Kofoed, Kyle & Amy

To our dear family and friends,

It is with sadness that we find ourselves writing this letter. For the last eight months, we have had hope that we would be a witness to the necessary changes to make this fellowship group a safe place for children and all. Sadly we have been a witness to the opposite. We have seen continual denial, lies, and coverups with no true fruit of overarching repentance.

Our story begins many years back. For years now, we have personally witnessed five honest sister workers leave or been driven out by the ministry, utterly destroyed either from abuse within, or for taking a stand for truth or for victims of CSA. We started to ask the question why?

Then when the shocking and disturbing news and allegations broke eight months ago, this spurred us to truly question what else could possibly be going on within this fellowship? If this level of evil is being tolerated and perpetuated, what else was considered acceptable that is not acceptable to God?

Over the course of the last eight months, the continuous staggering numbers of CSA/SA victims reported within this fellowship has been nothing short of devastating. What is even worse, is the complete and utter lack of care towards the victims and those crying from within this fellowship for change to be made for a safer environment. The fruits have shown that there is great care within this fellowship to harbour predators and pedophiles with very little to no consequences. This lack of care spurred us to pray, study scriptures, and have open and honest conversations about topics we never would have had in the past. We humbly asked God to teach us his word and truth as little babes and he has faithfully delivered.

We are now awakened to the realization that there are core doctrinal issues that has lead to the many problems we face. With this revelation we have found it impossible to reconcile the discrepancy between scripture and the doctrinal beliefs preached such as exclusivity, “one true way”, “one true ministry” and works before Grace.

As parents it is impossible to walk within a fellowship with a ministry that shows care for only the 99 but not the 1, that shows fruit of no regard for honest and effective change towards our children’s safety. Thankfully there is one that we can walk safely with and that is Jesus. It is with a heavy heart that we gave up our Wednesday night meeting two months ago, and with even greater sadness that we have decided to step away from this fellowship group that we have been born and raised into and care so deeply for. Our hearts are not bitter, they are broken. We have not “fallen away”, we are closer to Jesus and our heavenly Father than we have ever been in our lifetime.

We love everyone we have walked with and know within this church, and we understand each one is at a different place in these difficult times. Our hearts especially pour out for the victims, and we long to see the change that they and others are fighting for. We also pray that their hearts would find healing and peace.

Our love has not changed for any of you, and we desire to maintain our friendships. Each and every one of you has a special place in our heart. We are so thankful that throughout our life and memories with you that Jesus has been our foundation.

With love,

Kyle & Amy Kofoed
October 27, 2023