Zoom Presentation: “Preserving the Truth” by Cherie Kropp-Ehrig

by Author Cherie Kropp-Ehrig on August 19, 2023


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Originally presented on forum Concerned and Connected Friends (CCF)
Hosted by Shane Garner
Includes commentary by Jack Paddon, grandson of early worker Irvine Weir.


Impartial Reporter Newspaper, Enniskillen, N. Ireland
Certification: https://tellingthetruth.info/photogallery/picture.php?/5453/search/1734
Article about PTT: https://tellingthetruth.info/photogallery/picture.php?/5512/search/516

Faith Mission, Chapter 4
Faith Mission information
TTT: https://tellingthetruth.info/history_articles/faith_mission.php

Faith Mission Website, https://faithmission.org/
History of Faith Mission, Heritage of Revival (Book)
TTT:  https://tellingthetruth.info/publications_index/heritage-revival.php

Account of the Early Days by Goodhand Pattison (first-hand eye-witness)
TTT: https://tellingthetruth.info/publications_index/pattisong.php

Missions in Co. Tipperary, Ireland
Timeline of Early Days of 2x2s: https://workersect.org/2x2earlytimeline.pdf
Accompanying map: https://workersect.org/2x2firstmissionsmap.pdf

John Long, (first-hand eye-witness), Chapters 6 & 19
John Long’s Journal
TTT: https://tellingthetruth.info/publications_johnlong

Trial Bicycle Trip to Scotland, 1899, Chapter 8
Photo: https://tellingthetruth.info/photogallery/picture.php?/5455/search/434

Letter Collection of Wm Irvine:
TTT: https://tellingthetruth.info/founder_letters/
Irvine expelled, Chapter 23
Photos of Irvine: https://tellingthetruth.info/photogallery/index.php?/category/98

1905 Workers List and list of Married Workers, Appendix A

Edward Cooney, Chapters 15 & 27
Cooney’s Hymn Author of Hymns Old & New Nos. 179, 182, 183, 184
Life & Ministry of Edward Cooney by Patricia Roberts (book)
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Weirs Store, Dublin, Ireland, first Sunday Meeting 1902, Chapter 16

Princess Victoria, Chapter 26
TTT: https://www.tellingthetruth.info/publications_index/princessvic.php

Bio of Doug Parker, Author of Secret Sect, Chapter 31

Author Website of Cherie Kropp-Ehrig
Telling The Truth website: https://TellingTheTruth.info
TTT Photo Gallery: https://tellingthetruth.info/photogallery/
Expressions by Ex-2x2s: https://Ex2x2.info