Davis, Wilma (Englishbee), March 2000

My name is Wilma (Englishbee) Davis. I have been on this forum for over 2 years reading, crying, laughing and praying with all of you.  I’ve written a couple of posts, but have never sent my story.  I’m not going to be quiet anymore.

I was born and raised in the truth in Houston, TX, (Pasadena).  I was the 3rd generation (on both sides of my family) to be raised in this religion.  My maternal grandparents were both workers before they married.  I have an aunt who used to be in the work but is now married and has convention on her property. We had Wednesday night meeting in our home as far back as I can remember until my parents divorced; then the workers took meeting out of our home.

I professed at age 10 at Georgetown (Austin) convention.  My dad always made sure our family sat on the front row!  The workers used to praise him about how well-behaved his children were.  If we started to nod off during service, my dad would flick us on the ear with his fingers to keep us awake! Six hours a day, for 4 days we had to keep our heads tilted back looking up at the workers on the platform.  Just some of my “fond” memories of convention.

I now live in the Dallas, Texas area, and about 10 years ago I attended the Mt. Peak convention in Midlothian for about 3 years.  I re-professed at Mt. Peak and I’ll never forget what one of the friends I had known all my life came up to me and said afterward.  She told me she was glad I had made my choice again, but that I had a lot to prove to a bunch of people!  I couldn’t believe my ears…I was so hurt. 

I remember thinking, “Who does she think she is?  I don’t have to prove anything to anyone on this earth; God knows the condition of my heart and He is the only one I need to be concerned about pleasing.” I never felt God’s spirit during my 20+ years of attending meetings, nor did I understand God’s Word.  I was always scrambling at the last minute before meeting to find something to speak on.  My mom would always help me.

I had always wondered why I could only explain my belief to my friends at school (and later my co-workers) as, “It doesn’t have a name, it just goes by the Bible and it started from Jesus’ time.  Our ministers give up all their earthly possessions and go around in twos preaching the Gospel…just like Jesus sent His disciples.” 

I know now that I couldn’t understand what I was reading in the Bible because I had not truly accepted Christ; all I had accepted was a “way.” All we ever heard at convention was how to live our lives correctly in “this way”, on this Earth…the Bible was never really studied or explained properly.  The focus was not on Jesus and His Spirit guiding our lives…it was on how we should be outwardly living our lives according to the workers, so that man could see that we were doing the right things.  It’s no wonder I couldn’t explain what my religion was! When I professed at the tender age of 10 (because that was the expected age to do that), I was professing to please my own father, not my Heavenly Father.

I learned the truth about the “the truth” 7 years ago.  I was stunned…but, in a word, “relieved.”  I am so grateful that I found this Website; it made me search for the truth…in God’s Word.  And, in doing so, Jesus revealed His truth to me. All the time I attended meeting, I never felt the peace and joy that I have in my heart now for Jesus.  What a blessing it is to truly accept Him as my Lord and Savior and completely trust in Him for everything in my life!  We have an awesome God and I am thankful for His grace and mercy and love for me.  I don’t have to prove that to anyone.

I pray that His spirit will be evident in my life by my words and actions. And, the most important lesson I learned in all of this as that no one comes to the Father except through Jesus; not through the workers and then onto Jesus. Anyone who knows me and wants to contact me may do so;

By Wilma (Englishbee) Davis
Texas, USA

P.S. I am Elly Bremer’s sister; Click Here to read her story.