Cobb, Phil & Mindy, Blythe & family

Dear family, friends and workers,

Over the course of the past few years we have been caused to deeply consider long held convictions about what we believe and why. As we have spent time earnestly reading, praying and examining in detail what we believe, and what each of those beliefs are based upon, we have concluded that there are fundamental core beliefs that are commonly held by this church that we no longer hold to be true.

These beliefs (among others) would be that of exclusivity, the belief that this church was not started by man, the idea that ministers must be celibate and homeless, and the idea that we must have a hierarchy to rule over us.

These points, along with the more recent discoveries of child sexual abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, spiritual abuse, and mental abuse among us that have been perpetrated by workers, elders and friends, and the subsequent decades long cover-up of these horrific crimes by overseers, workers and others have brought us to the point where we can no longer be a part of this church. We are no longer willing to sacrifice the innocent and vulnerable to the “god” of appearing pure.

As of October 27, 2023, we will no longer be attending meetings, or hosting meetings in our home.

We understand that this will come as a shock to many people. Some will be heartbroken, upset, and disappointed. Some will understand, some will be relieved, happy, and joyful. Many will feel that we have turned away from Christ, while we feel that we are drawing closer to Him.

We feel that we are moving forward to a better place, where we can depend on Christ alone, not being supported by an imperfect man-made format. We feel we are on the ship in the storm, and our Master has said “come”. There is comfort in the ship, but there is a far greater experience waiting for us as we respond to his call.

Many of you have prayed for us in the past or will feel moved to pray for us after reading this letter. We ask that you continue to pray for us. But please, do not pray for us to return to this church. Please pray rather, that we would understand the fullness of God’s Will and Plan for us, and that we would be willing for it. Please be willing to also pray this for yourself and be willing for whatever the answer is.

Our home remains open to any who do not have allegations of CSA/SA and who are not enablers of CSA/SA, for a meal, a coffee, a visit or spiritual discussion. We continue to appreciate and enjoy fellowship with any and all true followers of Christ.

To God be the glory, and praise to Christ our Savior, whom we love and worship.

Phil & Mindy Cobb, Blythe Cobb, and family
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada
October 27, 2023

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