Boring, Marie (Willbur)

My Exit Letter

I have finally found true peace in my heart.
I don’t need or want to be persuaded or brow beaten to come back to meeting. I don’t need the shame or blame placed on me. Shame and blame need to be placed directly on the offenders where it belongs.

The exposure of the offenses of Dean Bruer happened a year ago. So far over 900 offenders have been identified with credible allegations.

Everyone in “the truth” has had a year to realize the hurt the offenders have caused.
The workers and friends have had a year to realize the continued trauma caused by those of who knew about the abuses and willingly ignored it.

Everyone has had a year to choose to acknowledge the vital crisis of the abuses have existed and that the abuses exist to this day or ignore it and look the other way.

I’ve been told to forgive so I can heal so I can come back to meeting. That is TOTALLY missing the point!  You tell me to forgive and then forgive AGAIN when the offenders continue to reoffend. This is beyond any logical reasoning! You expect the victims to forgive the offenders when the offenders don’t even have the decency to admit their offenses or step down from their places of power. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that they can be trusted…ever.

Forgiveness is between the victim and the offenders, between the offenders and God… No one else! No one else has the right to force the act of forgiveness on another…no one.

The absolute lack of compassion from the friends and the workers is incomprehensible. The whole mindset of looking the other way or total lack of interest is really revealing about the people in “the truth” and is so un-Christlike.

I cannot and will not align myself with that line of thinking. It is like hypocrites that speak one way and act another.

While the friends and workers have had a year to deal with knowing about Dean Bruer and the aftermath, I have had to live with the abuses and the lifelong effects of the abuses for over 50 years.

I don’t need to “heal” and get over it, that is a life’s journey; I have had healing; I have come a long long way; I am enjoying life in spite of what happened. In fact, I am thriving, due to the love and support of my husband, my family and friends who emulate true Christian living.

I am not bitter, angry, hateful or vengeful. I haven’t “lost out” just because I’m not going to meeting. I’m not any of those “labels” that workers and friends like to label people who leave “the truth.” I have grown closer to God and focused solely on Jesus. I feel true peace.

I have valued my time with you and my time in meetings. I don’t hate growing up in “the truth.” “The truth” has been my life and it breaks my heart to leave, but I can’t stay where crime is minimized and gets swept under the rug.

Marie (Willbur) Boring
June 22, 2024
Pennsylvania, USA