Fendler, Kenneth

My experience with Scott Rauscher

I was asked by multiple people to share my experience with Scott Rauscher. When I was initially asked to write this, I was hesitant.

I left because it didn’t seem right. I am very fortunate to be among the few who did not suffer from Child Sexual Abuse. I figured by now the cult would implode on itself, and that those who are left that are inherently good would have stood up to do what is right. This is not, nor has it been, the case. I firmly believe that it is because they idolize the workers. The workers have been placed on a pedestal beyond belief and will hold things against those who go against what the workers say. They’ll pull meetings, “privileges,” and have ways of publicly shaming those who actually do speak up.

That’s why I’m writing this letter. This is about a highly esteemed worker to some, but indubitably a man in power who has abused his position, lied, and abused those under him.

This is about an encounter I had with Scott Rauscher, and hopefully this will be an eye opener for those who refuse to stand up to him. The event I’m about to describe is as true as I can remember it and has been validated by Kevin Hulbert who was there too. Rob Hulbert passed away a few years back.

When I was 16, I left home because I just couldn’t take it anymore, I stayed with Kevin and Rob Hulbert in the interim who were no longer professing. I credit Kevin to this day for me being alive. I really was that over the cult and the religious abuse that it enables and creates. This being said, Scott caught wind of where I was staying and decided to have an encounter with me.

Remember now that I’m not even quite 17. The only thing that Kevin and I can’t agree upon is who the worker was with Scott. It doesn’t really matter at the end of the day because it was Scott doing all the talking. The conversation escalated quickly and repugnantly, but here’s how it started. Also, keep in my mind that Scott did this of his own volition—not at the request of my family.

Scott: We’re here to talk about your decision to leave your family and the “way.” Do you understand what path you have taken, and where it is going to lead? Do you understand the consequences of your actions? We have great concern for your spiritual being, and that’s why we come.

Me: It just doesn’t feel right to me. It never has. I don’t want to be forced to believe in something that I don’t feel is right. If my parents want me to live under their roof and attend meetings, I simply can’t.

Scott: You know that this is the only way and chance you have at your salvation? (my edit: this is a belief of exclusivity)

Me: That’s not why I left. I can’t be a part of this anymore.

At this point Scott starts to escalate his voice and tactics.

Scott: Well, let me tell you where this leads. This is a path of destruction. This leads to nowhere. I’ve seen kids like you—sure of everything, sure that you know. You need to trust the workers and your family that they have the best interest for you.

Me: It’s really hard for me to see that given the circumstances. I feel like this has been shoved down my throat, and once again, does not feel right.

Kevin has been by my side this entire time and is starting to lose his temper. Rob came out from the garage as he could tell this was escalating. At this point, Scott really starts to up his “game.” At this point Scott is starting to scream—not yell—scream.

Scott: I TELL YOU WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN! You’re going to go down this path of destruction, and within years you’ll have multiple children out of wedlock. You’ll be on every type of drug imaginable, and you’ll be so far lost that there will be no coming back! This is your one-way ticket to hell, Mister! You’ve disappointed your family, the way, and all those involved. You’ve turned your back on us! How could you do this!?!?

At this point he starts regurgitating the same information, but in different ways of saying it. Rob is starting to get really annoyed with Scott.

Rob: You can’t treat a kid like this—let alone say this to anyone. What gives you the right?

Scott: Shut up! You stay out of this. I’m talking to Kenny, and you need to stay out of this.

Rob: Are you kidding right now? Do you know whose property you’re on? I am asking you as kindly as I can. You need to leave! Now!

Scott: I don’t care what you have to say. Shut up, and let me talk to the kid. I don’t give a damn whose property I’m on.

Rob: If you continue with this and refuse to leave my property, I’m going to get my shotgun and call the cops. You have been warned.

Scott: Seriously!? You’ve got to be kidding me. We have someone’s salvation at hand, and you’re going to interfere!?

Rob: That’s it. I’m going in.

And really, at this point Rob goes into the house to grab his shotgun, while Scott continues the berating. It really was the same thing over and over again. I’m going to do drugs, have multiple kids out of wedlock, become useless to society and myself if I don’t have the cult in my life.

Rob now comes out with the shotgun.

Rob: I told you motherfucker—get off my property now! I’ll give you to the count of ten!

Scott: Oh really? It’s come to this? That’s how it is? You’re kidding.

Scott continues to ignore Rob’s demands and continues screaming at me as if Rob is joking.

Rob now cocks the shotgun and begins to count to ten. “One, two, three, four…” while walking towards Scott with intent.

Scott: I can’t believe you’re doing this! Are you out of your damn mind? Fine, I’ll leave, but you all are to blame for Kenny’s undoing. KNOW THAT!

Frothing at the mouth, red in the face, Scott left dejected. This is the last time I have ever spoken to him, and I hope there will never be a next.

So, I ask those who believe he should remain in power: If he does this to kids (as I know I’m not the only one he did this to and I hope this helps others to speak out), why should he remain in power? He claimed when asked about this incident that he didn’t remember it. Who forgets having a shotgun pulled on them?

Secondly, I might add, after the allegations of Dean Bruer came out, it was only fitting that Scott pulled the victim card. If he was truly victimized by Dean, should that type of person with that lack of a backbone be someone who should be in charge of a flock?

This incident occurred nearly 20 years ago, but it is permanently cemented into my brain. It’s not something I can forget, and I don’t understand how or believe Scott did. Please wake up people—you’re being controlled and manipulated. This is not love—this is the epitome of abuse.

Lastly, in closing, I’d like to say Scott will not take this well. In fact, I fully expect him to take this out on my remaining immediate family members who are left, i.e. taking away meeting and removing them from positions of power. Mark my words.

Thank you for reading my letter, and I hope that it can be of help to people.

By Kenneth Fendler
September 14, 2023