Abuse of Young Workers

It has been mentioned that one of the proofs that God’s spirit is still working in people today is that young men and women are still offering to go into the work.

Even after all of the horrible revelations that have been exposed in the last year. 

Young innocent lives being offered out of love for others and love for the Lord.

For many of them, the abuse starts almost immediately.

Verbal abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse.

You could question what is the cause, is it because there’s just evil in the hearts of people?

Is it because the older ones have endured abuse for years and now it’s their turn to dish it out?

Is it just a pecking order?

A way to teach submission?

One thing is clear, Spiritual Abuse allows all of the other abuses to go unchecked.

The Exclusivity Doctrine – that this is the only way to get to heaven – is used to coerce a willingness to endure various abuses.

The older brother workers are almost worshiped with a godlike status.

To bring accusations against them is hard to fathom.

And they know it and they use it. It’s on record that they use that power.

“Who would believe you?”

“If you “cause trouble” by making an accusation against me, you will not only be kicked out of the work, but you will be kicked out of fellowship.”

Because we have been indoctrinated throughout our life to understand that not going to meeting means going to hell, being kicked out of fellowship is a death sentence for all eternity.

“Nothing matters but salvation.”

“We have to endure suffering here on earth so that we can enjoy paradise in eternity.”

Those kind of spiritually abusive thoughts allow perpetrators to get away with abuse of various kinds for decades.

You must endure the hardship. 

The abuse of various kinds is unfortunate, but it’s the price you pay for eternity in heaven. 

That umbrella of spiritual abuse allows all of the other abuse to be so widespread.

The “testimony outtake”: I long that the Lord eliminates the spiritual abuse that allows the other abuses to proliferate. 

Any who don’t believe the abuses of young workers are commonplace are willfully ignorant. 

The reports are out there now. 

Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away. 

How many workers do you know who had to take a break or leave the work because of “nerves“?

How long can a person endure abuses before it has a devastating effect? 

I have been slow to realize how dangerous and damaging the Spiritual Abuse of the Exclusivity Doctrine really is. 

Jim Sweat 
Stuart, Florida
May 2024