice, how narrow, how tight,
And is every button done up, against x-ray sight?
Please do not offend us with shorts or blue jeans,
Culottes are outlawed–they must NOT be seen.

Why we’d rather see underwear any old time,
But NEVER those men’s clothes–you see that’s the crime.
Don’t misunderstand, modesty is NOT the issue,
Why, where have your ears been–have others confused you?

Clothes that are comfortable, practical and sensible–
To these folks are worldly & totally apprehensible.
Slacks on women, for shame on those who do,
To be cold in the winter–why the Lord expects you to.

You’ll wear gloves to protect your hands in the winter,
But to protect your LEGS, it’s obvious that you’re a sinner.
Men will wear slacks of corduroy or wool–
But to the poor ladies–pantyhose are just TOO COOL!

Now let’s talk about makeup and the outward adorning,
When the Friends see this–off they go mourning.
To say someone looks tired or ask if they’ve been sick,
Is like saying their age is apparent–is that the trick?

To look just a dowdy, as aged and bad,
Lends credibility too, if they also look sad.
If gold isn’t legal to be worn by the Saints,
And if makeup is, akin to war paint,

Could someone explain the gold in watches and glasses,
I’ve seen them on Workers–just notice the flashes.
Gold also seen on buttons and pins,
But “wedding” rings only–the others are sins!!

I’d not like to fail today to just mention,
Some of the unusual things I’ve seen lately at Convention.
The bright hues and colors are most assuredly shocking–
To those who know Truth, they truly are mocking!

God expects His own to be colorless and dull,
Totally void of expression, make the outward hull.
I’ve just never understood what God could have meant,
The day he made red birds for our enjoyment.

Or the Grand Canyon in all of its beauty–
Were we to enjoy life, or merely feel duty?
When I see the earth and all of its glory,
“I” see the hand of God and a beautiful story.

No, the outward adorning is not what makes the man—
Neither the outward extreme of this backward clan.
God desires a purity that is from within,
A love that flows fully, like ink from a pen.

Not withheld from some, or given to one,
But which can’t be contained, like you see from the sun.
The warmth and the light which is mightier than the cold,
Which lightens the burdens and encourages the soul.

The outward appearance changes with the season,
Clothes put on and taken off, whatever the reason.
Our outward image can so easily be shed,
But by our attitudes, thoughts and love — we are truly led.

Honesty and love don’t change with the time,
They’re qualities we’ll always consider quite fine.
Fads will come and fashions will go,
But to base our salvation on things shifty–HOW SO?

When we read so little of fashion in the Bible,
Of its importance or of how it’s reliable–
I want to be sure to aim at the higher goals,
And to fix my salvation on the importance of the SOUL!

By Joetta Heiser