We have a new identity.

We have a new identity. It’s not our condition…it’s our new position. We are made new…we are the righteousness of Christ (made right). We have a new heart…a new spirit and his Spirit dwells within us 24/7.

God is not some old dude in the sky ready to whack us when we’re bad. He’s not looking at what we’re doing…he looks at us for who we are…his child! Just like children…they fall…get up…fall…get up…it’s all a part of growing…but we never stop loving them. The fellowship is like a severely dysfunctional family that teaches about an abusive father and how you have to earn his love…or else!

I’ve often thought about what Christ did for us in his death…burial and resurrection. How do we think we can add to that! What a mockery of Him thinking that buns…bangs…longer skirts…mtg attendance, etc. could give us more than he gave us! It’s a gift and it’s through gratitude that we allow him to live in us and work through us in all areas of our life! We can do nothing without him!

I can’t believe I was ever so brainwashed by their false doctrine. The thing is…the workers are not taught the true gospel. They do not set you free…they put you in bondage. The TRUTH WILL set you free!

Heather Davison
June 15, 2023