Taylor, Rachel ~ Letter that got her sacked from the ministry

From: Rach Taylor
Date: 30 August 2019 at 10:51:22 am AEST
To: Allan KITTO <allankitto@bigpond.com>
David SAUNDERS <das754@gmail.com>
Graham SNOW <graham.snow40@gmail.com>
Subject: The information in this email is important to me. I ask you to please read it and consider my request.

Dear Allan, David and Graeme,

I am writing to you all today because it has been laid on my heart to inform you of what occurred this year, which has precipitated my absolute loss of heart for the ministry. I am requesting that you make our working environment, safe and abuse free.

For 10 years I laboured overseas, 8 of them in Hungary. All 8 years were spent living in a batch situation. I faced  bullying and narcissistic abuse from one sister for most of that time. After a couple of years, I attempted on a number of occasions to address the abuse and bullying from the particular sister. This resulted in either rage, refusal to speak or silent treatment towards me. Then when we were with the other two sisters, she would play the “victim”. I addressed the abuse issue with the other sisters, mostly it was met with silence and the refusal to discuss the issue. The mentality was, “We ignore it, and hopefully it’ll go away”. Occasionally they took issue at my response to the bullying and abuse, rather than the abuse itself. I asked them if they were condoning the abuse, was it ok to be abusive but not ok to react to it. They were silent. There was a culture there, that whatever happened, we don’t speak about it, we don’t talk to the elder about it, nor to other workers, hence it was never addressed. Continual existence in that toxic, closed environment nearly destroyed me, taking me to a place of deep despair.

On my home visit in 2010, I wrote to Ann Court, the responsible sister there, and refused to go back to Hungary unless she spoke with the abusive sister (Heidrun Feichtinger) and asked her to treat me differently. Ann complied, and I was given strength to go back and face it. However, after two weeks of good behaviour and a kindly spirit toward me, the sister began her abuse and bullying again. Two months before my home visit in 2016, I had to speak up about it because I felt I couldn’t labour again in the same abusive environment, I’d lived in previously, knowing I would come back to Hungary to labour. I told Peter that I felt I couldn’t come back unless the problem with the sister was sorted.

After appealing many times for support and help, I asked Ann Court to support me, and help stop the abuse, she refused. She was informed that due to her lack of support I would then speak to the elder, Peter Zurcher. After a short visit with Peter, because of time restriction,  his response to my request was an email (Graeme, you have read it in January this year), encouraging me to suffer it for righteousness sake. I then replied to Peter and within an email I said “I cannot put up with any more of her vile abuse”.

There was more communication before my home visit, but not at any time did the elder sit with any of the Hungarian staff together and discuss the problem. I was never believed. The only greater grief in life I’ve had to endure is the death of my sister. What comes up consistently with Narcissistic abuse and the abuser, is that they will deny the abuse, play the “victim” and because of their stellar public persona, will be supported and believed, while the true victim is shamed, accused of being a bully and an abuser themselves. I strongly encourage you brothers to read about this and research it.

Returning home, I have had two years in the Coffs Harbour area that were restful and profitable. However, this year was completely different.

David, I spoke you at 2nd Maroota concerning JoAnne Campbell’s lying. I had worked with her at preps and had been on a special meeting round with her and it was a concern to me. You encouraged me to address it whenever it became a problem, which is what I did.

We began in the field and were together for about 9 weeks, JoAnne handed all the planning to me, stating that she would be very busy with the Mongolian meetings in Sydney and getting her visa for USA. Therefore, I booked halls, organised invitations, arranged visits with the friends each week and did other things that were necessary for our work to run as smoothly as possible. Melba was in the south of the field and basically left to go at her own pace, to visit friends and was included in a weekly mission on the Central Coast. So until April, Jo and I were technically companions.

JoAnne used the first 3 weeks of our time in the field to organise her own 50th Birthday party. She invited 40+ people. Jo left the grocery bill and cooking to Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx and myself. Thankfully some of the friends that came, also brought food. Jo originally asked me to cook for a handful of people, to which I consented to, not 40+ people. The home where the party was held, never agreed to Jo hosting her own party.

They refer to the event as the debacle party, and I’ve since apologised to those friends. The wife of the home is actually only a contact, not yet professing herself. I didn’t want the ministry to be blamed for this kind of offence, therefore I felt compelled to make it right.

JoAnne didn’t want to visit around the friends, she also told me that she “didn’t do old people”. My response was that I felt very convicted that on way God shows His care to His people is through our ministry. Proof of our love for Jesus and also our responsibility as shepherds is our care for the lambs and sheep. I told her with planning, we could visit everyone in the field. Her reply was that I was driving her, making her visit the friends. I then offered to rearrange programs to accommodate her so she could give herself for visits. Options were given, and she promptly kept changing her mind when that was offered. She also refused to stay with friends she didn’t like.

I gave up trying to encourage her to visit everyone in our fellowship.

Jo took the field car to Sydney for the Mongolian classes held on Thursday evenings, often staying away for a few days, and returning for the Sunday fellowship and gospel meeting at the Central Coast. I don’t know what she did during those days in Sydney, except for 2 hours of Mongolian classes and gospel meeting on the Thursday night. She told me she arranged to stay always at John and Elizabeth Nowlan’s Apartment in Beaconsfield because they were away from Thursday till Monday morning, calling it her personal hotel because it was empty for her to use. She had a key for the apartment.

JoAnne didn’t want to stay together as companions in the homes, and it was a struggle to encourage her to do so. I don’t see the point of living a completely separate life from your companion in the work and always pretending it’s companionship. I feel I need a companion with me, for a number of reasons, but definitely when issues or problems are discussed, to be witnesses together. There were some homes in the field, where they couldn’t accomodate both of us, and obviously only one could be accommodated for at a time.

JoAnne lied often and was quite manipulative. The first time I spoke up, like you encouraged me to, David, and asked her to tell the truth, I faced a lot of rage, denial and accusation. After that, sometimes I was met with rage, or “silent treatment”, or JoAnne playing the “victim”, as if I was bullying her or giving her a hard time. The last time I spoke to JoAnne and asked her to stop telling lies and manipulating, she said to me “Truth is your baby, isn’t it.” I replied, “No, It’s what Jesus lived and died for”. She became angry at me.

Often JoAnne flirted with the men of the home, doing her morning yoga routine in her exercise gear in the loungerooms of the friends homes, whilst the men prepared for work and had breakfast in adjoining dining rooms. I know several of the women were uneasy with the way Jo flirted with their husbands. One lady commented “When Jo is around, we feel we need to hold on to our husbands”. Jo said about one married man in the field, “He’s such a hottie, I want to marry him”.

I was saddened at another incident involving the same married man when we were staying with them, I’d just sorted out visits for the week and wanted JoAnne’s input and thoughts on it. So, I came into the kitchen and asked the wife of the home, if she’d seen JoAnne. She was standing at the window and simply pointed to the backyard. JoAnne and this man were lying on the trampoline, talking together while the children played in the backyard. I could see the wife was very uncomfortable with this, but was trying to be very gracious about it. The wife is only a contact of the Gospel. This incident happened at the home where JoAnne held her Birthday party. Twice within the time we were together, she went alone with the husbands of the home and exercised with them. I know one wife was quite upset by this, as she hadn’t been informed or given consent.

One Thursday, in late March, Jo had taken the car to Sydney for Mongolian meeting. Late that evening, Melba had a heart attack. She phoned me at 1am, very upset. We could not reach JoAnne on the phone. I was in Newcastle with the flu, and spoke with Melba and promised I’d come down as soon as I could the following morning taking public transport. When I was able to reach JoAnne by phone, she refused to come up to Melba, stating she was busy with Mongolian visits.

Because I was sick, I spent most of the day in the waiting room, not wanting to expose Melba to any virus in case she needed an operation that day. I had to rely on the friends to collect Melba when she was discharged from hospital that evening because Jo refused to come up and be with her. Jo only saw her on the Sunday morning.

You brothers have listened to the recording and know that Jo pretended to be continually with Melba since her heart attack and care for her.

I realised that I could not bear the lies, deceit and manipulation any longer. That next week I spoke to Jo about this and she triangulated Melba against me. I don’t ever want to go through that again.

I knew I had to make the recording of the discussion we three sisters had together (JoAnne, Melba & myself) because if I didn’t, JoAnne would have lied about what had been discussed. I couldn’t trust that she would tell the truth before you brothers because she couldn’t tell me the truth as a companion.

I began to wake up in the nights with panic, and developed reactive asthma, a stress response I’ve had only twice before in my life. I felt like I was facing the same kind of abuse and abuser as I faced in Hungary.

You brothers know how things went, as we came before you in early April and JoAnne again played the victim, making out I had given her a hard time. I knew that she would do this and I also knew if I was to ever come and ask you brothers for help, I would have to have hard facts that could be backed up. If I had shared with you, what I’ve written above, Jo would have simply played the victim, pretended I had been giving her a hard time and potentially said “Rachel is making it up.”

How do I know that? Because that’s exactly how JoAnne behaved when I had gone to her before about her lies and manipulation. It is also exactly how the sister in Hungary, Heidrun Feichtinger, behaved and sometimes, I felt I could predict Jo’s behaviour and reactions because I had witnessed it all before with the sister in Hungary.

As I shared with you, David, after Peter Wright’s funeral, JoAnne instigated her return to South Australia. I was aware that Joanne’s mother had shingles, as JoAnne has shared that with me, also saying that she was not overly ill. When your email came, Allan, telling us to come to meet with you brothers, as per my request, almost immediately JoAnne’s mother took a turn for the worst, or so JoAnne said. JoAnne was conversing and messaging with her sister and brother in law in Canada, and other family members all that week. She also had packed all her belongings, and took them to Sydney with her, before we were to meet you brothers. I had thought about speaking up and exposing this, but I realised, after trying to bear her abusive behaviour and lies, I preferred to not have her in our area again.

I was totally exhausted, trying to keep an even keel with the field, Melba and meetings. After she was removed from the field, things went well.

What I really struggle most with, is that both Jo and the abusive sister overseas, have an impeccable public persona and facade. Very charming, very flattering and seemingly lovely, but when you live with them in private, it’s like seeing 2 very different personalities. A public person and then a completely different private persona. There is a lot of effort expended to maintain an impeccable public image, and that was a huge struggle for me to reconcile the bullying, the abuse, the lies and deceit with their charming, sweet public image. I believe if you didn’t address any issue with JoAnne, you wouldn’t face the rage or abuse that I or other sisters have faced. You’d simply have an erratic, disordered and confusing life as her companion.

One sister, who has been her companion, recently shared this with me, “I know Jo is draining. I know it takes time to recover and heal…Do you think others haven’t tried to say things or even do things? She was sent home from Mongolia! That’s enough to make a person think, surely, if they have a heart to think and listen. I said some things too, when we were together, but she wouldn’t listen…….I’ve seen A.K. completely accept and support her , but then when it happens to him, he’s shocked & hurt, but he still doesn’t seem to realise that Jo is doing exactly that to others also”.

When we met together, I encouraged you brothers to talk with JoAnne’s former companions also, not simply take my word for it.

JoAnne and I were on the same Special meeting round, and she completely ignored me for most of the round, speaking only when she needed to confirm plans. She passed through our field during special meetings, and had visits with certain friends causing trouble, and not sharing anything about the visits with me. I was informed of this by friends and workers expressing concern. Allan, you are aware of this, as I spoke with you about that at special meeting time.

Before JoAnne left for USA conventions, she shared with one of the friends that I gave her a hard time, and was jealous of her. She has made that statement about a number of sisters overseas, in SA and also in NSW being jealous of her. I feel it’s her default phrase, when sisters have challenged her behaviour. I asked her once how she knew sisters were jealous of her, her reply was, “Because the brothers tell me that”. She also stated to this same friend, “Rachel has really shot herself in the foot now, if she wants to play games with me, I’ll play games with her”. From previous experience with the sister overseas, it means that they will become more abusive until you break. I was already crushed in my spirit, and this attitude broke me.

Hence, I was not in a good state after special meetings, so I went to my GP for help with the aggravated Asthma attacks I was experiencing, and was also recommended a psychologist.

My psychologist has finally made sense of all the confusion, anger, anxiety and sadness I’ve carried for years. She identified that the sister in Hungary has a character and behaviour that is consistent with a narcissistic personality and my colleague (JoAnne Campbell) has the same type of narcissistic personality.

Please read the attached letter from my psychologist. She told me I have an acute stress response to this abuse (also defined as PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and recommended EMDR therapy that aids recovery and helps healing from trauma and abuse. I began therapy with her and it is proving very successful.

Concerning the next 2 1/2 months-

At special Meeting time, I spoke to you both, David and Allan, about my concerns for Melba’s health and her coming back into the field, (quite large with 180+ friends). I put forward the idea of swapping Melba into a smaller field, that suggestion was not considered. Allan, you told me to “go at her pace and be kind to her”, which is what I did. We spent the first 2 weeks doctoring for her. Her health condition was so low, that she required two blood transfusions and 1.5 x the normal iron infusion, so she would be able to function. She continued to have health issues.

We didn’t always stay at the same home. Sometimes it was not possible, or Melba chose to be alone, sometimes because of not coping, so I chose to stay at a home nearby, making myself available for Melba every day. I organised the visits with friends each week. Before any plans were made concrete, I would present a draft to Melba, ask her opinion about the the plans, whether she felt able for those plans, and whether she had any ideas or other visits that we could do. She always agreed with the plans and told me she felt able for them. We visited a maximum of 3 half days every week. Usually Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I always made plans to take her home for a rest, but she refused and insisted on shopping most days that we were out.

During visits with friends, sometimes she would speak disparagingly about the week’s plans and sometimes say she had no time to rest, or write letters or that we were out every night of the week. She also said that it was a difficult year for her but God was helping her through it. I was appalled because I was trying to accommodate her and her health and her ability, and felt she was undermining me to the friends. I addressed this “problem” and asked her on 2 occasions to please be honest with me about how able she felt for visits.

On the third occasion, I had lost heart and wrote her a note with the weekly planner, indicating that although I was trying my best for her and the field, it wasn’t good enough for her, and handed the planning and visiting over to her and said I would fit in with her choices completely. She told me she couldn’t do it. I asked her again to please be honest about how able she felt for visits and not undermine me to the friends. She was ok for about a week or so and then reverted back to how she was before, I was left feeling very disheartened by this. I have a copy of the weekly plans, if you would like to see them.

SMS sent to one of our friends

Hello Nevanka,

How are you? How is the family? A new baby yet? I have a couple of questions. Melba mentioned to me last week about a message you shared with her. It was from Pauline WILLEMS outlining why she and Eugene weren’t coming back to fellowship. Pauline had sent the message before special meetings. It saddens me that they chose not to come again. I also grieve because their 2 children, who are professing, are now no longer in fellowship. What also saddens me is that you have not mentioned anything about the message or Pauline’s decision to me. There’s been plenty of opportunity since Pauline sent the message. Why didn’t you share it with me and us, when you received the message? Did you share it with your elder and his wife, Ken and Maree?

Also, why have you chosen to only show Melba the message 3 months after the event and also speak about those you’re in fellowship with, so disparagingly. Nevanka, I don’t know if you realise how important each one of God’s people is to us. It grieves me that you handled this matter so lightly, in that respect and with a lot of condemnation and judgement. I appreciate you answering my questions.



Nevanka didn’t reply or call to answer questions, instead, she phoned Allan Kitto. She stated to Allan that she could have no confidence in me as a worker in the field. I’m assuming that statement is based on what was in the sms, because every visit we had with her in her home, she was pleased to see us both and welcomed us in the home, thanking us every time for our visit. Allan called Melba and spoke with her and then called me and told me I was behaving as a Sargent Major, not a shepherd. I was then directed to go to this friend, and if necessary, apologise.

I feel this situation was completely mishandled and blown out of proportion. Nevanka could have been directed to scripture (Matthew 18:15 & 16), and if there was no resolution, call Allan. The situation could have been handled easily and simply diffused by encouraging her to follow Jesus words. Instead, it became more inflamed. I tried calling Nevanka that same evening. She spoke nastily to me and hung up the phone. I called back and her son answered the phone and began accusing me of things. I had prearranged call come through, so I told the Son I’d call back sometime later. I phoned Melba and spoke to her about some field issues and told her I was struggling and could she support me as a companion. She was silent on the phone. Then I mentioned about this situation with Nevanka, and how I was abused on the phone by Nevanka and then her son.

Melba didn’t believe me. I asked her to stand by me with this situation. Her reply was, “I’ll stand by the brothers”. I realised then, I was completely alone, in dealing with this situation and also dealing with the field and its responsibilities.

Allan, you are aware of how Nevanka treats the friends, you’ve spoken to her in the past about what she says/does. You also commented to some of the friends earlier this year, when Nevanka came up in discussion, to this effect “Oh, is she doing it again, she’s as bad as ever.” Why did you take Nevanka’s part, rather than trust a fellow servant, who is simply trying to do her job and protect friends from someone who has a divisive nature amongst God’s people?

Many of the friends in Maitland area have been hurt by Nevanka and some can’t even be in the same fellowship as her now, because of her spirit and behaviour towards them.

I lost all heart after this incident, and felt I couldn’t continue the way things were, without support from my companion. I felt I’d been carrying the field alone this year, and I asked you, David, a couple of times to please send a companion, that could support me and work beside me in the Gospel. David, your last response was, “I’m trying to understand where you’re coming from”.

I realise after 18 years in the work, with more than 2/3 of that time living with spiteful, abusive women, I don’t have any more heart to bear it, and realise I actually don’t have to tolerate this kind of culture anymore. I want a narcissist and abuse free life in the ministry.

I spoke to both of you, Allan and David, at Watta convention in 2017 about how I felt being put with a bully for a year. Still feeling very fragile in myself from what I faced overseas, I felt I couldn’t face the next year with someone who bullied. I stated in a message to you, David, that if I was put with a sister, who was a bully (I named two sisters, who are known bullies), I would choose to go home to my parents for the year, find employment and then return to the work for preps at the end of that year. Uncle Clyde must have been informed about this because he wrote a letter to the effect, “Just fit in with plans.” Why does Clyde condone bullying behaviour? 

In the everyday workplace, there are codes of conduct written within a work contract, to make workplaces and employees safe. Bullying and abuse in the workplace lowers morale and productivity. There are consequences for not complying to these codes of conduct. For example, they’re given a warning, and if the behaviour continues, they’re removed from employment. A minority of women in the work, behave however they choose, without consequences, and we’re supposed to tolerate the bullying, mental abuse, bad behaviour and spirit, without speaking up. That’s been the culture and conditioning I’ve experienced in the work in NSW since I began in 2002, and also the culture in Hungary.

Why is this so?

I’m really glad to be completely removed from everything that has disheartened me this year, and to truly be able to finally rest. I’m deeply grateful that I have professional help to heal me from the trauma I’ve experienced in the work.

When I return to the work, can you please make our working environment a safe and healthy one for each staff member. I am appealing to you to please take this email and request seriously.

A sister in Christ,


The following correspondence was added June 4, 2023

#2. From: Rach Taylor
Date: 10 August 2020 at 1:55:20 pm AEST
To: Wayne DEAN <wgd1964@gmail.com>

Subject: This is from a former companion of Joanne Campbell in Mongolia. I told her nothing of my experience, just that Jo was my companion, I am no longer in the work, but asked how her time with Jo was.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Xxxxxx xxxxxx <Xxxxxxxx@icloud.com>
Subject: I get it
Date: 10 August 2020 at 1:51:40 pm AEST
To: Rachel Taylor

Hi Rachel,

First of all, I’m really really sorry that you obviously have been through the mill and I didn’t know, and didn’t do anything to help at the time. I wish I had known, and wish I could have stepped in to help in some way.

I was with Joanne in Mongolia in 2009 and looking at the email I had written to you, which you’d hit reply to the other day, I see that was written about one week before I crashed. It took about 3 years to get back to feeling normal. All I can say is I look back on it and feel very thankful that I’m alive and well and all that is behind me.

The behaviour – hmm I don’t know where to start.  I’ll just write a few points otherwise the list might get too long!

Manipulation – I think this was the main thing.  It was subtle, gradual:

The need for attention/help/comfort and when I did what I could to help I’d be the best person in the world, and then off she’d go, happy again and I’d be left drained.

The way of talking her way out of things – It made everything she said and did seem valid and made me feel unable to do anything stop the behaviour.  I knew if I went to someone and said what was happening, I would end up being the one who was wrong/overreacting.

The subtle put-downs and comments about what others have said about me (most of which were untrue or at least twisted). Eventually somehow all that got into my head to the point where I actually doubted my own calling into this work, for the first time in my life.

Lies – lies about everything.  To get out of a corner, or to hide the truth – but also often for no reason I could fathom.  I called her out on some when there wasn’t anyone else around, and it caused tears and tantrums, and then she seemed to wait her chance to get back at me in some subtle way, usually in front of a group of people.

Flirting – she had all kinds of “contacts”, many who I never met.  Not all were male, but lots were.  Some were not at all interested in the gospel, but she’d go and meet them anyway, saying that they might be interested some day, which of course validated it all, as sure enough, we keep in touch with people in the hope some day they will be interested.  Flirting with the husbands of contacts we were having meetings with if we went to their home.     

I could go on – knowing that everything you say is going to be changed and then repeated to others in a way that suits her; not knowing where she is or what she’s doing, even though she sends a text once in a while to ‘let you know’, so that you have no reason to call her out on it. The feeling that you can’t behave normally, or have normal interactions with people because whatever you might do will result in her using it as an excuse to do something inappropriate, using whatever you did as a reason why its ok for her to do what she’s doing.  So you end up doing very little outside of meetings and language class, as anything else you do just encourages more inappropriate behaviour.

Anyway, I’ll leave it at that.  I also remind myself that there were good days too – times when there were what seemed to be normal interaction and good laughs.  I also know that my own weakness and reactions in it all had a part in it, and I would like to think I would do better if I was in a similar situation again – but I honestly don’t know if I would as it would depend how long the situation went on!  What I do know is that I’m very very sorry that it continued after she returned to Australia and that it seems nothing changed.  I’m so sorry as I am guessing several others have been affected – either by going along with it and losing their own integrity or by trying to stand up to it and being knocked down.

Is it possible to have a chat with you on FaceTime Rachel?  I would really like to chat – not to go on about Joanne, but to chat with you about how YOU are, and just to catch up a bit.  I’m in China now, having a great year, despite covid and all the craziness in the world.  And every time I think of 2009, I go a little cold and then feel very very thankful that I’m still around.

Love ya,    


#3. From: Rachel Taylor
To: Richard DenHerder
(Joanne Campbell’s overseer)

Hello Richard,

I hope you don’t mind me writing to you at this time. I don’t believe we have ever met anytime. I laboured on the NSW staff. I asked for your email address from one of your staff. Last year I was a companion to Joanne Campbell in NSW. I am no longer in the work. Can I ask you how Joanne was on your staff and how she behaved with other staff members. Were there any outstanding or consistent characteristics/similarities to her behaviour with different companions? Thank you in advance for your reply.

Kind regards,

Rachel Taylor

Email reply from Richard Denherder, Joanne Campbell’s overseer, detailing her behaviour toward her companions. Please note, Graham Snow and other overseers were fully aware of Joanne Campbell’s behaviour but they have protected her in the work. It begs the question why?

From: Richard DenHerder, RichardDH@icloud.com
Subject: Re: A question regarding Joanne Campbell
11 August 2020 at 12:09:34 am AEST
To: Rach Taylor

Dear Rachel,

Glad you felt free to reach out and write– Debbie mentioned you asked for my address.

Sure sorry to hear you are not in the work– I’m not sure how long you were in the work, but if you were called, I surely do hope you can find your way back into His harvest field, by His help and leading– maybe with an even stronger foundation, deeper thankfulness and closer walk with Him. Life is too short and eternity too long to not ‘get it right.’ Also, in His way, it’s our choice between us and Him what our future is, independent of our experiences and other people– because, through Christ, He calls us to liberty. This brings great Hope and Comfort and Help to us all. The reality, joy and glory of this is what draws others to Him.

We do indeed have an Adversary who is deadly and “plays for keeps”, so it behooves us to look up for our Father’s answers and guidance and grace, and not just try and “figure things out”– I do believe what happened when Jesus first mentioned his death and resurrection and Peter said “this will never happen to you”, still happens today(!): What actually happened is that Peter unwittingly hosted Satan, who attacked Jesus through Peter– but Jesus knew what was happening, and rebuked Satan.

This is why it is often not possible (or at least very difficult) to “figure out” some of these experiences/hardships we go through– because it is not always “logical” or a “personal pattern”, but instead is the Adversary’s work, shifty and cunning, but deadly. Certainly, as workers, we are prime targets for the Adversary’s attacks, but we also have a great Shepherd if we keep close and keep looking to Him.

In one case, what is mentioned in Amos 3:12 “As the shepherd taketh out of the mouth of the lion two legs, or a piece of an ear…” was so real: The experience had been devastating to the person, but there was still some ear to hear and a willingness to walk, and eventually they were completely healed and even stronger for the experience– I’m glad we can fully trust the skill and power of our great loving Shepherd.

With regard to JoAnne, I have no idea of what she is like now, as it has been 9 years since she left our staff, and of course I hope she has grown and does well. But on the other hand, after 11 years here, we had enough history to have a direct talk with her in which her problem with lying clearly came to the surface and when faced with it, she said “maybe I should go home and rest” and we agreed, and thus she left our staff. Indeed she was the source of confusion and trouble and we very very nearly lost Debbie when she was with JoAnne, and also Kate had a very tough time with her, and it was Vera Morrow who was having difficulty with her that precipitated the 2011 visit that brought about her leaving our staff for good.

To be honest, and you can keep this to yourself, Graham also asked me about a month ago what JoAnne was like here, so I believe he is aware there is a problem and is working on it (I haven’t heard back from him since).

With regard to our situation, after 11 years of history we had five summary points of JoAnne’s problems that we referred to in the final visit– if you can guarantee that you will keep them private, I can send these points to you for comparison to your situation. The main point though was her dishonesty and propensity to lie/deny in such a way that it always left her in a good light, and flipped responsibility for mistakes onto others, leaving them in a poor light and herself in a good light. This was mind-bending for her companions, to say the least. I hesitate to send the list to you without your word that you’ll keep the list private to yourself since it is not nice and we don’t want it to be used or passed around in an inappropriate way. Our desire is only to help, not to destroy.

So the above is some about JoAnne, but there IS life after JoAnne! I’m SO sorry if being her companion is what caused you to leave the work, but it IS possible to get up and go on– we are SO glad that Debbie and Kate and others did not get so low as to leave the work completely (it took Debbie quite a while to get on top again though).

With regard to your own life, options and choices, again I’m thankful that there is always a path forward and a path of liberty in Jesus: Our liberty is simply and surely because of Him, and is completely independent of any situation or of person here on earth– because He has all power, and can deliver us from bondage to anything and everything.

Just today I was reading Jesus’ words in John 8:16 “But if I do judge, my decisions are true, because I am not alone. I stand with the Father, who sent me.” In some situations we face, we get tied to the situation and sucked in, similar to when Peter walked on water for a short period of time, then got tied in to the storm and started to drown– his call to Jesus did bring the help he needed. So I really appreciated how Jesus said “I stand with the Father, who sent me”– this is true liberty. It’s encouraging to realize Jesus was “walking on water” during His whole time here on earth– “impossible” situations and people around Him all the time, but He just kept “standing with the Father, who sent me”.

Anyone who was honest and humble could be drawn up to be with Him, but He was never dragged down by any person or situation. Floods and storms test our foundation, and if we fall, it is possible to again (and more completely and firmly) be rooted on the Rock. At the outset of Jesus’ ministry, Satan tried to sow doubt about Jesus’ calling, but Jesus knew clearly He was sent by the Father, and He just kept “standing with the Father,” and that brought clarity and liberty, and led to salvation for all of us who are humble and open our heart to Him.

‘Hope you don’t mind that I’ve written this much, but I do hope this letter can bring you hope and clarity, and the simplicity of the truth in Christ–‘ very thankful that His way is a way of humility, love, simplicity, peace and great power. So comforting for our soul to be part of what is truly real, as we pass through this life of experiences and illusions that will soon pass away.

Please feel free to ask or discuss anything that you would like to, that will be a help. Life is about our Lord– let’s focus on Him.

Your brother in Him,

Richard [DenHerder]


#4. Email to: Mal Clapham, sunrise254qld@gmail.com 
From: Rachel Taylor
Date: 05 August 2022

Hello Mal,

Three years ago, I came home to my parents after speaking up about the bullying I had faced from particular co-workers resulting in PTSD. Alan Kitto wrote a letter sacking me for no reason, and then emailed me a glowing reference from Christian Conventions, of which he stated in the reference, he was the Senior Minister. At the same time, you received an email from Alan Kitto – full of lies, defaming and slandering me. This email was then showed to some of the workers in QLD. Your staff were encouraged to spread these lies, defaming myself and my parents and consequentially, shunning us.

You have been a welcome guest in my parent’s home for many years. They have always treated you with kindness and never withheld their hospitality. They were stunned that you would act in such a godless, dishonest and ugly hearted manner. Why would you behave in this way?

And Alan Kitto? Not surprising to see his demise from the work given his behaviour.

I’ve repeatedly asked for an apology, and to make amends with my parents and with me for this damaging behaviour from you, the slander, lies and defamation that you and workers in QLD spread about us. I have followed Jesus’ teachings and direction in doing this. Matthew 18:15&16, and I have been met with consistent silence and you have ignored our requests.

As per Matthew 18:17, where Jesus encouraged the Christian to take it to the church, I ask before the church for you to apologise and make amends for your godless behaviour towards my parents and me. Jesus said – By their fruits (actions, behaviour) you will know them. Your fruit (behaviour) in response to this letter will reveal to all what you are, either a shepherd or a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I will add here, any response I receive from you or others, Mal, to this letter, will be posted in the public domain for all the church to read, so you have fair right of reply.

It’s evidently not been enough for you to target myself and my parents, but you have also targeted other people who supported us. On the direction of Graham Snow, you and your workers took the meeting out of the home of families that supported us in our stand for truth, stripping them of their eldership because they stood beside us supporting truth and not spreading the slander and lies. This is an abuse of your ‘position’, dishonest behaviour. Why would you do this?

When Heather MacNevin came to our area last year, she engaged in the spreading of slander and false information about me. People that slander, gossip and lie, are devoid of spiritual integrity. I asked you to speak to Heather and she apologise and make amends. I have been met with silence from you and Heather ever since. Heather engages in the same type of covert bullying behaviour you do and you allow this to go on unchecked.

It’s not only my situation that you’ve behaved in such a way.

1. Andrea Boto returned home from PNG suffering from the effects of protracted bullying by Shirley Bicknall and Ruth Hills, who then told lies about her to cover their tracks. When Andrea spoke up to the brothers in PNG, they lied, slandered and defamed her.

The brothers in PNG continued to lie and slander Andrea when she arrived back in QLD. I’ve heard some of the disgusting things they’ve spread around, I’ve also read some of their messages. Their energy in bullying, slandering and defaming an honest servant of God to break her health could be better used to clean up their own back yard. Their immorality needs to be addressed. Craig Mallet, Graeme Taylor and Alan Mitchell.

When Andrea and I met with you and Gary Packard in Rockhampton (as you tried to bully her out of the work, showing no compassion for how she’d already been treated), you were forced to admit that Shirley Bicknall had a bullying/psychological abuse problem. Mella Sommerville had called you and asked you to remove Shirley from their field only 3 months after Shirley had come to QLD from PNG, as Shirley was abusing and bullying Mella and her companion. Your solution was to send Shirley back to Victoria stating she was going home to get help for her problem. Alan Mitchell did nothing and Shirley continues in the work. Instead of her getting help, she’s now being sent back to PNG, I would assume to continue her behaviour unchecked, until her next victim ever finds the courage to speak out.

Sadly, nothing was done about support for Andrea’s medical expenses (to heal the impacts of bullying by your ‘workers’) until I wrote an email to the elders in other states asking if they would pay, and you could pay them back. Andrea has served faithfully in the ministry for more than 35 years and you have left her emotionally bashed and bruised and all but destroyed her. Why would you not simply take responsibility and give Andrea funds to support her recovery from one of the two bank accounts overseen by Rod Campbell and David Harris from the Not-for-Profit Organisation that the fellowship is registered under in Queensland?

What is this spiritual sickness amongst the ministry here? Workers are liars, have no conscience, are dishonest, spreaders of false and slanderous information, wreaking terrible damage on others, rather than being honest, Godly and kind as Jesus was.

  • I wrote to you and asked you not to send Ruth Hills to SA this year (letter attached), because she needed to step aside from the work, apologise to her victims and get help for her bullying abusive behaviour. You had been made aware from a number of sources how bad Ruth’s bullying was. The story that you told your workers and the QLD friends was a complete fabrication. Why did Ruth go straight to preach in another field when she should’ve been getting intensive treatment for her behaviour? And again, now being sent back to PNG for her bullying to go unchecked too. How many more lives have to be destroyed before you will act with integrity and honesty and address the bullying behaviour that is rife in the work? Inaction is simply excusing the behaviour that we know is wrong.
  • Lynn Sherlock was moved out of QLD because of her reprehensible behaviour and damage to workers and the friends in QLD. In NSW, Lynn has continued this behaviour. You didn’t solve her bullying problem, you simply wiped your hands of it and made it someone else’s problem. In NSW, Lynn has denounced victims of Child Sexual Abuse, calling them liars and has stood by and supported a convicted Child Sex offender, saying he is innocent (even though HE pled guilty) and encouraging him in fellowship.
  • I have read letters written to you and Gary Packard, by distressed friends who have personally faced Colin Weare’s bullying and lies. Some members of families no longer profess because of the spiritual violence perpetrated by Colin Weare to them. Some friends have asked you never to send him to their field again as they will not support him in his lies, dishonesty and bullying. And yet, he continues on.

It’s a legal requirement that every workplace have a code of conduct and this includes anti-bullying and harassment policies. Bullying is evident in different ways. Covert bullying is defined as the spreading of rumours, lies, misrepresenting someone to others, the making of false and defamatory comments about an individual or persons to others. This type of bullying is a form of mental and emotional violence. (AHRC,2022). Your intention, when you spread lies, slander and false information about people, is to wreak mental and emotional violence on those you have targeted.

  • A survivor of Domestic Violence in our fellowship spoke to you about her situation giving you all the documentation pertaining to the domestic violence she suffered for years. You have lied, slandered and deliberately defamed this person to others, as have some of your workers. Chris Bird deliberately targeted her in a speech at a recent wedding, thereby showing he stands with this woman’s abuser, rather than support the victim. Chris has no love for truth, nor for the disempowered or broken. His behaviour is at complete odds with Jesus’ heart and behaviour towards those who suffered.

This survivor of Domestic Violence was abused for years by her husband, subjected them all to years of psychological abuse, isolation and coercive control. The husband threatened to kill his children and used knives and guns as a means of controlling the family. And yet the husband presents a façade of godly piety, fully supported by the workers, while being full of every foul spirit imaginable. You and your workers shame and slander this woman for wanting to be safe.

Marshall Eichmann even wrote a letter to this survivor of Domestic Violence, telling her to behave like ‘Abigail’ stating her issue was a marriage issue. Domestic violence isn’t a marriage issue, it is a control and violence issue. Is Marshall aware that the police implemented the DVO for the woman’s protection because the violence perpetrated by her husband against her was so severe? Is Marshall aware that if he forces the survivor of Domestic Violence to go against what the police enforce, he is criminally liable? You and your staff in QLD need to educate yourselves about Domestic and Family Violence, the debilitating impact it has on the victim’s health and maybe the workers, as followers of Christ, can show kindness and care to the victim, rather than stand behind the perpetrator and slander and defame the victim. QLD government will be legislating coercive control within the next 2 years. If you and your workers force victims of domestic violence in the fellowship to remain and submit to their perpetrator, you will now be also criminally liable and could face jail time.

  • Chris Bird and John MacQuillan shut down the concerns of a rape victim and hindered a criminal investigation and stood by the rapist. This defies belief and so many in Rockhampton have been deeply shaken by these men’s godless behaviour. Chris stated it was the rape victim’s word against the perpetrator and Chris wanted to keep his place in the work, so he didn’t do anything to protect the victim or support her when she went to the police. Isn’t the work supposed to be a place where truth is upheld and righteousness prevails? Why would he cover up such a heinous crime and denounce a rape victim? That is godless evil behaviour. John stated that the rapist was “a little stud” implying he was good with women. Friends in Rockhampton and elsewhere have pleaded with YOU about this matter. Friends have written to Graham Snow and pleaded with him also about this matter. Neither you nor Graham ever did anything about this matter. Friends have also asked you and Graham Snow to deal with John MacQuillan and his bullying and despicable ways. They have clearly stated they never want John to come back to the district ever again. Nothing has been done.

If these men, Chris or John, worked in any organisation, they would’ve been fired for their actions and possibly would’ve been charged with interfering with a criminal investigation.

  • Operating deceitfully, hiding in the shadows with so many cover ups is your MO, Mal. You engage in cover up, especially regarding child sexual abuse, the most reprehensible crime. You have protected the paedophiles in the fellowship, which has horrified and enraged Godly people throughout the whole state and YOU have stated that you can’t believe children when they speak up about the sexual abuse. Jesus would weep at your statements. Children are precious to Jesus and he spoke against any who harmed one of his little ones. A millstone would be hung around their necks and they’d be cast into the sea.
  • Some of your brother workers engage consistently in sexual immorality. One of them has sent videos to women of himself masturbating. I have written to him and stated if he continues with this behaviour, his videos will be uploaded to YouTube and the link sent to all in the fellowship. A criminal investigation into his behaviour will be opened by the Police. A conversation, no matter how awkward, needs to be had regarding Sexual harassment and what that constitutes before someone ends up in jail, guilty of those offences.
  • You wrote recently in one of your general letters that the ministry has always been under threat or attack since Jesus left Nazareth. It is a grave mistake to not acknowledge that the Ministry is in fact under attack from those within, people like yourself and others mentioned above who act with dishonesty, engage in bullying, cover ups, sexual immorality and with spiritual bankruptcy, single handedly destroying God’s Holy work in humble honest souls who stand for Truth and Righteousness.
  • A requirement of registering the fellowship as a Not-for-Profit Organisation is that you have to disclose your finances and be financially transparent to the congregation.

It is well known that you frequent the homes of wealthy friends and show a special interest in any aged friend, who is wealthy. A reminder for you – Jesus spoke to the Pharisees telling them they devoured widow’s houses, which was abominable to him. He spoke against the Pharisees seeking wealth or inheritance from people/deceased estates. To leave an estate, wealth or an inheritance to the ministry is against Christ’s teachings and for the ministry to accept wealth or inheritance from a deceased estate is an action of the anti-Christ. Christ’s ministry was a ministry sent out in faith, without assets or salary. Why does the ministry accrue such wealth now? This behaviour is in direct contradiction with Christ’s teachings and foundational truths of the ministry in the Bible and is far from the example and pattern Jesus and his Apostles left for the ministry to follow.

The behaviour so evident amongst you and some of your workers is appalling. There is no restraint, no accountability, you’re lawless and never hold yourselves responsible for wrongdoing. You groom the congregation and promote the teaching of not rocking the boat and ‘keeping the peace’. This is a false teaching. Jesus never taught it. He taught about making peace, which is an entirely different thing and an act of righteousness. Regarding ‘keeping the peace’ (i.e staying silent when unrighteouness or evil is perpetrated) and ‘not rocking the boat’, Jesus was the greatest ‘boat rocker’ of his time and he continually exposed the Pharisees for their godless, unrighteous and spiritually bankrupted behaviour until they could no longer tolerate it, so they crucified Him. It’s apparent that you and some of your staff behave the same way, when people speak truth or highlight wrongs that need to be righted. Crucifying God’s own doesn’t make you his servant. I think you know what spirit that behaviour is from…

What does it take to make the bullies stop, what does it take to make the liars honest, the gossipers and slanderers silent and the fellowship spiritually safe? When are you going to stop the emotional and psychological violence of bullying that is so prevalent amongst the workers?

I’ve experienced such care, kindness, honesty, respect and safe connections with my work colleagues and fellow University students who are mostly atheists, and yet you and some of your staff, who claim to be servants of God and followers of Christ, have shown me only deceit, slander and lies. Something is really amiss with your hearts to behave in this way.

In 2 Timothy 3, it speaks of the last days, where people will have a form of Godliness but deny the power thereof. One of my translations reads – Holding a form of [outward] godliness (religion), although they have denied its power [for their conduct nullifies their claim of faith]. Avoid such people and keep far away from them.

An increasing number of friends around the world are seeing through the hypocrisy of the ministry, realising they have mistakenly followed false ‘apostles’, workers who have become off track in their behaviour and teachings. Jesus was so right in his teaching, quoting Isaiah – they honour God with their lips but their hearts are far from him.

I sincerely pray God’s people in QLD have their eyes opened by God and clearly reject the behaviour of the ministry that does not align with the spirit and behaviour of Christ. Jesus is the head of the Body and head of the Church, not any one man. I encourage people to listen to Christ and abide in Christ’s teachings, and not abide in any teachings of the ministry that are at odds with or contradict Jesus’ teachings and His Spirit.

And as per your most recent letter, my hope and prayer is that you would right these wrongs. It is evident by the things that have been brought to me mentioned in this letter since returning to Queensland (unfortunately this is not a complete list of things, but the letter is already too long) that you have much to fix before your departure to Victoria.


#5. Letter to Malcolm Clapham

Date: 22 January 2022
From: Rachel Taylor
To: Malcolm Clapham
Subject – Bullying in the Work-URGENT

Hello Mal,

It has come to my attention that Ruth Hills is leaving on Monday to South Aus. Mal, you need to ensure that this does not happen until Ruth gets professional help for her bullying behaviour.

Ruth Hills has deeply impacted the mental health of a number of her companions, Andrea Boto included, also xxxxxx xxxxxx. Ruth was moved from the field last year because of her bullying and at one point the bullying got so bad that xxxxxxxx mother actually came to be with her daughter to mitigate the bullying.

How is any of this kind of behaviour from Ruth Hills Godly or an indication she is a follower of Jesus??

James Gordon and Chris Bird were sent last year to speak with Ruth about her bullying behaviour. Friends approached you and others at convention and made a complaint about Ruth’s behaviour. Sister workers also spoke to you and the brothers about Ruth’s behaviour. And what have you done about it?

A strong leader would have asked Ruth to step down from the ministry, seek professional help for her bullying behaviour and come back only when she can prove she can treat her companions with respect, kindness and the love Jesus lived and taught? Obviously, that’s not what happened. As is what usually happens with a ‘problem’ worker, they’ve been shunted off to another state so she can continue to bully, abuse and destroy her companion’s mental health. Mal, the friends know this and see it clearly too. It’s embarrassing to be in a position to have to acknowledge that to people. People who love Jesus and do their best to follow Him.

Your actions till now are without care or consideration to many victims. It’s clear you have no concern of the impact Ruth Hill’s bullying has on her companions, you’ve been untruthful (by your actions) to your staff and the sisters especially, about stamping out the bullying behaviour and you are now hoping Ruth will fade off into the distance and become someone else’s problem to deal with. So now Ruth can bully and destroy the mental health of the sisters in South Australia and you can pretend the ‘problem’ is fixed and utter your deep fake concern for all the sisters in Qld regarding how impacted they are from bullying. Solutions and handling of this kind of behaviour need to be open and transparent amongst the friends so people know that the words are being actioned!

Ruth desperately needs professional help for her behaviour, for which you have access to funds to make this happen. In no other ‘work place’ would this bullying behaviour be acceptable. It is well known that Rod Campbell and David Harris, look after bank accounts for the ‘Not for profit’ organisation that the fellowship is registered under….

Mal, I’m appealing to your sense of doing the right thing. Have Ruth get the professional help she needs instead of going to South Australia. Please let me know of your decision by 7 am Monday morning at the latest. If Ruth is not stopped from her flight on Monday, this letter will be in the public domain before she hits the ground in South Australia. I imagine it would be embarrassing for Queensland to have her chased out of South Australia the same way Craig Janke was, once the friends in South Australia become aware of her behaviour.


Rachel (Taylor)
Queensland, Australia

See also: Letter by Rachel Taylor’s parents