Daku, Hartley & Marianne

Dear Friends,

The time has come when Marianne and I can no longer remain silent about the crisis that has come to light since March 2023. God has revealed many things, and one challenging message is, prayer without action is ineffective.

We have prayed and waited. We have witnessed a weak effort to restore trust and to provide promised transparency.

For those of you who might say, what crisis…you may want to delete the rest of this message. The information you will receive will be as hard for you to process as it has been for us. However, I caution you that looking the other way is not what Jesus taught. Giving care to those in need also includes getting down on the side of the road where the victims lay.

For those of you who know and do nothing… remember that you will be held responsible for the things you didn’t do.

Even in our natural day to day living, ignorance is not an excuse.

I’m sure by now most have read the article, published by one of the world’s most recognized and trusted news outlet, The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

The human heart and mind cannot process the level of pain that those victims have suffered. Remember also hundreds more that weren’t identified.

Please help me understand how silent acceptance is the Godly and moral way forward.

Marianne and I have made a commitment to not bury our heads and ask God to fix this man made mess.

We can recognize the grave errors made by those that we trusted to have anointed wisdom.

Jesus also taught us that evil fruit comes from evil trees.

Please … tell me how raping young boys and girls and covering these sins is not evil fruit.

During my 35 years in the fire service, never once did we move a fire in Regina from one community to another. We also knew that small fires left unextinguished soon become large fires.

Forgive me for using another natural illustration…

If anyone entrusts their life savings with an organization only to discover that the board of directors have been involved in criminal or even immoral activity and all that was done to clean it up is move them around to other branches. Would you continue to leave your life’s earning in their trust.

Even when there would no doubt, be honest tellers.

I think not.

The past year has been the darkest experience we have ever lived through. Our peace, sleep, health and social life have all suffered. However, these effects are nothing when compared to the trauma that victims wake up with every day.

We take courage in the deeper trust we have developed in Jesus and God’s word.
For this we are thankful.

After 60 years of following our beliefs, we couldn’t have imagined that God would be showing us His true way.

Jesus has made it so simple to follow Him.

His promises are to those who simply call on His name.

Marianne and I have been struggling to know how to answer questions from our neighbours and friends after reading the BBC article.

Knowing that it is connected to the church that has met in our home for 25 years.

I believe you all at some point will have to address that as well.

When all these realities have settled in our hearts and with deep prayer and meditation we have realized that we no longer can be part of a way that doesn’t align with our spiritual or moral values.

Our hearts and door will always be open to all you valued friends.

We leave with no bitterness or anger. Only disappointment and sorrow for our lost trust in man.

Our rejoicing continues to be in Jesus—the only one who can offer salvation.

With deep sincerity and prayer,

Hartley and Marianne (Gauderman) Daku
White City, Canada
February 12, 2024

BBC News article – January 27, 2024
Ex-minister of secretive sect admits to child sex abuse
By George Wright