Protect the Children…Stop the Abuse!

It is with a sad heart I’m writing this, as the last few months revelations of scandals in the 2×2 or “Truth” religion being brought to light has been devastating for not only those still in the truth but also for those of us that are not a part of it anymore. My heart breaks and weeps for all of those that are victims/survivors of CSA/SA of any kind.

The disruption, anger and feelings of so many from both inside and outside of the “truth” is phenomenal. Families and friends are being divided due to different views and supports. I have felt the need to address some thoughts in hopes of helping anyone at all mend some fences and see the light.

First off, I’m in no way trying to trash, bash or taint the 2×2 way, as there are many friends and workers still in the truth that I love dearly and there are definitely still some with good genuine intentions. My ONLY interest in this matter is to try to help protect children and other vulnerable people from being led blindly and not allowed pertinent information as to what has been taking place under the name of God in the 2×2 way. So I plead with you, just please open your eyes. And please don’t defend these scandals in any way shape or form, any kind of defense, hiding facts or justification of any kind looks and is so horrible.

In my opinion, the worst part of all of this, and the main reason for so many upset people, is the total lack of transparency, legal action, and truthfulness demonstrated by the 2×2 leadership. In my opinion, we all know and agree that there are sick, mentally disturbed, and very bad people all over the world and there always has been….and that’s really sad. But when numerous (several hundreds) counts of workers/elders/friends committing CSA/SA, Money Fraud, Consensual Affairs, Alcohol, Drugs and many other questionable activities have been swept under the rug and hidden, and in return, allowed to keep happening, that’s what has been the tipping point for most.

There has been blatant cover up over all these past years, meanwhile the leadership and royal families sit on their high horses full of judgment with long lists of demands for those who don’t follow their manmade petty works of meaningless traditions, and on top of all of that, telling everyone the “truth” is the one and only way for salvation, and all who do not follow their ways and go to meetings are going to hell.

My questions are:

Can you still really tell me the “truth” has been led by the spirit of God, and is the “truth” still 100% the only way for salvation?
Were Dean and other overseers led by the spirit of God?
Did you follow them blindly?
Should your children be a part of this organization at any cost?
Were those who aided, enabled and allowed cover-ups of abuse led by the spirit of God?
These are hard questions to ask, but for your children’s sake… please start asking them!
What a shameful situation, this has gone on long enough, for pity’s sake it is illegal!!

For those that are still in the 2×2 way please look around and start asking questions, be careful who you allow in your home, search your hearts, please for your children’s sake don’t be led blindly by any man’s religion. And please inform all children when they are of appropriate age exactly what has happened in the past, otherwise inevitably history will repeat itself.

In my opinion, I think three things need to happen. This fox guarding the hen house situation is a joke.

1: the FBI needs to be informed and allowed to do a full investigation. If they are all so honest and upright, why not invite them for full investigation?

2: an obvious drastic change in the leadership and chain of command needs to be implemented. Worker worship needs to stop.

3: a full detail, hard copy list of dates, places and facts of all CSA/SA attacks, names, position/rank of all perpetrators and their current location should be included. (Victims/survivors names obviously excluded). This list should be given to each and every current friend, and also any new person that decides to “make their choice and profess”.

It is pretty simple folks, and if you don’t agree with this, then maybe you are part of the problem, open your eyes, please choose to help stop this child abuse, the numbers are extremely alarming.

And please don’t let religion ruin your connection with your family, life on this earth is so short, family is so important, don’t be so blindly consumed with religion that you forget to live your life here on this earth.

For those families that are both inside and outside of the truth, please don’t look at each other as lost or bitter or right or wrong. The devil didn’t get to either one of you. It is ok to have different opinions, look at each other from a loving nonjudgmental equal earthly position and respect each other’s views. Soon life will be done, soon we will all be gone. Enjoy every second with family and loved ones. Don’t let religion drive a wedge between your relationships. Just because a family member doesn’t go to meetings or share your same views doesn’t mean they are bad people or that they don’t have a personal relationship with the Lord.

None of us here on earth have died and went to heaven, so no one has the ability or right to say that there is only ONE way to salvation, and that is “the truth”.

There are lots of people not in the truth that believe in Jesus and the Gospel and understand having a personal and real relationship with the Lord. And after much soul searching myself, in my opinion, I feel the way to heaven is by Jesus, and he has enough Grace and salvation for all who will follow him.

If you believe in God and Jesus, follow God and Jesus.
If you don’t believe in God, follow your heart or whatever you believe in.
If you believe in fellowship, find it wherever and however you can.
Maybe just once ask someone else what their beliefs are and listen to them.
But above all, don’t follow man and don’t let mankind be your judge.

Again, my ONLY interest in this situation is to help protect young innocent children, and to help young parents to stop being led blindly and brainwashed that the “truth” is the only way, and inform themselves with facts and make their own decisions for their own family’s safety. The only thing a child wants and needs (no matter what their age is) is unconditional love, safety, support and acceptance from their parents. Those of us children that are no longer part of “the truth” would like to feel that same unconditional love and support given by parents to those that are part of the truth. My hope is that this may draw all families closer together during these tough difficult times instead of causing friction and discomfort.

Just for fun, read Matthew 7: verse 1&2 and Matthew 7: verses 15&16

Thanks for your time.

Anonymous Letter #8A
USA May 2, 2023

Anonymous Letter No. 2
June 20, 2024

To whoever will take the time to read,

Lol, due to name calling, ugly heated conversation, being accused of blasphemy, uncomfortable questions about my children and extreme family fractures and friction, I’ve been pretty quiet since my scathing letter I wrote a year ago. The “innies” sure didn’t take kindly to it. I don’t like conflict or drama of any kind, if fact I avoid it like the plague….

But…..I said it before, and I’ll say it again, and on the Hulu documentary, Sheri Autrey couldn’t have said it better, if it saves just one more child or person from abuse or brainwashing then it is all well worth it.

I suppose this Hulu documentary has again triggered my anger at the situation so here we go again! The Hulu documentary was a well-timed well-made film. I liked how professional it was, it was honest, true and not blown out of proportion but also not undersold or gaslighted. I’m so very proud of the survivors for their bravery in sharing.

Thank you.

I do hope that Hulu makes more follow up episodes. I feel like they are just scratching the surface as far as the overall corruption goes, and I feel they need to really portray the brainwashing capabilities and extensive worker worship that is still going on today.

I also hope that they can portray that there is hope, freedom, and abundant life outside of the “truth religion” should anyone choose to leave. I was always taught that people who left the “truth” were either crazy, bitter or gotten by the devil, or likely all three!!

I always like it when people get the opportunity to tell their own true story. This past year of many visits, watching YouTube interviews, and messages from those that have left have been very helpful and confirming and gave me great clarity. I’ve reunited with many old friends and cousins this last year. Thank you all for that.

It has been said by many, and I have also said, that there are good people and good workers that are still in the truth, (and I do still believe that). But at this point, with current information, and even current actions of the “truth” leadership, if you still believe in the “truth” ministry and are going to meetings for your salvation then in my humble opinion you are still part of the problem.

I feel like God is calling his good people who are willing to follow, and he can’t call much more clearly folks, Don’t miss the call!

~this has happened in many other churches~ and ~I’ll hoe the weeds in my own row and not worry about others” or “It isn’t happening in my field” or “there is nothing I can do, not my problem” or “I’ll leave it in God’s hands” or “the bitter ones are just spreading lies”

and my favorite….”Oh I hadn’t heard about that followed by a scripture quote about the wheat and tares”.

Statements in defense of the “truth” like these are lame excuses for tolerating and accepting the corruption and CSA that has been going on for a century in the “truth”.

At this point on, in my opinion, those who still support and believe in the “truth” and still attend meetings and support the “work”…. then you are now currently the biggest part of the problem by allowing this to still continue.

I believe the blame and responsibility should be now shifted from the workers (leadership) to the membership(friends)~not for the abuse that has already happened, but for how it was handled this past year~)

The “truth” leadership has made it clear of their position and acceptance of the corruption and they still make choices to cling to their position of power. So now that puts the responsibility on the friends/membership for still attending, funding the workers, enabling, being compliant, and blindly following the system.

910 names of predators/abusers….

Not being outraged by this is disappointing.

Being complacent is very disappointing.

Not demanding change is very disappointing. How in the world was it so expertly silenced, hidden and covered up?

I feel complacency is the root of the whole problem.

If the Friendlies actually wanted this to stop, and they all banned together, it could be finished and stopped in one day!

There are now thousands of abused surviving victims who have come forward in hopes of change and validation, But when ABC News station asked what it will take to see real change from all of this….Gary Paul said it best, “Well, I don’t like the word change.”

There you go, it’s pretty simple, the “truth” leadership doesn’t want change.

I do understand that there are many people, especially those in their later years, that hardly know what to do or where to turn after committing a whole life to this religion….. Seriously, I understand it is a heavy choice, especially with the fear, manipulation and grip the “truth” religion has instilled into its members, but God is capable of leading anyone anywhere to fit his plan if you are willing.

If it is the fellowship and friendship you love about the “truth” then start your own little meetings and bible studies with like-minded people, don’t think you need to ask any man on earth if you can or should do that, ask God!! Go ahead and break away and find your own fellowship, maybe some honest workers will join you on your own level? It will not be easy, and it will take strength from God, but ask God, find Jesus! Don’t ask a religion!

My humble advice to anyone who may be searching for answers is to save yourself, save your family, and above all please save your children.

Truly study your Bible and you will see very little of the “truth’s laws” found in the Jesus’s teachings, and very little of Jesus’s ways found in the “truth”.

You may hear Jesus in their words and testimonies, but do you see Him in their actions and social skills outside of meeting?

Study the way leadership has handled any part of their position for the last century, is it Christ-like?

Would Jesus approve? Does it even appear to be lead by spirit of God?

God is calling, don’t be blinded by generations of worker worship, just once try to imagine what it would be like to worship Jesus and God, and not be doing the daily “works” of the ways of a man made religion hoping and bagging for salvation through works.

Take a very very difficult step and ask yourself are you sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the “truth” is led by the spirt of God?

Then ask yourself one more question: If God were to call you out of the “truth”….would you be willing to follow?

Often I’m surprised, shocked and even sometimes almost embarrassed at my feelings of anger towards the “truth” for the events brought to light this last year and the way they have been handled. I’ve been out for many years now and previously I had hardly any feelings towards the “truth”, I just knew it wasn’t for me.

But then again, I also think, how can you not be angry at these current situations??

In conclusion, the hardest part for me about speaking out against current events is family friction, disagreements, and judgment. I come across as an angry “truth” basher and it appears that I’m trying to get people to stop going to meetings, I don’t feel that’s the case at all. The things I’m against and angry about are the leadership corruption, the abuse, the way it was hidden, the way it was handled, the way it is still handled, and then on top of it all the “truth” has the audacity to claim their religion is the one and only true way to heaven.

So I’ll try to explain simply as to maybe not offend someone if they don’t fit the profile of what I’m talking about, in many less words I’m only saying to follow God and Jesus instead of men or religion. I don’t want anyone to feel attacked or pinpointed just for being in the “truth” or to feel like I’m trying to get you out, as this may not be about you, but if the shoe fits….lace that sucker up and wear it!

People I’m Not angry with, and Not talking about in this letter:

~good hearted honest workers.
~good hearted honest friends.
~those that truly try to follow Jesus.
~those (workers and friends) that have been brainwashed, trapped and manipulated not knowing where to turn or what to do.
~ the naïve kindhearted souls.

People I’m very angry with and disappointed in:

~those (workers and friends) who put their head down and do nothing turning a blind eye following the leaderships every command.
~those that are complacent.
~corrupt leadership of the “truth”
~the hypocritical humble pride of being “humble”
~those who have chosen in any way, shape or form to allow abuse to happen again and again and again.

The facts are out there and easily attainable. If you choose to turn a blind eye and ignore them, that’s fine, that choice is yours, but when you do, take a moment to think about the surviving victims….and then ask yourself….

Who will be next?

Anonymous Letter #8B
USA June 20, 2024


6/13/24 HULU Episode: The Secrets of the 2×2 Church
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