Schmidt, Geoff & Esther

Dear Friends: As Elder of our little church at Mildura I feel I have some responsibility to write an exit letter.

The members of our church will most likely understand my decision better than others of my friends as I have often spoken of my understanding that God has called me on to a deeper walk in my life’s experience. I have valued very much the fellowship over the years and I believe that all this has helped me to search the scriptures and I may not have done that if it had not been for our fellowship, so I thank and value you all for that.

I must move on and connect to more people in what is left of my life as I feel that I am not free to do so in our particular way without undue criticism which in turn brings a certain amount of friction of which I am trying to avoid.

This note is not in any way a ‘justifying’ note. I regard what I am writing is an explanation to my many friends, some of whom I well understand, will not be able to understand. One day, along their particular journey, especially if they seek to find the fullness of truth in their lives, however, they may. This is not to say I am better than anyone else I am just responding to the revelation I have received, and many of you will understand that I have taken a while to be willing for this major step.

I also know that if I do not give some kind of general letter that a wide range of opinions and innuendos would spread, so I take this way of giving a uniform overview as a means of avoiding division among you. The step has been made very real to me at Speed this year. I, in many ways, regret, that it has taken me so long to come to this point in my life. Esther is in agreement with what is written here and we have come to this place together. We will be happy to talk with any one of our choices if they ask, however, if no interest is shown we will not trouble you.

We will be placing this letter on the internet so all can read our original statement.

May God be with you all,

Geoff & Esther Schmidt
Victoria, Australia
30 November 1998

December 24, 1999

Hi. It’s one year and one month since Esther and I have left the 2×2 church. Looking back we have come a long way. We stepped out in faith knowing God would look after us. Our first church we attended was a bit of a shock, music was loud, kids everywhere, young people wandering in and out, not a stampede, but not very structured. I was very direct with the leaders, asking questions of all, for example: ”Do I have to belong to this church to be saved?” The answer was ”definitely not, wherever you find the Lord, praise Him for it.’

We attended many churches and have grown to like many of them. We have not settled in any particular one but we attend two regularly. They are different; one is more formal the other is rather vibrant. I have been encouraged by Christmas cards from people that have thanked us for moving out and as a result, they were able to do so too. I am humbled to think that our standing here was such.

I have enjoyed the Lists, have posted more on the truth list than others. I just feel I am moved to do so, however, I think I may not so much now. It can get a bit monotonous. The same old thing over and over. Sometimes I don’t think it’s worth the trouble, then over the last few weeks, I have had a few private notes from people that have just left and thanked me for my input, so there you go!!!!

My aim is not to take anyone out, it is to encourage all to search the scripture and to see if these things are so. I thank all on the Lists for being there. It has been a great help to us both. God bless all in the coming year.

Geoff and Esther